Is GreatGameIndia An Intelligence Operation?

As you already know, since the beginning of COVID-19 GreatGameIndia is being actively hounded for publishing controversial stories. We were able to track down the head of the snake, so to say, to the Atlantic Council – which is the military propaganda arm of NATO and interestingly also controls the network of the so-called “fact-checkers”.

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Is GreatGameIndia An Intelligence Operation?

After an entire year of hardcore investigation, Atlantic Council finally concluded that GreatGameIndia was an intelligence operation (in their own words):

Apart from the fact that it originated with GreatGameIndia, there is almost no way to determine the story’s provenance.

Or was this story deliberately crafted by disinformation actors, either partisan ideologues or backroom state operatives?

Is GreatGameIndia a front, a phony publication created and funded for the express purpose of seeding stories like this? Is this entire episode an example of clandestine information warfare carried out in plain view? How could we know one way or the other?

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A series of actions were implemented later to drive GGI to the ground. We will discuss these tactics in detail in the coming days.

The question is, why is NATO, a military umbrella involved in suppression of public voice?

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  1. I don’t know who you are but you were clearly the first to publish a report of the HIV insert in sarscov2. I believe it was late Jan 2020. Somehow those scientists were made to pull that report, what has happened to them?

  2. Until mankind realises a Creator exists, and with furious, violent, destruction we do not stop the evil among our communities, we will suffer the horrible consequences of allowing pure evil to have its way.

  3. Had a vision decades ago and NATO is the beast power of the end times. Many nations can also do evil like china, russia or any nation can , but NATO is the most fearful evil beast of all. Time soon will prove it.

  4. When a ship ( in this case and empire ) is sinking it takes a lot down with it. Make sure you have the paddles and floaters and you clearly did. Keep paddling to save land.

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