Back To Back Covishield Vaccine Related Deaths Of Women Trigger Inquiry In India

An inquiry has been ordered after two women died from Covishield vaccine-related complications in India. Expecting mother Mahima Mathew and Divya R Nair died with similar symptoms two weeks after receiving their first dose of Covishield vaccine.

Back To Back Covishield Vaccine Related Deaths Of Women Trigger Inquiry In India

The back-to-back deaths of two women, who took the Covid-19 vaccine in Kottayam and Pathanamthitta the south Indian state of Kerala, has raised concerns over the safety of the vaccines.

According to reports available, Mahima Mathew, 31, a pregnant woman and a native of Kanjirappally in Kottayam and Divya R Nair, 38, a native of Naranganam in Pathanamthitta died with similar symptoms two weeks after receiving their first dose of Covishield vaccine.

While the authorities at a private hospital in Pala, where Mahima had been admitted for treatment, said she died of cerebral venous thrombosis (a form of stroke) and vaccine-associated thrombocytopenia (low blood-platelet count), those at Pathanamthitta district Health department have ordered an inquiry to ascertain the cause behind Divya’s death.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, even American federal officials are investigating COVID-19 vaccine recipients who developed the rare blood disorder thrombocytopenia, with at least several cases resulting in death.

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The US CDC and FDA lifted their recommended pause on use of coronavirus vaccine only with a condition that it will now include a safety label warning that vaccine comes with blood clot risks.

Mahima Mathew had received her first dose of Covishield from a primary health center on August 6. However, she reportedly developed a severe headache and was admitted to a private hospital in Pala on August 15.

The next day the hospital declared her brain dead, and confirmed her death on August 20.

Meanwhile, Divya R Nair received the first dose of Covishield vaccine at a government facility at Naranganam on August 2 and died on Monday after suffering an intracerebral haemorrhage at a private hospital in Tiruvalla.

Her husband Ginu has approached the Aranmula police and the district collector alleging that her condition worsened after she received the vaccine.According to Ginu, Divya had headache and body pain after taking the vaccine.

“After some days, she was taken to a private hospital. But her health turned critical. An MRI scan done on August 14, detected a brain bleed, following which she was shifted to a private hospital in Kochi. On the same day, she underwent two surgeries.

On August 19, she was shifted to a private hospital in Tiruvalla. Her condition worsened after the vaccination. So we have lodged a complaint demanding an inquiry into her death,” Ginu said.

District Medical Officer A L Sheeja said the woman underwent surgeries after an intracerebral haemorrhage.

“The exact cause of death has not been ascertained. I have sought an inquiry report after the woman’s relatives raised a suspicion that her condition worsened after she received the vaccine,” Dr Sheeja said.

German scientists have found out how the broken parts of Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines branded as Covishield in India mutate to trigger blood clots in recipients.

Scientists say the vaccine is sent into the cell nucleus instead of surrounding fluid, where parts of it break off and create mutated versions of themselves. The mutated versions then enter the body and trigger the blood clots.

Earlier, German scientists found the exact 2 step process how the COVID-19 vaccine causes blood clots in recipients. They describe a series of events that has to happen in the body before the vaccines create these large clots.

A shocking study has also revealed the terrifying dangers of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines inducing prion-based disease causing your brain to degenerate progressively.

The mRNA vaccine induced prions may cause neurodegenerative diseases because long-term memories are maintained by prion-like proteins.

The study concluded that mRNA based vaccine may also cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases in the vaccine recipients.

Meanwhile, the US is planning to dump 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines on India to help us fight COVID-19.

These AstraZeneca vaccines however is unapproved for use in the US and hence the unwanted stock is being offloaded on Indians.

Moreover, this comes at a time when numerous European countries have stopped or suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine for causing bood clots and are launching lawsuits against the company.

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