Top Indian Virologist Claim China Was Ready With COVID-19 Vaccine Even Before The Pandemic

A top Indian Virologist has made a sensational claim that China was ready with the COVID-19 vaccine even before the pandemic officially began.

Top Indian Virologist Claim China Was Ready With COVID-19 Vaccine Even Before The Pandemic

An eminent Indian virologist has raised the flag on the possibility of China having developed the vaccine in advance to be prepared in case of the virus outbreak or a leak — an indicator of the deadly virus being engineered in the lab.

This could have helped China curtail the spread right from the early days. China, with the largest population in the world at 140 crore, recorded just 91,300 Covid-positive cases and 4,636 deaths since December 2019. It is ranked 98 on the list of countries in the order of cases recorded, he said.

The virologist, Dr T Jacob John, former professor & head of department of Clinical Virology, Christian Medical College, Vellore, said as reported by Indian Express:

“There are some mysteries about the Chinese episode (the suspected leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology). China’s Covid-19 pandemic was unique in the world. That means they are hiding something… or they are different…or China had prepared for this in advance. Everything is not what meets the eye.”

He cited the example of a young Chinese scientist applying for a licence for SARS-CoV-2 vaccine “as early as February 24, 2020”, just two months after the pandemic broke out.

“It is far too early to work on a vaccine in just two months. They must have started at least a year earlier,” said Dr John.

“That young man (the scientist) is dead. There are too many loose ends. China seems to be covering up something, just like any criminal would cover up.”

Dr T Jacob John said, “There is smoking gun evidence in molecular biology that point to the possibility that it is a lab-manipulated virus.”

We have in the course of our research compiled a long list of people engaged in coronavirus research assassinated or just dropping dead in mysterious circumstances.

Interestingly, as reported by GreatGameIndia, Indian biologists from Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, had detected four AIDS virus gene insertions in SARS-CoV-2 virus’ spike protein which is its weapon to attach to the human cells and gain entry into the body.

After GreatGameIndia published the results of the study, it attracted heavy criticism to an extent that the authors were forced to retract their paper. Now, Fauci Emails reveal that it was Dr Anthony Fauci himself who threatened the Indian scientists and forced them to withdraw their study linking COVID-19 to AIDS virus.

Meanwhile, two of the top scientists leading Britain’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic colluded with Dr Fauci in a cover-up of the COVID-19 bioweapons research also known as Gain-of-function experiments to peddle natural origin theory of the coronavirus.

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  1. No surprise. Viruses are a hoax. Virology is a fraud. Vaccines have never been about health. Viruses, virology, and vaccines are orchestrated deceptions to manipulate (and sicken) the masses.

  2. @lynnthoma That’s highly unlikely and therefore unintelligent nonsense. Virus’ have been extincting other species for millions of years, before humans could isolate and study them. Thousands of doctors study them. They would all have to be lying. It’s hard enough keeping a secret between 2 people let alone 1000’s.

  3. @Nick Kautz — The COVID virus has never been isolated (purified) or sequenced. (See SOVI document) It has never been proven infectious or contagious. See the work of doctors Lanka, Kaufman, and Cowan. See books “The Contagion Myth” and “What Really Makes You Ill?”

    Watch this 22 minute video:

    Just because most people believe in something doesn’t make it true. Most people believe the evening news and corporate newspapers. Most people think democracy and elections are real. Most people believe national sovereignty is real, and the world is not subject to a ruling elite. I could go on…

    Many people are waking up to the fact viruses have always been a hoax. Virology has been a deception from the beginning. Don’t follow the herd. Do your own the research. Decide for yourself.

  4. I agree with lynnthoma, the Wuhan lab was paid to create some lab-made viruses to provide a justification for the incoming pandemic and economic crisis which was planned at least since 2010 see “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” The Rockefeller Foundation – May 2010

    Perhaps they killed some people with energy weapons, or infected them on purpose, see those videos about people falling on the streets. Then they started the lockdowns and killed some more with injections or medical malpractice, and they inflated the data with the PCR false positives and registering any dead with additional symptoms similar to Covid, i.e. a cough or a fever, all of them registered as Covid deaths. The same they did later in the whole world.

    The Wuhan lab was prepared to justify the pandemic. At first they said it was a cross-species jump from bats to humans. Now when nobody believes it anymore, they reveal the gain of function mercenary work and they divert attention to Fauci’s lies, but let’s not forget that the pandemic was a propaganda creation for the most part, and natural viruses infections have been proven false. Those are the big lies that media should be uncovering, anything else is another scam.

  5. That China was using HIV drugs to treat coronavirus 19 is a huge red flag into the vaccine to ” save ” the world and make huge profits off of which countries survive and which get irradicated.

