University In Connecticut To Fine $2000 And Block Internet Access To Unvaccinated Students

Students at Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University will be fined up to $2,275 and lose internet access if they fail to comply with the university’s COVID-19 vaccination policies.

University In Connecticut To Fine $2000 And Block Internet Access To Unvaccinated Students

The private liberal arts college in New Haven County announced the new penalties on Aug. 16 in an email sent to some 600 students who haven’t yet provided proof of COVID-19 vaccination or requested an exemption.

Students at Quinnipiac were required to submit their vaccination records by Aug. 1, according to an email obtained by The Epoch Times.

Those not in compliance by Sept. 14 will begin to face $100 weekly fines, with increases of $25 after every two weeks, up to a maximum of $200 per week. They also won’t be able to use the school’s campus network and Wi-Fi.

Students could be fined up to $2,275 in total for the fall term, the university warned. The penalties cover those who don’t receive a vaccine, as well as exempted students who miss weekly COVID-19 testing. There will be a $100 fine for each missed test.

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Students who received one dose of a two-dose regimen by Aug. 25 won’t face a fine, as long as they are fully vaccinated by Sept. 14, the university officials said.

But they still need to participate in weekly testing until two weeks after their second dose and upload a negative test result before returning to campus.

“We wish we did not have to take these measures, but protecting the health of our QU community by ensuring compliance with our vaccination requirement is the only way we can ease most of our COVID-related restrictions and safely return to our in-person learning and living activities,” Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett said in the email sent to students. “Thank you for your attention to these important health protocols.”

Quinnipiac isn’t the first school in the United States to use financial means to enforce its vaccination policy.

Rhodes College, a private liberal arts college serving a little more than 2,000 students in Memphis, Tennessee, announced in June that students must be vaccinated or pay a mandatory testing fee of $1,500.

“Upon returning to campus, non-vaccinated students will be charged a $1,500 per semester Health & Safety fee to cover the costs of mandatory testing,” a letter to the Rhodes community read.

Similarly, West Virginia Wesleyan College, a private liberal arts college in West Virginia, announced earlier this month that it will fine any unvaccinated student $750.

Those students also are required to wear masks while indoors, undergo weekly testing, and maintain physical distance. Any students who are diagnosed with COVID-19 and are unable to leave campus will pay another $250 fine.

According to a confidentiality agreement potential coronavirus vaccine candidates were transferred from Moderna to the University of North Carolina in 2019, nineteen days prior to the official emergence of Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, French Vaccine Police have started patrolling the streets of Paris enforcing a Virus Pass and slapping fines as high as 9,000 Euros.

Recently, a 16 year old teenager has been awarded a $225,000 compensation after suffering a heart attack from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by the Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

In a similar incident a 19 year old healthy student in India died of brain haemorrhage after getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot.

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  1. There sure must be a lot of sell-out bureaucrats in positions of authority for this sort of thing to be happening all over the world.

  2. Time to file a fat lawsuit against the university AND find a different school. The power of BOYCOTT could soon be realized by a LOT of universities, businesses, corporations, etc. if only people would grow a pair and just STOP buying, using, or attending what they are offering !!

  3. Also, is it just me, or perhaps do all these “Liberal Arts” students sort of deserve this ?? After all, they likely voted for it in a round about way, didn’t they? Funny, I don’t see a lot of these vaccine mandates and fines for noncompliance going on at many LAW Schools !!! LOL

  4. It seems that a number of universities and colleges are actively advertising themselves as places of stupidity where compliance with fake science is more esteemed than independent research and thought. What kind of losers will these sad backward institutions attract?

  5. ….right u r Guido – – all the rebels (non mask-wearers) are being targeted ! all the Libtards trying to drive us insane. ………. ….shalom,a.j.

  6. @fairlander I was not referring so much to “non mask wearers” as much as those liberals who might have averted their gaze away from CNN just long enough to discover some actual science, then not want to take the vaccine, even IF they are still willing to wear a useless mask and then discover that their leanings have made them inadvertently shoot themselves in the foot and can only blame themselves for a form of self “woke cancellation”. lol Soon, they will be driving themselves insane !! Hahahaha. Ironically, when the effect on them is equally merciless, it will finally unite more Americans to some extent. … unless their heads explode first from feeling the need to agree with, … Trumpers, … on literally anything LOL. At any rate, I am having a hard time feeling empathy for “Liberal Arts” students of any persuasion.

  7. My nephew found a different school. The state dept of labor is pushing universities to demand compliance or be cutoff from state funding. This is the continuation of the false flag operation where they are meeting their eugenics and dependency goals with the vaccine and have successfully diverted your attention from the stolen election and the massive plundering and theft at the government and corporate levels at this time.
    In my state the mortality rate for 2020 (kung-flu year) was down under 8% which was a slight improvement over 2019 which was just over 8%. Over the last 10 years mortality rate is tracking around the 8% level which is the indication there is no pandemic.

  8. China is running the show and like brainwashed sea monkeys these commies follow suit.

    The head of the World Health Organization’s origin investigation into COVID-19 has admitted that China secretly co-wrote their report and ordered them to downplay the lab leak theory.

    Now china is building subsidiary in Delaware.
    “Earlier this month, the town council of Middletown gave STA’s plan its preliminary approval, according to the Business Times. The next step comes on June 28 when the company faces the state Council on Development Finance. The meeting agenda shows that STA is seeking just over $19 million to “establish a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility” in Middletown.

    While the $19 million is a big ask, it matches the CDMO ambitions of STA and its parent company, WuXi AppTec of China. STA is focused on the development and manufacture of small molecule drugs, which are used worldwide to treat a variety of diseases.

    The Delaware location would be STA’s second site in America, joining another smaller site in San Diego. In February, STA made a move into Europe with the purchase of a Bristol Myers Squibb manufacturing plant in Switzerland. WuXi has four factories in China.

    https: / /www. fiercepharma. com/manufacturing/a-delaware-site-codenamed-project-dragonfly-wuxi-sta-plans-to-add-to-its-growing-cdmo

    Tax payer money and chinese investment will ensure lockstep coordinated policies….hell, probably write universal reports.

    *** Biden taking long weekend in Delaware…..probably checking out new plant from his chinese business partners.

  9. @IzzyTriphala Ever since January I have been telling people that the “U.S. Yearly Death Rate From All Causes” should be the ONLY thing they need to see to know just what was going on with the covid plandemic. It is roughly the same in 2020 as it was in 2019, 2018, 2017 etc. Generally up only slightly from year to year if not close enough to call it the same amount. Hmmmmm !!!

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