McDonald’s Unveils Automated Restaurant In Texas With No Human Contact

For several years, fast-food chains have explored robotics. Now, McDonald’s unveils an automated restaurant in Texas with no human contact.

McDonald's Unveils Automated Restaurant In Texas With No Human Contact

McDonald’s drive toward automation has been exacerbated by rising labor expenses and inflation. This month, the fast food chain opened its first concept restaurant in Forth Worth, Texas, without any staff members.

The business declared in a press statement, “There’s never been a McDonald’s restaurant quite like this before.”

It has automated ordering kiosks, no cashiers, and automated devices serve orders to consumers, either via the drive-thru or inside. The kitchen was the only thing that McDonald’s did not automate.

Video of the novel restaurant concept was uploaded by food blogger “foodiemunster”.

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For several years, fast-food chains have explored robotics. Restaurants’ profit margins are being squeezed by inflation, which is driving businesses to think about automation to reduce labor costs.

Over time, robotics’ price has come down, enabling businesses to invest more widely in the field.

Low-wage, low-skilled labor will be automated in an effort to reduce costs and will eventually result in the loss of millions of jobs this decade.

Other food chains making robotics investments include Jack in the Box, White Castle, Wing Zone, and Chipotle.

This isn’t the only field that is being automated. Landlord automation does not merely assist wealthy investment businesses in owning an increasing number of the small homes in the U.S. at a time when rising home prices are discouraging more people from considering homeownership—it actually makes the entire paradigm viable. Here is how robot landlords are buying up the houses.

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