Oppressive COVID Rules For Unvaccinated Were Based On Software Error Claims German Minister

It has finally been revealed that the unjust covid rules imposed on the unvaccinated were the result of a software error. The colossal error has resulted in the unvaccinated shouldering the blame for anything and everything.

Oppressive COVID Rules For Unvaccinated Were Based On Software Error Claims German Minister

A software glitch created the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Following months of demonizing the unvaccinated in Germany’s second biggest city, Hamburg, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach reached this conclusion.

In November 2021, news sites reported on the city’s rising “incident numbers,” which jumped from 111.6 infected persons per 100,000 to 160 infected individuals per 100,000 in a matter of a few days. That figure has risen from 209.2 to a new high of 223.3 at the end of November.

The purportedly large rises were also often utilized to justify the city’s new COVID policies. Then, in order to enter stores, restaurants, and clubs, a 2G (vaccinated or recovered) status restriction was established. Unvaccinated people were required to limit their contact with other people. Mayor Peter Tschentscher claimed to have seen an upsurge in immunization rates after the decree, implying that it was the only option to avoid the pandemic.

The statistics in Hamburg’s Social Services departments were substantially distorted, according to an examination by the Sueddeutscher Zeitung and Welt newspapers. For most instances, they didn’t even realize who’d been vaccinated and who wasn’t. This didn’t seem to prevent them from labelling everyone with an uncertain vaccination status as unvaccinated. Nevertheless, by the end of November, a staggering 70% of positive cases had no status.

In the second week of November, the Mayor of Hamburg gave a press conference in which he mistakenly asserted that unvaccinated people were responsible for 90% of all latest infections. Furthermore, he claimed that the unvaccinated had a 7-day infection rate of 605 per 100,000, whereas the vaccinated had a rate of only 22 per 100,000.

The tabloid Welt also obtained the following response from Hamburg’s Senate over the classifications:

“…The categorization (used in Hamburg) matches to the one used nationwide…”

The data on how the classifications are created as well as how the finalized statistics are “calculated” was not made available until this weekend. By the end of December, the mayor contended that the misclassifications were triggered by the deployment of “different IT Systems,” each of which employed a separate classifier.

The following is what Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said on January 17th:

“…with the situation in Hamburg… I can claim without a doubt, that the problem was in the automatic classifier of the software. The problem is solved now… and it was a mistake and was not done on purpose in order to largely blame the unvaccinated for the pandemic…”

The city of Hamburg was not the only one hit by erroneous COVID figures.

In mid-November, 48.468 incidents of uncertain immunization status were assigned to the unvaccinated category in Bayern, bringing the total count of unvaccinated incidents to 1469, relative to 110 for the vaccinated.

COVID countermeasures aiming at the unvaccinated in Germany were implemented in November 2021, and they were based on these two big data mismanagements.

Approximately 100,000 German civilians are thought to have joined in anti-mandate demonstrations in recent times.

As GreatGameIndia reported earlier, according to extensive email exchanges obtained by a group of lawyers in a legal dispute, the German Interior Ministry hired scientists to develop fake coronavirus model in order to justify strict lockdown.

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  1. The protagonists of this Hoax repeatedly distinguish themselves as big time liars. They deceive and purposely manipulate the data in their commission of the biggest crime against humanity ever.

  2. What a joke! They think they can get by with a “Joke?” F••k You! You Bastards. You are all going to Nuremberg Court 2.0 and you will pay for it with your neck and deserve it; then when you get to Hell you will really get IT. First you came and did the elderly in and then without any compunction went after the teenagers then the kids and you pricks then wanted the infants and the babies. You bastards we are going to get you and you won’t have anywhere to run: “Where ya gonna run to on that Day!”

  3. It was a software error which all the other western countries had at the same time as well, its not their fault, they where just doing what the computer told them and the evil computer had an error, blame the computer not them.
    Im seeing more and more stories so ridicolous and lacking of sense that Im begining to believe the injections have something to do with injected people swallowing up all that garbage with out problems without a second thought, perhaps the injection its a bran washing lubricant which permits such stupidities to be believed.

  4. Sounds way too much like the Nazis in WW2 saying “I was just following orders” – except this time they followed orders from a MACHINE not a human. They are all going down.

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