COVID-19 Vaccine Found In Hearts Of Dead People: Study

A recent study published by NPJ Vaccines reported that the COVID-19 vaccine was found in the hearts of dead people.

COVID-19 Vaccine Found In Hearts Of Dead People: Study 1

A recent study found that COVID-19 vaccine was present in individuals who passed away within a month of receiving it.

Researchers from the United States examined tissue samples from 25 corpses, 20 of whom had received vaccinations.

Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) was detected in samples taken from the hearts of three individuals, all of whom passed away within 30 days after receiving a Pfizer injection.

Additionally, eight samples of bilateral axillary lymph nodes from individuals who passed away within 30 days after receiving a Moderna or Pfizer vaccination were positive. The injections made by the firms use mRNA.

According to the study, “the vaccine can persist for up to 30 days, including in the heart,” Dr. James Stone of the pathology departments at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School said in an email to The Epoch Times.

npj Vaccines published the study (pdf below). The authors said they had no competing interests. They claimed that Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, which funded the study.

No vaccine was found in the heart or bilateral axillary lymph node tissues of other immunization recipients who passed away.

Furthermore, no vaccine was found in the tissues from the unvaccinated individuals or in the liver, spleen, or mediastinal lymph nodes, despite the fact that liver and spleen vaccine had previously been found in preclinical rodent investigations.

In a recent post on X, former EcoHealth Alliance scientist Andrew Huff revealed how the CIA Front EcoHealth Alliance was involved in the creation of coronavirus.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have a history of causing myocarditis, a fatal form of heart inflammation.

Despite having obvious cardiac damage, those who had mRNA in the heart did not get myocarditis, the researchers discovered.

The heart problems, according to the researchers, were caused by existing illnesses rather than vaccinations.

“There is no indication as yet that the vaccine in the heart is causing any problems in these patients; neither the causes of death nor the causes of the myocardial injury were linked to the vaccines in that study,” said Dr. Stone, one of the authors of the paper.

COVID-19 Vaccine Found In Hearts Of Dead People: Study 2
A health care worker prepares a dose Pfizer/BioNTEch COVID-19 vaccine at The Michener Institute, in Toronto, Canada, on Dec.14, 2020. (Carlos Osorio/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Dr. Clare Craig, a British pathologist who evaluated the study, disputed that assertion.

“The vaccine should not have been there. There was evidence of heart damage. Those three people are now dead,” Dr. Craig said in a message.

She claimed that the researchers had set the threshold for causation too high.

“At postmortem if there is significant narrowing of the coronary arteries then heart damage is attributed to it on the balance of probabilities. Here this is a clear cut association, an unusual picture of myocardial injury, and a failure to call it out for what it is,” Dr. Craig said.

Patients With Vaccine in the Heart

In contrast to the 22% of patients who died within 30 days of a shot but did not have vaccine in their hearts, all three of the patients who had mRNA found in the heart had a healed heart damage that began before or at the time of their most recent immunization.

According to experts, one of the three individuals, who was classified as dying from bleeding inside the skull, presumably had a heart damage due to hypoxemia, or low oxygen levels in the blood. Before receiving the second dosage, one person suffered a heart attack and was later diagnosed as having significant coronary artery disease, which experts believe was the likely cause of the attack.

The third experienced a period of heart damage that coincided with receiving a second dose of the vaccine, but researchers determined that the person, who had a history of heart failure, most likely sustained the damage as a result of right ventricular strain.

The researchers noted it is unclear whether immunization and the fatalities are related because no patient had myocarditis.

“However, given that SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine was detected in heart muscle with healing injury and that the effects are unclear at the present time, it may be prudent to consider delaying LNP-based vaccination in patients with recent myocardial infarction,” they wrote. Lipid nanoparticles, or LNP, are how the mRNA vaccines deliver the spike protein.

The results were examined by Dr. Ram Duriseti, a physician from California who wasn’t engaged in the study.

“These are interesting findings and likely relevant to sickly populations,” Dr. Duriseti said via email. “These nonspecific inflammatory adverse events of these vaccines can be fatal and must be balanced against benefits accrued—especially in a world where the overwhelming majority of those over 50 years old have some form of hybrid immunity.”

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