During the first meeting of the India-Central Asia joint working group on Afghanistan, India announced that it would send 20,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan via the Iran port.
Ukraine generates 15% of worldwide corn exports, half of global sunflower oil exports, and roughly 10% of global wheat exports, rendering it a key link in the global food chain. Considering the situation, there was no exaggeration when Italy said that there's a world war going on for bread.
A Washington Post report said that low-income Americans are fuming in mile-long food lines after pandemic benefits end, with 63-year-old Danny Blair of Kentucky even saying, "The Government Is Trying To Kill Us Now."
By being neutral during the Ukraine war and continuing trade with Russia, Brazil saved the world from a catastrophic food crisis.
With rising inflation putting pressure on household finances, some low-income Americans have turned to "Dollar Tree Dinners" as their meal of choice.
Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader has ordered pet dogs to be confiscated in the country’s capital. The reason given was that the pooches represent Western “decadence’’. However, pet owners fear they are really being rounded-up to be...
Due to severe disruptions in global food supplies as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the UAE has banned exports of Indian wheat and is working to ensure domestic supply.
Human rights activists assert that North Korea is currently facing a severe food shortage, leading to widespread starvation and fatalities across the country, including its capital, Pyongyang. Starting in...
In the backdrop of the Farmer's Protest (Kissan Andolan), India and UAE have signed an ambitious $7 billion Food Corridor agreement according to which UAE will invest billions of dollars in a food processing complex in India which will...
The shortage of baby formula currently gripping the US started during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, there were reports that families across the country were struggling to find key baby products like diapers, wipes and formula. The shortage was mainly blamed on supply-chain issues – however, some experts pointed out that panic buying was aggravating the situation, too. During the pandemic, it was hardly a surprise that people were stocking up on products they deemed essential.