China Replaces Soldiers With Machinegun Carrying Killer Robots In Tibet

According to reports, China is deploying machinegun-wielding killer robots to Tibet, its western desert regions while there exists a conflict with India because Chinese soldiers are suffering with the high altitude.

  • China is sending dozens of unmanned vehicles to the Indian border
  • Kill-bots with machineguns and ammo transporters fitted on them have been dispatched
  • After Chinese forces struggled to operate in high-altitude conditions, this news surfaced
  • In the high Himalayas, Chinese and Indian troops are trapped in a confrontation
China Replaces Soldiers With Machinegun Carrying Killer Robots In Tibet

According to Indian media reports, dozens of autonomous vehicles capable of transporting both weapons and supplies are being dispatched to Tibet, with the bulk getting deployed in border areas wherein Chinese troops are engaged in a standoff with Indian troops.

The Sharp Claw, which can be handled wirelessly and is equipped with a light machinegun, and the Mule-200, which itself is meant as an automated supply vehicle but can also be armed with weaponry, are two examples of vehicles.

China Replaces Soldiers With Machinegun Carrying Killer Robots In Tibet

According to reports, Beijing has dispatched 88 Sharp Claws to Tibet, that neighbors India, high in the Himalayas, with 38 deployed towards the border region.

And a total of 120 Mule-200s have been delivered to Tibet as well, with the major portion being stationed near the border.

China Replaces Soldiers With Machinegun Carrying Killer Robots In Tibet

In addition to the unmanned vehicles, China has added 70 VP-22 armoured personnel transporters to its arsenal, 47 of which have been spotted near the Chinese border.

A total of 150 Lynx all-terrain vehicles have been dispatched towards the frontier.

The Lynx is an extremely adaptable vehicle which can carry small groups of troops or be equipped with a variety of armaments such as howitzers, heavy machine guns, mortars, and missile launchers.

Earlier, China sent its Super Soldiers equipped with exoskeleton to the disputed Himalayan border with India.

Soldiers were outfitted with carbon-fibre exoskeletons to alleviate the pressure on their feet and ankles while transporting hefty supplies and equipment at 16,000ft over the sea level.

The troops were having difficulty since the lack of oxygen at around that height makes loads appear heavier and personnel fatigue more swiftly.

In December of last year, a military specialist told the Global Times that ‘this kind of suit is particularly helpful at high altitudes.’

For decades, China and India have been at odds in their border region across what is termed as the ‘line of control.’

The region, which is exceedingly arid, isolated, and essentially inhospitable, seems to have very little practical worth beyond a few commerce routes that traverse its deserts, but it carries symbolic significance for both parties eager to demonstrate their own supremacy.

Tensions were high in 2020 as Chinese and Indian troops engaged in hand-to-hand combat, with dozens dead in clashes fought with melee weapons such as nail-studded clubs.

China accused India of provocation, whereas India condemned Beijing for redrawing the boundary and intruding on its territory.

Satellite photographs serves to reinforce India’s accusations, revealing additional Chinese structures in contested areas.

The confrontations caused a diplomatic spat between Beijing and New Delhi, with India severing some commercial relations and outlawing Chinese mobile apps as a result of the dispute.

China began removing several infrastructure in contested zones in June of last year, which helped to reduce tensions, while the region remained on heightened alert for possible incidents.

India’s Darbuk–Shyok–DBO Road infrastructure project is seen by the Chinese as a tool to offset the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. China attempted to capture the Galwan Valley as a pre-emptive measure to stall this DBO Road infrastructure project in Ladakh. China has changed its claims over the valley thrice, now claiming that the entire Galwan valley belongs to China.

This comes in the wake of a broader military buildup by China, which has seen it take a more confrontational tone toward its neighbours.

Whereas the reports of Chinese intrusion into northern India have made headlines in mainstream media, a large portion of Arunachal Pradesh has also been occupied by China. According to Mr Tapir Gao, the member of parliament of BJP from Arunachal East, China is building concrete bridges, hydro electric projects, helipads 12 kms from the demarcated McMahon Line inside Arunachal Pradesh.

