According to central bank chief Riad Salameh, Lebanon will adopt a new official exchange rate of 15,000 pounds per US dollar on February 1, which will devalue the currency by 90%.
SAMA is currently researching the market preparedness, potential efficiency, and speed of applications for digital currency payment systems. Saudi Central bank is testing digital currency.
According to reports, the Central Bank of Iran and the Russian government are working together to issue a new stablecoin that is backed by gold to be used in overseas trade.
The data from the Ipsos Global Advisor Predictions polls from 2019–2023 suggest that the global stock markets might crash in 2023, as the majority of the respondents from all around the world said that the likelihood of a worldwide stock market meltdown in 2023 was higher than it was lower.
The news organisations, which include the AP, Bloomberg, CNBC, WSJ publisher Dow Jones, the Financial Times, Insider, and WaPo, as well as a separate request from the New York Times, have requested that the people who guaranteed Bankman-Fried's $250 million bond to be revealed.
The world's largest supplier of crude oil, Saudi Arabia, is open to negotiating non-dollar oil trade settlements, according to Mohammed Al-Jadaan, the Saudi finance minister, in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Tuesday in Davos.
The infographic below shows the security features of the American dollar and how to distinguish the real from counterfeit ones.
The use of the US dollar by President Joe Biden to impose sanctions on Russia this year and new technical advancements all encourage countries to start undermining its hegemony and suddenly hunting for alternatives to the US dollar.
During the trial on Monday, the Trump Organization was found guilty of tax fraud, with the Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, saying that they passed off holiday bonuses as consulting fees.
The median net worth of the top 10 billionaires increased by almost triple during the course of a decade, from $39 billion to $115 billion. These are the world's richest billionaires over the past 10 years.