Dr Fauci Created Transgender Monkeys In A $205,000 Taxpayers Funded NIH Study

Quite a curious research was done by the NIH division led by Dr Fauci which created transgender monkeys. The aim of the experiment was to study the correlation between the HIV virus and women of transgender nature.

Dr Fauci Created Transgender Monkeys In A $205,000 Taxpayers Funded NIH Study

Earlier, documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act expose Dr Fauci’s secret island of monkeys procured for bizarre experiments involving injecting monkeys with various kinds of infectious diseases such as Lassa and the Ebola virus which led to hemorrhaging, pain, brain damage and loss of motor control and organ failure among multitudes of other things.

The WCWP recently exposed the NIAID beagle test that included the horrifying scenery of sandflies eating the dogs alive, as well as experiments related to the use of experimental drugs to 44 beagle puppies before they fell victim to dissection and were ultimately killed.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s department of the National Institutes of Health financed roughly $200,000 to researchers to examine why transgender women have had such elevated HIV rates by infusing male monkeys with female hormones.

Scripps Research received $205,562 from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in December 2021 for the project, which tries to figure out exactly why transgender women have such higher HIV rates. According to the National Institutes of Health, male monkeys are given feminising hormone therapy as section of the experiment to see how it affects their immunological mechanisms.

Dr Fauci Created Transgender Monkeys In A $205,000 Taxpayers Funded NIH Study

Since taking over the NIAID in 1984, Fauci has supervised a flare up of animal experiments. In November, it was disclosed that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases sponsored a project that afflicted beagles using heart-worm larvae and afterwards euthanized them following the experiments. Researchers treated beagles with altered bacteria from ticks as part of another experiment.

A year after Fauci gained control, the NIAID commenced testing HIV vaccines on monkeys. Every year, the division buys 400 to 600 rhesus monkeys from Charles River Laboratories, that has a $27.5 million deal with said NIAID and leases an island in South Carolina.

PETA neuroscientist Dr. Katherine Roe labels the research “yet another pointless, wasteful monkey torture experiment.”

“It’s just bad science to suggest that dosing monkeys with feminizing medication makes them good stand-ins for humans,” Roe told the Washington Free Beacon. “This study will not help to prevent or treat HIV and will not help transgender women.”

According to Roe, the study is useless since monkeys are immune to HIV. Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, a weaker variant of the disease, has been contracted by them. She criticizes the National Institutes of Health for investing billions of dollars on HIV testing on monkeys, despite the fact that the primates are immune to the disease.

Scripps Florida told the Free Beacon that finding appropriate treatments for terminal ailments requires researching “sub-populations.”

“The research you reference concerns a sub-population of people at greater risk of HIV infection, and factors that may or may not affect their response to a treatment/preventative approach in development,” a spokeswoman said. “It is through these types of targeted research studies that substantive progress against HIV, cancer, ALS, dementia—indeed most diseases and conditions—will be made.”

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has awarded millions of dollars to scientists studying HIV transmission in transgender people, who seem to be 49 fold more probable than non-transgender people to contract the virus. The agency also awarded a University of Alabama researcher over $155,000 to explore how testosterone supplementation for women may decrease disease-fighting microorganisms in the vagina. Emory University researchers have been awarded approximately $230,000 to investigate how transgender people’s rectum immune cells influence HIV risk.

Project Veritas has uncovered shocking secret documents about COVID-19’s origin, gain of function studies, vaccinations, repressed prospective therapies, and the administration’s attempt to bury all of this.

The secret military documents from DARPA regarding Project Defuse expose Dr Fauci’s proposal to engineer coronavirus through gain-of-function which was rejected for being dangerous and violating the code of research.

In one of the highlighted procedures, NIAID staff performed a “cordectomy,” which included cutting the dog’s vocal cords to avoid it trying to bark, howl, or cry during an experiment.

The stuff you’ve seen barely scratches the surface. Dr Anthony Fauci has been abusing animals for 40 years.

Meanwhile, Dr Fauci’s wife Christine Grady sits as the Director of Bioethics at NIH on human subjects research.

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