An AI program called NightCafe Creator predicted what nuclear war would look like with attacks on London, Moscow, and Washington in several bleak images.
ChatGPT has been restricted in New York City due to "safety and accuracy" worries. Schools now fully fear an AI takeover with ChatGPT.
The first AI court trial will take place in February, with the app protecting particular dates and locations. AI is set to defend a human in court for first time ever.
Artificial intelligence has long been a popular theme in movies, with filmmakers using it to explore a wide range of ideas and possibilities. From advanced robots and computer systems to virtual assistants and sentient beings, AI has played a central role in many of the greatest movies of all time. In this article, we will count down the 99 best AI movies of all time, exploring how each one uses the theme of AI to tell its story and raise important questions about the nature of intelligence, consciousness, and the future of humanity.
According to the Wall Street Journal, ChatGPT creator Sam Altman is in investor talks at a $29 billion valuation with venture capital companies Thrive Capital and Founders Fund, which are in discussions to invest in the deal.
AI-produced artwork has conjured up criticism because some platforms now let users sell their creations. Here's how AI predicts what face of God could look like.
Unlike eaten pills or injected liquids, which have a time delay, the tiny robot could withhold a dose of medicine and then administer it as soon as it reaches its target. Scientists have now developed gelatinous robots to crawl through human body to deliver medicines.
In the long term, technology can either benefit or hurt humanity. AI machines could ‘control humans’ and make decisions for us if we don’t act now, experts warn.
Artificial intelligence may speed up the process of invention while cutting expenses and increasing the technical breadth of discoveries. Can machines even invent new things without human help? Yes, they already have.
One of the greatest puzzles in existence is the nature of our reality. An expert proposes a method for telling if we all live in a computer program.