I’m Not Dead – George Soros

Following rumors of his death due to a heart attack, George Soros announced via his official Twitter account, “I’m not dead.”

Billionaire investor and liberal philanthropist George Soros announced on Monday that he is “alive and healthy,” after rumors that he had died of a heart attack spread on social media. 

“Rumors that I had a heart attack are completely false,” Soros announced via his official Twitter account, adding “I am alive and healthy.”

‘George Soros dead’ had been trending on Twitter since Sunday. The rumor was apparently kicked off that afternoon by an Irish right-wing activist, who announced that “George Soros has died of a violent heart attack,” attributing the news to a handle called ‘Politics For All Ireland’. 

The account has less than 1,500 followers, and for the last two years has sporadically tweeted anti-immigration and anti-lockdown messages, as well as a series of posts last December announcing that Santa Claus’ sleigh had crashed in Ireland, leaving Saint Nick “in critical condition.”

China has reported its first arrest related to the creation of fake news using ChatGPT.

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