The Plot Against America – Secret History Of ANTIFA & British Intelligence

With the unfortunate death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, America has been plunged into a Civil War by the anarchist organization Antifa. Much has been written about the group, however Antifa’s ties to the British intelligence is a closely guarded secret. From glorifying a British war criminal to bomb innocent civilians again to receiving training and weapons from ISIS, GreatGameIndia investigation uncovers the plot against America and that Antifa has long been regarded by American intelligence as a terrorist organization to be disrupted before they get a foothold on American soil.

UPDATE: Plan To Disband Minneapolis Police Department In The Aftermath Of George Floyd’s Death

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Secret History Of ANTIFA & British Intelligence
Plot against America – The Secret History Of ANTIFA & British Intelligence

Bomber Harris – A War Criminal for the British Empire

After the fall of the Berlin Wall bizarre banners started appearing through Germany. The demonstrators carrying these banners were part of a violent movement calling itself the “Antifa” (short for Anti-Fascists). These posters carried slogans like “Bomber Harris – Do It Again”.

Bomber Harris refers to Sir Arthur Travers Harris, the Marshal of the Royal Air Force who was the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief (AOC-in-C) of the RAF Bomber Command for the Anglo-American strategic bombing campaign of Germany during the Second World War. Outside the Antifa, he is called Butcher Harris and regarded as a “war criminal”.

Feminist ANTIFA activists hold naked protest praising Bomber Harris in the middle of DRESDEN
Feminist ANTIFA activists hold naked protest praising Bomber Harris in the middle of DRESDEN

The so-called strategic bombing campaign was specifically targeted at civilians. The destruction of Dresden, by British and American bombers in February 1945 is one of the most controversial Allied operations of the war. In just a few hours, three waves of attacks unleashed a firestorm that leveled more than half of the city and killed 25,000 people, most of them civilians.

When the Bomber Harris Trust (an RAF veterans’ organization formed to defend the good name of their commander) erected his statue outside the RAF Church in London, in 1992, it was met with massive protests. Queen Elizabeth was shocked when she was mocked by protesters who shouted, “Harris was a war criminal.”

For his war-crime service he was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).

The puzzling question however was that why were a rag-tag band of anarchists waving flags for the British Empire urging them to bomb their fellow Germans when the war was already won?

Margaret Thatcher’s Killer War against the German State

Like the Antifa, the British Government was displeased with the reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s misgivings and the violence perpetrated by Antifa aligned well with the aggressive British policy against the German state.

Recently released files by the UK’s National Archive unearthed a host of new details about the apprehension in Downing Street against the German reunification. Among the several hundred pages of revealing documents was an account, written up by British prime minister’s influential private secretary Charles Powell, of a half-day “seminar” Thatcher convened to discuss the German character and the potential consequences of reunification.

“It would be very embarrassing and gravely damaging to our interests if the contents of so frank a discussion of one of our closest allies were to become known,” Powell warned.

Series of Assassinations targeting German economic activity

Most specifically, the British policy was geared against the independent German economic interests led by Chancellor Helmut Kohl who was driving the German reunification program in the face of misgivings from London.

Soon after, Alfred Herrhausen the leading economic advisor of Chancellor Helmut Kohl and the President of Deutsche Bank is assassinated. His assassination was blamed on the Red Army Faction terrorist cell. The RAF is responsible for the assassination of many leading German bankers and industrialists targeting German economic activity. Antifa follows similar strategy of “low-intensity conflict” like the RAF.

RAF wage War against the German state
RAF wage War against the German state. Der Spiegel’s 1977 edition

RAF engaged in a series of bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, bank robberies and shoot-outs with police over the course of three decades. Their activity peaked in late 1977, which led to a national crisis that became known as the “German Autumn“. The RAF has been held responsible for thirty-four deaths, including many secondary targets, such as chauffeurs and bodyguards.

German intelligence considers the Red Army Faction to be a foreign sponsored terrorist organization. Although never established, RAF’s association with the British intelligence was exposed when a Scottish businessman, Ian McLeod was killed by German police. McLeod turned out to be an agent of the British intelligence.

Antifa is trained by ISIS

The parallels between the RAF and the modern American Antifa are hard to miss. Just like RAF, the Antifa have engaged in targeting of American businesses and law and order forces including support from foreign terrorist organization to achieve a political objective.

Operation Timber Sycamore is the “largest covert ops” in the history of CIA including intelligence agencies of 15 countries with the objective to destabilize Syria by routing billions of petrodollars from Gulf States to ISIS. Although, this Deep State project was ultimately phased out by American President Donald Trump, there are serious concerns that these terrorists trained the Antifa members now wreaking havoc in America.

For years there have been concerns that Antifa members have joined the YPG, the Syrian affiliate of the PKK terror group, in Syria, where they received armed training under the watch of Obama administration.

The PKK is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths. Besides killing soldiers, it has bombed shopping malls, killed politicians and executed hundreds of Kurdish-speaking villagers who didn’t abide by the terror group’s radical views.

The westerners who joined the YPG were an odd group. They were leftists, anarchists, feminists and ecology buffs. They were ex-marines, former drug addicts, misfits, adrenaline junkies or just young people sucked up in the conflicting battles of Syria.

Many of these volunteers traveled to Syria from American cities without any hindrance. Upon their return, they were hardly ever investigated.

“What does Antifa want with a bunch of seasoned combat veterans? Why do they need that to supplement their movement? It’s a very interesting question to what they were precisely upto,” Brad Johnson, a former CIA officer, said in an interview last year.

YPG trained by & British Intelligence

The link between British intelligence and YPG was exposed in the curious case of British Military Officer Joe Robinson who spent five months in Syria training the YPG.

British Military Officer Joe Robinson with ISIS in Syria
British Military Officer Robinson is on the far left, holding his weapon while his fellow YPG comrades are holding a Daesh flag. The writing on the wall speaks volumes about the relationship between Israel, the Kurds and the United States.

He was detained and arrested by Greater Manchester Police officers on suspicion of terrorism offenses as soon as he returned. He joined the British military when he was 18 and toured Afghanistan with the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment in 2012.

Antifa’s Plot against America

Edward Klein, the former editor in chief of the New York Times Magazine in his latest book All Out War makes the shocking revelation that an FBI investigation discovered collusion between American anarchists and ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

It reveals the FBI sent a task force to Germany to report on radical groups that planned to protest President Trump’s attendance at the G20 Summit. The investigation determined that U.S. based anarchist/radical groups had traveled to Germany and took part in the violence. There was also evidence that three key leaders of an Oakland group met in Hamburg with a leader of the Al-Qaeda. The foreign terrorists were helping Antifa acquire the weapons they were seeking, primarily bomb-making equipment and toxic chemicals and gasses.

‘There is clearly overwhelming evidence that there are growing ties between U.S. radicals and the Islamic State, as well as several [ISIS] offshoots and splinter groups. Now that the bureau has determined they have followers in the radical U.S. resistance movement in the United States, it is clear there will be additional violence in the attacks on law enforcement and U.S. institutions, including banks,’ stated the FBI field report, which was delivered to Acting Director Andrew McCabe on July 11, 2017, and published for the first time in the book All Out War.

What the FBI investigators uncovered in 2017 is now manifesting in America spiraling into a full-blown Civil War. If not diffused soon, like the German Autumn, it will be called the American Winter.

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