Economic and Industry Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told the press that in order to inform people both at home and abroad about the food's safety, Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida ate radioactive fish from Fukushima waters.
Dr. Haider said, adding that the 'Hidden Harms' of bioengineered foods include the potential for the food itself to be toxic, cause allergic reactions, or promote antibiotic resistance. Doctors...
The United States is a big maker and seller of food, but did you know it's also a major buyer of food from other countries? Because of the weather...
Human rights activists assert that North Korea is currently facing a severe food shortage, leading to widespread starvation and fatalities across the country, including its capital, Pyongyang. Starting in...
With rising inflation putting pressure on household finances, some low-income Americans have turned to "Dollar Tree Dinners" as their meal of choice.
During the first meeting of the India-Central Asia joint working group on Afghanistan, India announced that it would send 20,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan via the Iran port.
A Washington Post report said that low-income Americans are fuming in mile-long food lines after pandemic benefits end, with 63-year-old Danny Blair of Kentucky even saying, "The Government Is Trying To Kill Us Now."
Staple crops and the nations that produce them are essential to ensuring global food security. Here's a map of where exactly our food comes from.
The White House is set to hold the first hunger conference in 50 years. This incident arises while food budgets in the United States are being squeezed by inflation.
Current policies in many parts of the world place a priority on climate change for realizing a green new deal. Meanwhile, such policies will contribute to children dying from severe malnutrition due to broken food systems, with shortages of food and water, stress, anxiety, fear (read below), and dangerous chemical exposure.