Donkey skin and penises are frequently traded illegally from Nigeria to China for the purpose of the manufacture of Chinese medicine. Now, 7,000 smuggled donkey penises have been intercepted by Nigerian officials after smell from sacks aroused suspicion.
Syria has often accused the United States of mounting an economic war against it by controlling the nation's crucial northeastern areas, which contain up to 90% of the country's oil and greatest agricultural resources. A new report has emerged claiming that a 40-truck US convoy loaded with stolen wheat was smuggled out of Syria recently.
Customs authorities discovered chemical and biological samples, as well as medical equipment and research documents, in the possession of a Chinese couple who later pleaded guilty to stealing mRNA vaccine information and smuggling biological materials to China.
According to arrested personnel from one such facility, the Security Service of Ukraine, or SBU, operated illicit drug laboratories in Russia that were run by people who had to pass a polygraph exam to acquire the job.
Insurgent factions, guerrilla troops, and semi-autonomous military forces are among the organizations to which the Yakuza attempted to give firearms to. However, the Yakuza boss ended up getting busted at NYC steakhouse over the scheme to trade drugs for missiles with Myanmar insurgents.
Russian authorities have arrested American Olympic star and WNBA player Brittney Griner on drug smuggling charges.
66 kg drugs worth Rs 350 crore has been seized near Khambhalia in Devbhoomi Dwarka district of Gujarat. One person from the neighboring state of Rajasthan has also been arrested in the joint operation conducted by ATS, LCB and SOG.
In one of the largest ever seizures in the world, 3,000 kg heroin smuggled from Afghanistan has been seized by Indian authorities at the Mundra port in Gujarat.
Mexico is suing multiple major US gun makers for arming the drug cartels, accusing them of negligent business practices that allegedly spawned illegal arms flows over the border, resulting in rampant violence and numerous Mexican deaths.
The US Department of Justice and Department of the Treasury has recently busted a Pakistan-based human smuggling network that was helping people to illegally migrate to the US through the southern border. The mastermind behind the operation has been identified as Pakistan based Abid Ali Khan who has been conducting his operations from Nowshera, Pakistan since 2015.