These days, every technological advancement has both positive and negative effects. The internet has democratized information while also improving global connectivity and enabling people to hide behind false identities. Approximately 37% of adolescents between the ages of...
Data breaches cost organizations billions of dollars each year to avoid and contain, while also degrading consumer trust and potentially reducing customer retention. Here's the list of the world's 50 biggest data breaches from 2004 to 2021.
Research found that deepfakes can fool biometric checks used by banks. Despite this obvious flaw, KYC providers don't really seem bothered about the possibility of exploitation.
According to OIL India spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika, there's been no data breach in the attack, which seemed to have taken place on April 10. The source of the Oil India HQ attack, which was hit with massive cyberattack followed by hackers demanding Rs 60 crore in bitcoin, is still being investigated by police.
The Union government has acknowledged accusations that Chinese hackers persist to threaten Indian power plants, particularly those near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), despite a study from a U.S.-based cyber security firm claiming that Chinese State-sponsored actors have attacked seven power grid assets, the national emergency response system, as well as an Indian branch of a multinational logistics service provider since September 2021.
Ever since the reports regarding the attempt of a man to find his lost luggage became popular on social media, it has garnered a lot of reaction which includes one from the airlines itself. This is the story of how a man “hacked” Indigo’s website to find his lost luggage.
Even though the tech behemoth Samsung asserted that there will be no impact on its operations or customers, there is no denying that hackers had breached source code for the Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
The hacking efforts till now made by the group Anonymous have been described as haphazard, unorganized, and indiscriminate. They have been dealt with a fresh blow as their website was hacked after they declared cyberwar on Russia.
Recent events have shed light on the attempt of Russian hackers to infiltrate the Indian Navy and Air Force exams through the dark web. The Intelligence Department of Delhi Police were the ones who brought the widespread operation to hack into numerous entrance exams and complete them remotely.
We explain here the Bitcoin scam that has rocked the Karnataka BJP government. The political outrage is over a 25-year-old hacker, Srikrishna, who has everyone swirling around his finger with cybercrimes and cryptocurrencies.