Fauci Admits He Used Lockdowns To Force People To Get Vaccinated

In an interview on MSNBC, Dr Fauci finally admitted that he used lockdowns to force people to get vaccinated and complimented the China’s Communist government’s lockdown tactics.

Fauci Admits He Used Lockdowns To Force People To Get Vaccinated 1

On MSNBC on Wednesday, Anthony Fauci revealed the truth about lockdowns: they are a form of theatre intended to terrify people into getting vaccines.

Fauci openly complimented the Communist government’s tactics when asked about the developing lockdown hellscape in China by host Andrea Mitchell.

According to Fauci, “China has a number of problems, two of which are that the complete lockdown, which was their approach, a strictest lockdown you’d never be able to implement in the United States. Although that prevents the spread of infection, I remember early on they were saying, and I think accurately, they were doing better than anyone else.”

“You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up, you won’t have a surge of infections,” Fauci remarked.

“Because you’re dealing with an immunologically naive population of the virus because they’ve not been exposed because of the lockdown,” Fauci stated, completely ignoring the concept of natural immunity.

He then went on to say that China’s vaccines aren’t up to par.

“The problem is the vaccines they’ve been using are not nearly as effective as the vaccines used in the United States, UK, EU, and other places. So, they don’t have the degree of protection that’s optimal ,” Fauci claimed.

He added, “Also, they have a lot of their older population, which are the most vulnerable among us, and so, there’s a double negative there. One, they don’t have people who are protected, and B, the people who need it most, are not getting the vaccination. That’s the source of the problem in China.”

Watch the interview below:

Isn’t the more immediate ‘source of the problem’ in China that people are being imprisoned and starved to death in a psychotic drive for ‘zero COVID’?

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  1. Great! Now, if we can just get him to also admit that this whole plague is just a money-making scheme that he, Bill Gates and others came up with we will be on the road to some real facts. hmmmm I wonder if the creeps will try to make a vaccine to prevent people from getting the truth,

  2. The very embodiment of a ‘snake-oil salesman’ alongside his boss Bill Gates, this becomes a so much more appropriate epithet given the Dr Ardis revelations that the clot-shot has snake venom enzymes embedded in them – King Cobra and Kraite!!!

  3. The 3 Corona wars against mankind

    There are 3 Corona wars just now, Nr.1 is the secret biowar against China, Nr.2 is the one against Iran, I don’t explain it here, as I can’t explain it better as Ron UNZ at UnzReview.

    Ron is puzzeling me, he is taking ‘Wuhan Lab Leak’ as three hypotheses, and is questioning each of them, that’s brilliant thinking. But he does not understand biowarfare, doesn’t even try to, so let’s do it here.

    A Bioweapon is a GE pathogen = GE selfaugmenting toxin, a weapon of mass desrtuction with high investment but great econonmics of scale and still good for individual murder. But once set free it does not extinguish mankind (at least not till now) as it is returning, fast & close, to the natural origin by evolution. So new variants have to be delivered again & again and there will be more and more variants on their ‘way back to normal’ and to get a planned effect the bioweapon has to be fresh to meet the actual status quo of pathogen-immunsysten. That’s why the Pentagon is running 400 biolabs around the world.

    Ron is right, that the Wuhan variant came back to the US, but that was an alredy weak grandgrandgrandnephew and there were more grandgrandgrandnephews of more ‘chinese’ variants (GrandJury3 1:32). And as the PotUS was not informed and could not be, the reaction was so chaotic.

    Biowar 3 is a different one, that’s the mRNA-Nanolopid etc. war against the people of Angloamerica & EU and to plunder their public funds. For that purpose the fake PCR ‘Test’ had to be designed in a way NOT to distinguish the Wuhan variant (Drosten, > GrandJury3 1:32), but to find any Corona remains at reasonable CTs below 30 and to find anything at crazy CTs. Remdesivir is a secondary crime, check GrandJury3 2:48 and VoltaireNet’s archive for criminal Gilead .Latinamerica & Africa are secondary theatres of war, as there is not much left to plunder and population reduction ‘vaccinations’ were run already before by WHO, Gates &Co.

    Another ‘nice’ aspect is, that the real damage done to Iran & China is supporting the fake narrative in the Drosten-States and further China bashing by mocking the victims and that the fake narrative in the Drosten-States is hiding biowar 1&2 and even the murder of African and Iranian politicians and Italian scientists etc.

    about Shanghai:
    China is building a hospital with 40.000 beds there and should be finished by now, they apply a much more expensive conventional vaccine and they treat Covid patients very successful.

    For long I suspect that we see a drill for martial law in the West and maybe China is a bit overdoing as well as a biowarfare- drill, but in contrary to the West 100% defensife. And we must understand, that China must run a Zero Covid policy, which is indeed a zero Corona policy, as they can’t wait to experience the deadly or hurtful effects of another variant.

    Since 2 and a half year we are indeed in war and as it is a global one, you don’t need to flee anywhere and it is indeed an asymetric one, as from Russia, China, Iran humans are fighting a tiny minority of inhumans and from the ‘West’, Angloamerica and EU a tiny minority of inhumans is fighting humans and so it’s stupid, to talk of ‘EU suicide’, it’s war against european citicens as well, its massmurder and Ukraine is added just now.

    Further reading
    I already mentioned UnzReview , there you find Larry Romanoff as well, a retired canadian businessman in Shanghai publishing at moonofshanghai and bluemoonofshanghai , about china, spanish flew, zika, ebola and other interesting subjects like Citybank steeling the chinese gold.

    As mentioned at VeteransToday, bioweapontruth.org ‘s archive is worth consulting it,

    and there are Sherry Tenpenny and GrandJury

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