Dr Fauci Spent $424K On Experiments Where Dogs Were Bitten To Death By Flies

According to documents obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, Dr Fauci spent $424,000 to commission experiments where dogs were bitten to death by flies.

Fauci experiments dogs bitten flies

In the study healthy beagles are given an experimental drug and then intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease-causing parasite that affects humans.

Fauci experiments dogs bitten flies

Records show that the dogs were “vocalizing in pain” during the experiments.

Dr Fauci Spent $424K On Experiments Where Dogs Were Bitten To Death By Flies

At the end of the ongoing experiment, the dogs will all be killed.

Experimenters admit this investigational drug, “has been extensively tested and confirmed…in different animal models such as mice…Mongolian gerbils…and rhesus macaques….”

These documents were obtained by White Coat Waste Project using the Freedom of Information Act.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has also been conducting a series of secret experiments that grafted the scalps of aborted fetuses onto living mice and rats.

Almost $400,000 have been spent on these experiments. These studies were meant to investigate the tendency of human skin to develop infections.

Dr Fauci also funded Wuhan virus experiments which were prohibited by the US government for being dangerous. Dr. Fauci gave $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory where suspicious experiments were conducted.

Meanwhile, Dr Fauci colluded with top British scientists to cover-up COVID-19 bioweapons research and instead peddle the natural origin theory.

This research was funded by a ten-year, $200 million international program named PREDICT.

That program, in turn, was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, along with other countries.

Fauci denied lying to Congress when he testified in May that the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) never funded so-called gain-of-function virus research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

On account of his recent congressional testimony, Dr Fauci maybe facing 5 years in prison for lying to the Congress about funding the Gain-of-function research at Wuhan lab.

American lawmakers have introduced the Fire Fauci Act with the intention to fire Dr Anthony Fauci for misinformation with regards to COVID-19 and for covering-up the origin of the virus. The Fire Fauci Act will bring Fauci’s salary to $0 and require Senate confirmation to fill his position.

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  1. Fauci is an animal himself. Torturing animals is the first step before torturing human beings as he is enjoying now.

  2. Fauci is a minion. No more a decision-maker than your run of the mill prison guard. How about we start looking up the chain-of-command and start targeting those giving Fauci his orders?

  3. I’m with you, but I still want Fauci lowered slowly into a vat of hydrosulfuric acid, like Steven Fishman suggested.

  4. The me too was addressed to @ Robert Robert’s and also agree with Steven F…..the guy is evil personified, soulless, black ABYS.

    HIS FAMILY ABYS CREST is a snake with crown on top of head swallowing a child half way and carrying two buckets of gold. His mothers maiden name is ABYS and he certainly is living up to the crests image of satanism.


    He is not a mensch…he is a spawn of satan.

  5. And yet this monster is the highest paid public servant in Government next to the President, earning $417,000 a year, more than his witch boss, Rochelle Walensky. My question to our forum is why we taxpayers are putting up with this sadistic dog-killer earning so much money? I know there will be a nice blazing compartment in Hell for him, but why do we have to wait so long for him to arrive there? I only wish he could experience a mile long infestation of man-eating fire ants to make up for the poor dogs he tortured!

  6. He needs to be indicted for animal cruelty, and I am dead serious about this. There must be some animal rights advocacy groups like PETA that can champion this cause on our behalf. Any information would be helpful.

  7. You know the scene in a lot of action movies where someone steps in front of a bus? Why does that not happen to the right people?

  8. You know what? I am tired of being nice. I hope the weasel visits a dog farm and falls through the hole in the outhouse at 3AM.

  9. There is a special place in Hell for those who torture any animal. The more that is revealed about this flip-flopping blowhard the less respect I have for the “science” he peddles to the masses. Just another aspect of our government that is very disturbing.

  10. So now it comes out fauxi was also working on disease vectors to go along with gain of function. This man truly is a modern day Megele. This is sick stuff.

  11. It’s so incredibly obvious they’re setting up Fauci as a modern day Mengele. At least for the non-MSM crowd. C’mon people. Quit jumping on their orchestrated bandwagons. It’s all a set-up to keep us distracted, angry, and frustrated. Until we move past all their little games, they win.

  12. Agreed! However, the fact that a bunch of psychopaths rule is only ONE part of the equation. The true but “culturally and politically forbidden” reality is more encompassing. Read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The  Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at www dot  CovidTruthBeKnown  dot com or search for it by title and author.

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true problem, no real constructive change is possible.

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