What Careers To Choose In The Era Of ChatGPT-like AI? Elon Musk Answers

In an interaction on Twitter Spaces with CNBC reporter David Faber, Elon Musk was asked what careers to choose in the era of ChatGPT-like AI, and he advised people to pursue their passions and interests.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared his perspective on advising young individuals about career choices in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). During an interaction on Twitter Spaces with CNBC reporter David Faber, Musk was quizzed about career options that he would suggest to his own children. Musk admittedly said that it is a tough question to answer, despite being at the frontlines of the fast-paced tech world.

Musk responded by encouraging individuals, including his own children, to pursue their passions and interests when considering career paths. He emphasized the importance of finding fulfillment in the work one chooses and striving to be as useful as possible to society. While acknowledging the potential scenario where AI surpasses human capabilities in various professions, Musk underscored the significance of seeking meaning beyond mere job performance.

Furthermore, Musk contemplated the existential aspect of finding purpose and fulfillment in a world where AI might outperform humans in their respective fields. He admitted that pondering this too intensely could be dispiriting and demotivating. Reflecting on the dedication and sacrifices he made to build his companies, Musk questioned the value of his efforts in the face of rapidly advancing AI technology. However, he stressed the need for deliberate suspension of disbelief to maintain motivation and drive.

The cybersecurity experts at Imperva claim that AI-powered bots are taking over the internet and mimicking human behavior.

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