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  1. This article is easy fpr me to believe that this is all true. I lived in China for almost 10 years and speak fluently the language. Things that I’ve seen and heard while there built a strong and clear understanding of the country’s politics and conquering mindset. Somehow scary yes but with still a few ways to avoid letting them win their maniac evil plan. They want to rule the world. Often I heard people back in 2008 telling me that this is finally the time for the NewWorldOrder: for China to rise and become the world’s power, crushing USA’s economy. But enough for them to fight for the Parcel Islands and SouthChinaSea waters etc with Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, using 500+ year old documents or maps trying to prove that all those belonged to China. Then, the India-China border has been a conflict for decades! For over 20 years, China has been threatening of building Hydroelectric dams in the top of the Ganga water starting in the Himalayas. This would become a big concern for India’s access to clean unsalted water: China could block/control their access anytime. And I remember living in India for many years, and in almost every daily newspaper there would be updates or new threats by the Chinese military entering Indian aerial space or terrestrial space, but then the following day they news was “China denies the accusations and India is trying to tint China’s reputation” even though the India side has tangible proofs! All this is a big ugly disgusting dirty political game! I ca go on a d tall about this topic for a long while.

    PS: One thing I’ve never understood though: how can Pakistan (and recently now Afghanistan) accepting money from China, and being their allied, while they don’t seem to understand that China has zero tolerance for Muslims and is eliminating all of its Muslims (Uyghurs) within the province of XinJiang. If someone has an answer to this, I’d love to hear/read it.

  2. It was never about religion. Mobsters in power (“government”) care only about how to keep exploiting you.

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  4. Chinese military entering Indian aerial space or terrestrial space, but then the following day they news was “China denies the accusations and India is trying to tint China’s reputation” even though the India side has tangible proofs! All this is a big ugly disgusting dirty political game! I ca go on a d tall about this topic for a long while………………

  5. India still has her soul as it is inherent to her peoples, while if ancient China had a soul, it has centuries ago lost it.

  6. Regarding your question about how muslims can support China who hates Muslims: Demoralization (as in becoming defunct of morals) facilitates a mind that is easily deceived. The same question entered my mind about how homosexuals groups can boycott Israel in favor of Hamas who would throw them from a building for being gay. Doesn’t make sense to me, unless you realize it’s a spiritual warfare. The same spiritual warfare spoken of in The Bible. Ever heard of Yuri Bezmenov’s prediction for America? He explained how a demoralized people could be shown a concentration camp and they would not even believe it. They would only believe, once they were on the other side of fence of that camp. That is in part why I believe God allowed the captivity of Judah and the surrounding nations into Babylon and why the sake thing will happen to the world via mystery Babylon. Because God will allow it for several reasons. 1) to make people see the truth. 2) to draw His people closer to Him. 3) to humble those that belong to Him. 4) And to trap those who are against God. Here is an example of a trap that I think will be laid. The vaccine mandate is causing some to believe that the unvaccinated should not be allowed to go into a grocery store to buy food, or even to have a job. While I don’t believe the vaccine is the mark of the beast, I do believe that those who believe that unless you follow the crowd and get the vaccine, you shouldn’t be allowed to survive (job, but or sell, etc.); those people will one day have to make a similar decision. They will have to decide whether they will take the mark of the beast or starve to death. They will be caught in their own trap. Psalms is full of talk of David’s enemies being caught in a trap of their own making. I believe this is one. How those with no Godly foundational beliefs will oppress those with Godly foundational beliefs (those believing He sent His only begotten Son to be The Sacrifice for our sins) and by doing so, will set their own traps. Btw, Marxism is communism and fascism and socialism (which leads to communism) and they are of an antichrist spirit. And the Faucism of the vaccine push for social acceptance is just another way to push oppression and make the eugenicist, globalist billionaires that much more wealthy while diminishing even further, the middle class. The same billionaires who funded the vaccine, funded the virus. One person in particular funded a vaccine company who owns a patent on A coronavirus at least partially developed in Wuhan. That patent can’t exist in a natural occurring virus. It can only exist in a virus that was made (gain of function research). He is the same person who gave $500 million to the WHO to vaccinate countries in Africa which resulted in many young women becoming barren (population control).

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