COVID-19 Patients Who Refuse To Self Isolate Will Be Sent To Jail For 5 Years In Mississippi

According to Mississippi Health Office, the patients of COVID-19 who refuse to self-isolate may be fined $5000 and even sent to 5 years in jail or both.

COVID-19 Patients Who Refuse To Self Isolate Will Be Sent To Jail For 5 Years In Mississippi

The state health officer for Mississippi issued a COVID-19 isolation order (read below) on Friday, telling people that if they test positive for COVID-19 and refuse to self-isolate, they could face fines or possible jail time.

In his isolation order (read below), Mississippi State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs said that people have to isolate themselves at home once they become aware that they are infected.

People are expected to remain home for 10 days after becoming ill or testing positive for COVID-19, regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated.

“A negative test for COVID-19 is not required to end isolation at the end of 10 days, but you must be fever free for at least 24 hours with improvement of other symptoms,” the order said.

The order stated that refusal to obey could include several fines or punishments. Someone who refuses to obey the order of a health official could receive a $500 fine, up to six months in jail or both.

However, when a life-threatening disease is involved, the refusal to obey the order could include up to $5,000 in fines, five years of jail time or both.

The state has been struggling with a relatively low vaccination rate — only 37 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

As GreatGameIndia reported earlier, students at Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University will be fined up to $2,275 and lose internet access if they fail to comply with the university’s COVID-19 vaccination policies.

Meanwhile, French Vaccine Police have started patrolling the streets of Paris enforcing a Virus Pass and slapping fines as high as 9,000 Euros.

Read the order by Mississippi Health Office below:


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  1. When the survival rate for covid is 99.75% and we have proven therapeutics, there is absolutely no reason to mandate such wicked and evil laws upon the American people. Biden’s Administration is allowing in thousands of illegal immigrants some of which have covid, but they are allowed to roam the country freely without any repercussions. What these wicked people who are passing these laws are doing is unlawful and unconstitutional. They cannot force us to a term of five years in prison for not staying in our homes alone for ten days. I use to have a compromised immune system and people would come to work with the flu which would put me in bed for two to three weeks and yet nothing happened to them. I received black marks on my attendant history record for missing work!! That’s the evil we deal with today. Beat down the poor and middle class until they succumb to the tyranny and cry out for a savior, but there is NO man who can save us. We are to put our hope, trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for to put our hope and trust in any man is a curse. Jeremiah 17:5,7 It is going to become much worse over the next few months until the people of the world do cry out for a savior, but it won’t be Trump and it won’t be Jesus, it will be the MAN of Sin, the Son of Perdition/damnation. It is time to awaken to learn the truth of the WORD of GOD which is, in fact, Jesus Christ; Revelation 19:13 John 1:1, 1:14.

  2. …this ‘law’ must be subject to a court of law and jury of one’s peers ! The State must prove beyond reasonable doubt that danger exists and the State’s allegations of quarantine are appropriate and that the State’s ‘evidence’ of infection via a PCR test is reliable. As the hero of ‘common sense’ Presidente Rodrigo Duterte is want to say – – “end that son – bitch, right now”. …………….. ……shalom,a.j.

  3. Test “positive” for COVID-19? Of course they’re using the thoroughly debunked PCR-test that even its inventor said has nothing to do with disease??? This so-called “test” was a manufacturing technique that has been maliciously repurposed to identify a non-existent disease.

    And why non-existent? Show us the virus please! Not the cultured isolation. True purification. I wish more people would wake up to this virus scam.

  4. I understand your sentiment but please keep researching Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin et al (the victors write history)

    While Lenin (and Trotsky) were advocating ‘World Revolution” and appealing to the “fighters of the workers’ revolution, anyone ‘disagreeing’ with this brutal totalitarian [not proletarian] dictatorship was declared a ‘bandit’ [COVID denier] and Lenin and Trotsky unleashed the likes of Tukhachevski to deal with them:

    “The peasants’ and sailors’ uprisings and the workers’ demonstrations [March 1921] were crushed by the same man who lost the Polish war, Mikhail Tukhachevski. He showed inhuman cruelty, and disregarded all international rules of law and human rights. Under his leadership thousands of hostages were executed by firing squad, peasants were shelled with poison gas, and villages were burned. Villagers were drowned in swamps; sailors were drowned, pushed into holes cut in the ice.”
    “The Chief Culprit” (Viktor Suvorov)

    (also recommended – “The Forsaken – An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia” by Tim Tzouliadis)

  5. Not surprising in the least. Unfortunate, yet amusing. Insidious yet fascinating.

    As for the PCR test, you are aware that those who say it’s effective say things like “Though it was originally used for this, however they were able to repurpose it for this and it does work, so stop trying to say it doesn’t because you are wrong. It is an effective way to detect the virus, etc.” Have you seen comments like that? Cause I have. Now all that needs to be done is to again prove that the PCR test is actually an unreliable test to detect Covid-19, and you would need to answer questions from those who say it is reliable and prove them wrong. But even if you did prove them wrong and that the PCR test is unreliable, would they still deny you? Would they say you are lying, or that your information is wrong? Who knows. But you should be able to answer each question they have if you are correct.

    Anyway, I recommend watching Dr. Sam Bailey. She does talk about the PCR test so yeah, give it a watch.
    Also, want to see corrupt Australian Police? Go watch Aussie Cossacks. He exposes corrupt Police. You may find it intriguing.


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