Many of the top behemoths operate many platforms and content streams, which in turn helped them to rise into the top 20 internet giants that currently rule the web.
Chinese telecom company Hytera has been charged with stealing Motorola’s trade secrets. The indictment contains 21 allegations stating that Hytera and former Motorola employees stole intellectual and trade secrets.
A criminal case trial against Credit Suisse for cocaine trafficking has begun in Switzerland. Despite strong indications that the funds were of criminal origin, a former Credit Suisse official carried out conducting transactions for the ring.
Mark Zuckerberg could face jail time under a new law. The Labour Party has called for tougher penalties against senior tech executives.
Tata Steel is set to face a criminal probe in Netherlands over the release of ‘hazardous’ pollutants. Tata said it will comply with the prosecutor's office and is looking forward to the investigation's findings.
The CCI has imposed a ₹1,788 crore penalty on Apollo, MRF and other tyre manufacturers. An appeal against the CCI ruling was lodged with the Madras High Court, but it was denied on January 6th of this year.