The outbreak of COVID-19 has not only floored all domestic and international airline operations in India for the time being, but has also put in jeopardy the safety of flight operations upon resumption of services. The validity of India’s...
Due to not registering in the national digital identity database (NIN) Nigeria has blocked a total of 73 million mobile phones, which has prevented them from making outgoing calls.
Working a regular job is out of the question for the 1.2 million participants of the social program Empower Work. Let's take a look at what led to Argentina’s government collapse, as people just refused to work.
Shocking images show streets of the once world famous city of Paris filled with garbage. The hashtag 'Saccage Paris' meaning 'Trash Paris' trended online over the weekend as angry residents slammed the mayor for allowing Paris to become a garbage dump and hit out at the regime. The movement expressed their frustration with Ms Hidalgo’s "abandonment of the city."
Kerala's Idukki Dam water level has risen over 2390 feet as authorities have issued Blue Alert.
The Supreme Court of India has issued a notice to Assam state coordinator for deleting names from the final NRC list.
A controversial Chinese firm has sued Indian Railways for terminating a Rs 471 crore World Bank funded project. The move is in retaliation to Indian Railways canceling the construction contract of a Chinese company for a signalling and telecommunication project...
SHADOW - a mobile app that was created to manage voter data so Democrats could close the digital gap with President Trump has instead sown chaos during the Iowa caucuses. Organizers of the local meetings were supposed to use the app created...
Gun permits and carry licenses have always been a contentious issue inside the US. Here's a list of US states that allow the permitless carry of guns.
According to a news release issued on Friday by the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, the superintendent announced retirement plans and the entire police department has been suspended.