How They Smuggle Bangladeshis, Africans Into Italy

According to intelligence seen by MaltaToday, criminal groups are smuggling Bangladeshis and Africans into Italy, charging migrants €1,500 each for the transfer between Damascus in Syria and Benghazi in Libya. Flights operated by Syrian airline Cham Wings are used for this purpose.

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What Draws The Gold Mafia To Dubai?

Former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigator Karen Greenaway, who now works as an anti-money laundering consultant, told Al Jazeera, ‘They have set themselves up to be in the middle of the gold trade, with lax laws and no enforcement.’ That’s what draws the gold mafia to Dubai.

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Mumbai Airport Biggest Hub Of Gold Smuggling In India

The Mumbai airport has been identified as the largest hub of gold smuggling in India by the customs department. This revelation was made after the seizure of 604kg of smuggled gold worth Rs 360 crore at the Mumbai international airport within a period of 11 months.

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40 Truck US Convoy Loaded With Stolen Wheat Smuggled Out Of Syria Report

40-Truck US Convoy Loaded With Stolen Wheat Smuggled Out Of Syria

Syria has often accused the United States of mounting an economic war against it by controlling the nation’s crucial northeastern areas, which contain up to 90% of the country’s oil and greatest agricultural resources. A new report has emerged claiming that a 40-truck US convoy loaded with stolen wheat was

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