Did Russia Test Hypersonic Missile Off California Coast

Two US defense officials have confirmed that the claim of Russia testing a hypersonic missile off the California coast is false and merely propaganda.

Did Russia Test Hypersonic Missile Off California Coast 1

A lot of people on X have been speculating that there may have been a Russian Navy hypersonic missile test off the coast of Southern California, based on what they believe to be a NOTAM, or aviation alert to airmen. However, that’s not the case. The War Zone claims that the NOTAM was indeed issued in case a Russian space rocket sank in the Pacific.

Let’s start with the false propaganda on X regarding the potential dangers posed by Russian missile launches near the coast of California. Over a million people have viewed these posts combined.

Concurrently, TWZ was informed by two US defense officials that the NOTAM remains in effect until May 26 due to the reappearance of a “Russian space launch booster.”

Regarding the hype on social media, the officials clarified, “It is not for a launch or a military exercise.”

Did Russia Test Hypersonic Missile Off California Coast 2

This week worries about the Russians in the Pacific first arose in a NOTAM issued on May 13 warning pilots to stay clear of a wide area of airspace between May 16 and May 26 “for Russian Federation impact area by at least 50 nautical miles.”

“This notice is for all aircraft transiting from Hawaii to North America and North America to Hawaii. The following restrictions are due to the Russian Federation rocket firing impact area,” the NOTAM read, which sparked mass confusion.

It was unclear to US defense authorities which Russian rocket booster would explode in the Pacific. However, a Soyuz-2.1b rocket fitted with satellites launched on Friday, according to a report released earlier today by the Russian media agency TASS.

As reported by GreatGameIndia, according to the state-run TASS, the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy has confirmed that Russian warships have entered the Red Sea following isolated incidents of Chinese and Russian vessels being attacked by Houthis.

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