What 10 American Cities Will Look Like In 2050, Predicted By AI

DailyMail.com enlisted the image-generator AI, Midjourney, to predict what 10 American cities will look like in 2050. The AI produced a series of images showcasing a promising and vibrant future.

According to AI, the future is bright.

DailyMail.com asked the image-generator Midjourney to imagine what 10 American cities will look like in 2050 using prompts from leading experts in ‘smart city’ developments.

The prompts focused on how overcrowding, climate change and technological development are likely to change the cities of the future.

The amazing results show many of the concrete jungles adorned with lush vegetation sprouting from sci-fi-looking hi-rises that winged vehicles soar around in bright blue skies. 

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New York City: The cities of the future will be greener places, with vertical farms producing food (Midjourney)
Houston: Vehicles on the road will be autonomous, and greenery will be everywhere (Midjourney)

By 2050, almost three-quarters of the world population (68 percent) will live in cities, according to a UN prediction. 

While it might sound bleak, technology could turn congested regions into lush utopias. 

The cities of the future will use technology to improve quality of life, efficiency and sustainability, said Chris Dymond, Director of the International Smart Cities Management Program at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology in Barcelona.

Dymond said that travel will be unrecognizable from today’s polluted streets – as hybrid working and autonomous driving reshape the roads.

He said, ‘People will likely travel less, as remote working and telepresence become ever more sophisticated and latency-free. 

‘When they do travel they will have many more modes of transport to choose from, including being driven or flown autonomously and on-demand.

Dymond believes that buildings will also be reshaped to become more energy efficient, with every opportunity taken to recover wasted energy.

Cities will also be greener, with vegetables and fruit grown locally, Dymond said.

Washington: The cities of the future will be greener and ruled by benevolent AI (Midjourney)
Philadelphia: Autonomous flying cars will allow city dwellers to take off and fly to their destinations (Midjourney) 
San Francisco: Vertical farms will reshape the cities of the future
Chicago: Solar arrays and energy-efficient ways of living will change the cities of the future (Midjourney)
Seattle: The cars on the road will be autonomous, feeding data back to city leaders (Midjourney)
Los Angeles: Greenery will be everywhere in the cities of the future (Midjourney)
Boston: Cities of the future will be reshaped by robotics and green energy (Midjourney)
San Diego: In the future, cities will be reshaped by solar power and robotic vehicles (Midjourney)

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