Doctors Warn Of The ‘Hidden Harms’ Of Bioengineered Foods

Dr. Haider said, adding that the ‘Hidden Harms’ of bioengineered foods include the potential for the food itself to be toxic, cause allergic reactions, or promote antibiotic resistance.

Doctors are alerting customers to potential “hidden harms” in the meals they buy as the number of bioengineered foods and substances on the market increases.

Bioengineered food is defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a consumable good that “contains detectable genetic material that has been modified through certain lab techniques that cannot be created through conventional breeding or found in nature.”

Manufacturers must now label food items with the phrases “bioengineered” or “derived from bioengineering” so that customers will know what they are purchasing, thanks to a new disclosure requirement for bioengineered food that the USDA introduced on Jan. 1, 2022.

Public education is a fantastic place to begin. Dr. Syed Haider is quite concerned about the fact that these bioengineered foods have not been fully vetted.

Dr. Syed Haider in Dallas, Texas, on April 28, 2023.

‘Hidden Harms’

“The possible effects on the human body when bioengineered foods are consumed is unknown,” Dr. Haider said, adding: “The food itself could be toxic. It could cause allergic reactions or promote antibiotic resistance. It could also trigger immunosuppression or cancer, and there’s evidence that all of these are happening.

“The way bioengineering technology for food works,” Dr. Haider simplified, “is you take a gene from some other organism, and you insert it, kind of at random, into the genetic code of the food you want to engineer.”

“The problem,” he said, “is we don’t really understand the way the genetic code of anything works, and we could be changing the way that food grows. It could create new toxins in the food, it could increase toxins that were already present in the food, and it can even increase the amount of external toxins the food soaks up.

“We’re at the infancy of this technology,” he advised. “We’re fiddling around with things that we don’t fully understand, which I think is really scary, especially when you don’t check to see what the ultimate effects are. This is a progression of what’s been going on with the green revolution for decades.”

The present trend of modifying food sources while promoting them to customers as a secure and healthy substitute for the organic foods they are displacing disturbs Dr. Haider.

“There’s a narrative that we’ve all been spoon-fed that this is necessary, that we would starve without this green revolution and genetically modified foods. But it’s not true,” he insisted. “We’re introducing technology into things that never needed it in the first place, and there are a lot of side effects that we’re going to see and hidden harms.”

The American Cancer Society acknowledged that eating foods that have been genetically modified “might create substances that could cause reactions” in allergy sufferers or “result in high levels of compounds that could cause other health effects.”

“However,” it added, “at this time there is no evidence that foods now on the market that contain genetically engineered ingredients or the substances found in them are harmful to human health, or that they would either increase or decrease cancer risk.”

Similar to this, individuals are assured that mRNA vaccinations “are safe” despite the National Library of Medicine acknowledging that there are a “host of multi-systemic side-effects that are being reported by the vaccine recipients,” including “anaphylaxis, antibody-dependent enhancements, and deaths.”

The American Medical Association, National Academy of Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science, World Health Organization, and others are now informing consumers that bioengineered foods or ingredients “are safe.”

Evidence suggests that they are not secure, though.

Dr. Haider mentioned a research (pdf below) in which rats were fed genetically modified potatoes from The Lancet on October 16, 1999.

“There were detrimental changes in their organ development, metabolism, and immune function,” he recalled.

They were attacked, he lamented, and “anyone who publishes something like this will be attacked.”

“Just like with big pharma, there are questions that can’t be asked and research that can’t be done because all of the funding for research in these fields comes from the big companies and the government, and the government is in bed with the companies,” he explained, saying, “There’s a revolving door between the government and these companies.”

Additionally, he is worried about the “ongoing risk” as businesses “continue to modify foods in new ways.” One illustration is the method used to provide mRNA vaccinations to livestock.

“The proponents of all of this will say it’s necessary. But it’s a skewed version of reality that is being put forward by people who stand to benefit, and they won’t allow anyone with another point of view to publish anything,” Dr. Haider contends. “If you even argue against the necessity of it, you’re called out as anti-science.”

According to Dr. Haider, the green movement is to blame for the demand for bioengineered foods.

“Maybe their real agenda is finally coming out, which is depopulation,” he suggested. “I would argue that everything they’ve done so far claiming to improve productivity and yield was actually part of the reason why we’ve been getting sicker and sicker and dying earlier and earlier.

“Food is supposed to keep us healthy,” he said. “But the food that we’ve been eating for the past 50 years has actually been triggering obesity, cancer, immunosuppression, allergic reactions, autoimmunity, and toxicity in all of our organs.”

‘Read the Label’

Rep. Holly Jones (R-Missouri) submitted HB 1169, a two-page measure, on April 19. The measure requires “conspicuously labeling with the words ‘Gene Therapy Product'” producers, distributors, and merchants of items “with the capacity to infect an individual with a disease or to expose an individual to genetically modified material.”

“This goes into bioengineered foods and lab-grown meats,” Ms. Jones added, noting how “they even want to go so far as to have us start eating bugs.”

You could already be eating bugs without realizing it. Insects that are raised for food are referred to as “micro-livestock” or “mini-livestock.”

You could already be eating bugs without realizing it. Insects that are raised for food are referred to as “micro-livestock” or “mini-livestock.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Alpha-Gal Syndrome is linked to vaccine anaphylaxis.

The term “Acheta domesticus” on a label, according to Get Better Wellness’s study from August 2022, refers to crickets. It stated that some were disguising it as ‘Acheta Protein’ and advertising it as a fantastic substitute for animal protein.

However, according to research published in June 2021 by Food Chemistry, eating crickets can be fatal for people who have shellfish allergies.

Consuming crickets comes with the additional risk that they are known to carry a number of infections, including salmonella and E. coli.

In one study, which was published by the National Library of Medicine, the researchers discovered parasites in over 81 percent of the insect farms they looked at; in 30 percent of those instances, the parasites might potentially harm people.

As Ms. Jones noted: “We also know a lot of these bioengineered foods cause cancer.

“With the ignorance on bioengineered foods as well as lab-grown meats, people have no idea what they’re eating,” she explained. “If you read any information on lab-grown meat, it’s absolutely astounding how they can pass this off as a good alternative to the natural food supply the Lord gave us, like livestock, swine, and chickens.”

Ms. Jones finds it fascinating “how many people are falling for it and allowing it.”

“I am bringing that bill back again,” she vowed. “I will be reintroducing it in the next legislative session in January because people deserve to know what’s in their foods, and then they can make an educated decision on whether to eat it.”

People should, she continued, “read the label.”

“Just pick up a can of soup. You can’t even pronounce half those ingredients,” she posited. “They’re putting more and more chemicals into everything we eat. The sicker we are, the more money Big Pharma makes, so they want Americans to be fat, sick, and nearly dead so they can come in with a cure or treatment.”

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