Heart Attack And Brain Stroke Main Causes Of Death After COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

After analysing the cases of death post COVID-19 vaccination, it was found that most of the hospitalized vaccine recipients suffered from heart attack and brain stroke after getting the jab, which led to their death.

Heart Attack And Brain Stroke Main Causes Of Death After COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

Out of 79 people who died after getting vaccinated, almost 50% of them had brain strokes and heart attacks. The group of experts also analysed 273 vaccine recipients who recovered after being hospitalized. 15% of them suffered from severe allergies and anaphylaxis.

A member of the National Task Force on COVID-19, N K Arora said, “Of those who have died more than 50% had heart attacks and brain strokes. Out of those who were hospitalized and who recovered about 20%, too, had heart attack and brain stroke. More than 15% had severe allergy and anaphylaxis and all of them recovered.”

Arora said that practice of observing vaccine recipients for half an hour after getting the jab was very effective.

“The cases of anaphylaxis could be handled precisely because of this practice. If they were not observed the situation could have been worse.”

As usual, the investigations conducted by the government panel did not find any casual relationship regarding the association of the vaccine and deaths post-vaccination. They also didn’t find any relation of vaccine with the blood clots.

The National Adverse Event Following Immunisation (NAEFI) committee has till now examined a total 412 cases of severe adverse events (out of which 79 died).

V K Paul, a Niti Ayog member, said on Wednesday that CoviShield is safe.

“There is no signal whatsoever. CoviShield is safe and we want to tell people to proceed with the speed that is required. We want to ensure that there is no risk of blood clots-related complications that were suspected.”

However, the Chief Norwegian Investigator and Physician Pal Andre Holme who examined the three hospitalized health workers himself confirmed that it was indeed the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine which caused the rare blood clots due to unexpected immune reaction.

Almost a dozen public health experts and scientists have written to the Union Health Minister to get all the thorough, transparent and time-bound investigation of the adverse effects from COVID-19 vaccination.

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