    Faucis got nervous because the Indian study hit a nerve he and his colleagues at NIAID were ready to show their cards as ” saviours” while profiting off vaccine investments [ insider trading between private / government R&D projects.

    Faucis HIV research at NIAID immunology se tion were experimental ting on HIV vaccine since Dec. 6, 2017 long before ” the pandemic”.

    “Tae-Wook Chun, Ph.D.Senior Investigator

    HIV Immunovirology Section



    A randomized controlled safety/efficacy trial of therapeutic vaccination in HIV-infected individuals who initiated antiretroviral therapy early in infection

    View ORCID ProfileMichael C. Sneller1, J. Shawn Justement1, Kathleen R. Gittens2, Mary E. Petrone1, View ORCID ProfileKatherine E. Clarridge1, View ORCID ProfileMichael A. Proschan3, Richard Kwan2, Victoria Shi1, View ORCID ProfileJana Blazkova1, View ORCID ProfileEric W. Refsland1, View ORCID ProfileDaryl E. Morris4, View ORCID ProfileKristen W. Cohen4, View ORCID ProfileM. Juliana McElrath4,5, View ORCID ProfileRong Xu6, Michael A. Egan6, John H. Eldridge6, Erika Benko7, Colin Kovacs7,8, Susan Moir1, View ORCID ProfileTae-Wook Chun1,*,† and ***Anthony S. Fauci1,*****1Laboratory of Immunoregulation, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD 20892, USA.2Critical Care Medicine Department, Clinical Center, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA.3Biostatistics Research Branch, NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA.4Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA 98109, USA.5Department of Global Health, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA.6Profectus BioSciences Inc., Tarrytown, NY 10591, USA.7Maple Leaf Medical Clinic, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1K2, Canada.8Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1, Canada.↵†Corresponding author. Email: [email protected]

    ↵* These authors contributed equally to this work.


    Science Translational Medicine  06 Dec 2017:
    Vol. 9, Issue 419, eaan8848
    DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aan8848

    “We used a vaccine strategy that involved priming of the immune response with a plasmid DNA (pDNA) vaccine containing genes encoding multiple HIV proteins (clade B gag/pol and nef/tat/vif and env), followed by boosting with an attenuated live viral vector containing the HIV gaggene. This vaccination regimen has several features designed to maximize immunogenicity. First, the HIV-multiantigen DNA vaccine (HIV-MAG pDNA) was administered in combination with a DNA plasmid encoding the human interleukin (IL)–12 p35 and p40 proteins (IL-12 pDNA) to enhance the immunogenicity of the pDNA vaccine (13). Second, the HIV-MAG pDNA/IL-12 pDNA vaccines were administered using an in vivo electroporation delivery system designed to enhance the cellular uptake of pDNA (14). Preclinical studies in nonhuman primates provide compelling evidence that in vivo electroporation enhances the potency of the HIV pDNA vaccination (13, 15). Third, the booster component of the vaccine uses an attenuated recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus (rVSVN4CT1) vector encoding HIV gag. Wild-type VSV rarely causes infections in humans; thus, the use of an attenuated rVSVN4CT1 vector minimized any interference of pre-existing immune responses in study subjects. Finally, we limited enrollment to subjects who begin ART during the acute or early phase of HIV infection. Compared to individuals who initiated ART during the chronic phase of HIV infection, those treated during early infection may be more likely to respond to therapeutic vaccination because of relatively preserved immune function and a smaller reservoir of persistently infected CD4+ T cell (9, 16).

    However, 6 of 13 (46%) of the study participants in the vaccine group had CD3+CD4+ T cell tumor necrosis factor–α (TNF-α) responses against Gag peptide pools 1 and 2

    “The goal of therapeutic vaccination is to augment virus-specific immune responses using a controlled exposure to HIV antigens.”

    https: / /stm . sciencemag . org/content/9/419/eaan8848

    Faucis interest was/is NEVER FOR THE HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE THAT PAY HIM HIS OVER PRICED WAGES….just insider trading profits.

    As Peter Daszak said in 2019 interview ” so you know which clinics to put your money into”

    Dismantle victor Rothschilds 1971 R&D joint venture agreement between governments and private companies…and hold each liable for projects that have devastating effects to the world health.

  6. Dr T Jacob John if you bother to check the CDC patented the SARS2 virus in 2007 under Patent No 7220852. Then it requested the Patent Office to keep it confidential. Since a natural virus cannot be patented the SARS2 virus was manipulated from the SARS virus by Prof Ralph Baric at the University of Nth Carolina.

  7. @Nick Kautz Don’t quote or reply to these people, they only add more meaningless drivel when you do so.

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