According to information from Statista, the Qatar World Cup will be the most expensive ever, with the costs amounting to almost $220 billion.
According to several sources during the Qatar World Cup, having sex with anyone other than their spouses can result in up to seven years in jail.
LIV Golf has been accused of being nothing more than the latest effort by the Gulf state to clean up, or sportswash, its image. Nevertheless, this is how the Saudis sparked a Golf Civil War.
On charges of tax evasion and bankruptcy fraud, Boris Becker, the legendary Wimbledon champion, has been jailed for more than 2 years.
All Russians and Belarusians are barred from participating in the Wimbledon tennis tournament, including those who have spoken out against Vladimir Putin and Russia. To echo the same sentiment, a Ukrainian tennis star has demanded that Russian players be subjected to ideological purity test.
Although tennis star Boris Becker has disputed all of the allegations leveled against him, he has been found guilty of bankruptcy fraud.
In the Indian Wells Masters finals Rafael Nadal suffered heart and breathing problems. "It's like a needle all the time inside," was how he described it.
The treasury department has claimed that the Chelsea owner and Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich is associated with Putin which has resulted in him being sanctioned by the UK.
Racers wore light suits and underlayers, and also plasters to shield their faces and ears, yet they were vulnerable. As a result, a Finland skier is suffering from a frozen penis in the Olympics mass start race.