Chief Norwegian Investigator Confirm AstraZeneca Vaccine Caused Rare Blood Clots Due To Unexpected Immune Reaction

In a huge development the Chief Norwegian Investigator and Physician Pal Andre Holme who examined the three hospitalized health workers has confirmed that it was indeed the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine which caused the rare blood clots due to unexpected immune reaction.

Chief Norwegian Investigator Confirm AstraZeneca Vaccine Caused Rare Blood Clots Due To Unexpected Immune Reaction

Earlier, one of the three health workers who were admitted to Norway’s Rikshospitalet died. They have all been treated for a very rare condition :

  • They came in with acute pain
  • They had blood clots in unusual places, such as the stomach and brain
  • In addition, they had bleeding and low platelet counts

Later, the European Union called for an Emergency Vaccine Summit after more than a dozen European nations decided to stop using the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine due to serious blood clot incidents reported in many countries.

A group at Rikshospitalet, led by Chief Norwegian Investigator and Physician Pal Andre Holme, has worked hard to find out why three health workers under the age of 50 were admitted with severe blood clots after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The experts have worked on the basis of a hypothesis that the vaccines triggered an unexpected immune reaction in the sick health workers, which caused a combination of blood clots and low platelets.

As we are waiting for the European Medicines Agency’s decision, the top investigator and physician of Norway has made a sensational confirmation that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine triggered an unexpected immune reaction which caused the rare blood clots.

“In collaboration with the Department for Advanced Platelet Immunology at UNN, we have now detected specific antibodies against platelets that can cause such a reaction, which we know the the triggered”, the investigator explains.

We have the reason. And there is no other thing than the vaccine that can explain the immune response that we received.

Because we have no other history in these patients that can give such a strong immune response. I’m pretty sure it’s these antibodies that’s the cause, and I see no other reason than that – it’s the vaccine that triggers it.

Holme emphasizes that it is not antibodies in the blood in general that are the problem. “We are talking about very specific antibodies.”

We take the vaccine to get an immune response to what we are to be protected against. Then you get, among other things, the development of antibodies. Some antibodies can then react so that they can activate the platelets, as in these cases, and cause a blood clot. And because we have these antibodies on the surface, they are removed from the circulation, thus they get too low platelets.

The Side Effects Committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), where Norway also sits, has a meeting on Thursday about the case and is expected to make a statement.

Once the EMA has issued a statement, it is up to national authorities to decide the way forward for their respective countries.

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  1. Yes of course we know that’s what happens but WHY it happens – you guys need to touch on that. WHY haven’t you the best of alt. media released that info… it has to do with why the bioweapon virus first released and what it was built to do – attack the blood cells to release the heme, which (1) RBC’s are useless (hence low O2, leading to organ failrue) and (2) free heme in the blood is toxic – liver fails. Very effective right? Free heme in blood triggers all those rare clotting factor reactions. Sheesh people, start those billion dollar lawsuits – this was a known reaction pathway so the EUA does not apply.

  2. Viruses have never been isolated. Viruses are a hoax. So what good are toxin-filled, DNA-altering vaccines, other than to make people sick and dead? What confuses me is these vaccines target the compliant. Why would they want to eliminate the obedient portion of the masses, leaving behind the independent thinkers and more rebellious? I’m sure there’s more to all this.

  3. NEW – Dr. Fauci hopes to be able to vaccinate children as young as 6-months by the beginning of next year.

    quote from twitter link below:

    Lyndsi received her second dose last Wednesday .Thursday her breastfed baby was covered in a head to toe rash .By that night he was inconsolable and declining so they went to the ER. Baby was diagnosed with thrombotic thrombocytopenic
    purpura and elevated liver enzymes. He was hospitalized and began various treatments but continued to decline.He passed away last night.

  4. The European Medicines Agency said today the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine “may be associated with very rare cases of blood clots,” but the vaccine is “safe and effective” and countries should continue to use it.

    Its safe? Blood clots just an inconvenient side affect.????

    Either go along with the new vaccine gold rush of 21st century or get booted out by fake election like venezuela / Dominion machines- Trump is gone


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    These people need to be brought before the international court for violation of Nuremberg code violation on experimental vaccines being tested on humans world wide!

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  6. Agree!He was killed as many others such as Plummer were or will be.Gates is after Dr. Mercola now.Someone help fight off the fda for him!! 🙂

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