Thursday, May 30, 2024
In an interview with the New York Times, the 'Godfather Of AI' Geoffrey Hinton announced his resignation from Google and spoke about the “dangers” of artificial intelligence. He said that chatbots may become 'more intelligent than us'.
Researchers from the University of Georgia have just used AI to discover a new planet outside our solar system.
Drake and The Weeknd have a claim under conventional copyright law given that the in question song is not something the artists ever composed or sang, as highlighted by AI Copyright In Focus After Platforms Pull "Fake Drake" Song.
Ian Hogarth, a mega-investor in AI, said that a Machine Learning researcher he knew warned him that AI is becoming like a god.
In a YouTube video, the anonymous owner of the Chaos-GPT project demonstrated that they had programmed it with parameters that make it a "destructive, power-hungry, manipulative AI" and a tool that aims to bring about the destruction of humanity.
Joe Rogan has issued a warning after an AI-generated version of his podcast surfaced, created by content creator Farzad Mesbahi.
The Kuwait Times has introduced the first AI news anchor in Kuwait named "Fedha." Abdullah Boftain, the deputy editor in chief for both outlets, stated that this is a test for new and innovative content.
AI artist Gokul Pillai shared images on Instagram imagining how the world's wealthiest would look if they were poor.
Artist Jyo John Mulloor used the AI image generator Midjournery to create historical images depicting the construction of the Taj Mahal, which he shared on Instagram.
ChaosGPT uses a new, buzzy project called Auto-GPT, which is intended to create AI-powered systems that can solve problems and perform complex tasks, Someone Asked An Autonomous AI To 'Destroy Humanity': This Is What Happened.