For what it’s worth, Jeff looks like a nice guy. I’m even willing to bet that Jeff wakes up everyday and tries his best to do his job, despite his shortcomings and lack of credentials to do so.
When both sources are anonymous, the AP, according to Mediaite, requires two sources for confirmation. Now, AP has fired a reporter who risked triggering WWIII with Polish missile misinformation.
Yesterday, September 1, 2022, The New York Times had a front page story entitled: “The Pandemic Erased Two Decades of Progress in Math and Reading.”
Global Butterflies, a transgender lobbying organization, developed a campaign in which BBC journalists were instructed to further the LGBT cause by using their power. Now the BBC is instructing journalists to use their political influence to push the transgender ideology.
It is simple: if you consistently mislead people, they will eventually disregard you. But the mainstream media are learning it the hard way, as a new Reuters survey finds that trust in mainstream news is rapidly declining.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the Indian news outlet The Print of peddling fake news on India-Russia Summit. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that, "The Print attempt to create a sensation from nothing failed and looked...