Bill Gates, Dr Fauci And Big Pharma Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity In Complaint To International Court

Activists are charging UK officials and the world’s most powerful health figures like Bill Gates and Dr Fauci with crimes against humanity and genocide, citing a range of statistics on the effects of COVID “vaccines” and policies.

Bill Gates, Dr Fauci And Big Pharma Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity In Complaint To International Court

One group including Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer, filed a complaint (read below) representing British citizens in the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the likes of Boris Johnson and British officials, Bill and Melinda Gates, directors of large pharmaceutical companies, World Economic Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab, and others charging them with crimes against humanity.

The group based in the UK, which includes an astrophysicist and a funeral director amongst their ranks, also charged Dr. Anthony Fauci; Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO); June Raine, chief executive of Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory agency (MHRA); Dr. Radiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation; and Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, as “responsible for numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code … war crimes and crimes of aggression” in the UK and several other countries.

After repeating their unsuccessful attempt to bring their case to a UK court, the petitioners started calling with “the utmost urgency” for the ICC “to stop the rollout of COVID vaccinations, introduction of unlawful vaccination passports and all other types of illegal warfare … being waged against the people of the UK.”

Among the group’s complaint filed on the 6th of December, they provide evidence that the “vaccines” were in fact nothing but gene therapies that were a product of engineering with gain-of-function research from bat coronaviruses. They further argued that these “vaccines” have resulted in widespread death and injury, but the UK government had failed in investigating these cases of reported deaths and injuries.

Several other arguments made by them included the claim that the COVID statistics including the death numbers were inflated; the face masks posed several risks such as hypoxia, hypercapnia and other causes; and that the PCR tests were “completely unreliable” and “contain carcinogenic ethylene oxide.”

Additionally, they argued that effective treatments for Covid-19 including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were suppressed and resulted in more COVID-19 mortality than there should have been.

They claim the lockdowns were created on the pretext of artificially inflated infections and deaths from a genetically engineered virus, as well as experimental “vaccines” that led to the following results:

Serious short-term injuries and deaths with at least 395,049 extreme side effects reported from COVID “vaccines” in the UK alone; sharp increase in calls into ChildLine from vulnerable children during lockdowns; “destruction of wealth and businesses” through imposed lockdowns;” “severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law,” which contained travel bans and bans on gathering, and compelled quarantine and self-isolation; the segregation akin to apartheid due to implementation of the vaccine passport system; and “expected reduction in fertility” post “vaccination,” amongst various other detrimental physical and psychological effects.

Additionally, the applicants are adamant on their claim that “the suppression of safe and effective alternative treatments for Covid-19 amounts to murder and warrants a full investigation by the court.”

They found that in addition to censoring and promoting information about these alternative treatments on the internet, “some academic journals are blocking the publication of studies showing the effectiveness of drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.”

Applicants also cited quotes from Holocaust survivors who portray “stark parallels between Covid restrictions and the beginning of the Holocaust.” In an open letter addressed to the medical regulatory authorities, the survivors of Holocaust have asked them to “stop this ungodly medical experiment on humankind immediately,” which they assert is in the violation of the Nuremberg Code.

They even claim that “another holocaust of greater magnitude is taking place before our eyes.” One of the survivors, Vera Sharav, said in an interview mentioned in the complaint:

“The stark lesson of the Holocaust is that whenever doctors join forces with government and deviate from their personal, professional, clinical commitment to do no harm to the individual, medicine can then be perverted from a healing, humanitarian profession to a murderous apparatus.”

“What sets the Holocaust apart from all other mass genocides is the pivotal role played by the medical establishment, the entire medical establishment. Every step of the murderous process was endorsed by the academic, professional medical establishment. Medical doctors and prestigious medical societies and institutions lent the veneer of legitimacy to infanticide, mass murder of civilians.”

According to the complaining applicants, all harmful effects of “vaccines”, quarantines and viruses meet the criteria of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes against the British people, because of the perpetrators “members of the UK government and world leaders have both knowledge and intent with respect to these alleged crimes.”

They even argue that the destructive effects of “vaccines”, shutdowns, and engineered viruses are deliberate attempts to reduce population and destabilize social stability as part of a coordinated global program to consolidate wealth and power in the hands of the very few and fortunate.

They proceed to engage in the debate that these acts are therefore a “crime of aggression”, which is, an attempt “effectively to exercise control over or to direct the political or military action of a State.” In this case, they claim, the goal is to “dismantl[e] all the Democratic Nation States, step by step,” and to “destroy small and medium sized businesses, moving the market shares to the largest corporations,” held by the ultra-rich, so as to give this specific “elite” group considerably greater monetary and political control.

Read the court complaint below:

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  1. The court complaint is marked: Invalid PDF structure … and will not open.
    I pray that the peoples of the world will join in this push back, and stop the “culling” of mankind everywhere.

  2. I would share this but your terminology “they even argue” makes it sound like you disagree.
    Change this negative connotation and I will happily share this fantastic and MUCH NEEDED good news.
    I have already shared it from another source.
    I would like to share it from yourselves too.
    Respectfully, J.Geritz.

  3. The inner circle working with the foot soldiers of outer circle like Fauci and Gates was written in 1971 R&D report from Victor Rothschild to Margret Thatcher as ” reforms.

    there was/ is to be private/ government contracts with customers/clients paying for R&Dresearch with a main scientific ADVISOR. “the strength of these conclusions, Rothschild recommended
    the establishment of a customer function for R&D in Departments
    to be supported by a Chief Scientist (II.10) to help customers
    (policymakers) decide on R&D programmes and their funding, and
    approve capital expenditure related to research (II.9).9 Crucially, he
    preferred the title of Chief Scientist “to that of Chief Scientific
    Adviser because he must be closely associated with the decisions in
    paragraph …. [II]9 … ”, that is, the Chief Scientist’s role was to be
    primarily that of an adviser on research commissioning.
    This is the nearest Rothschild comes to referring to the policy
    advisory roles of scientists in Government.”

    One patent from Charles lieber Harvard indicted professor working with wuhan virology lab and funded by Fauci NIH is patent # 7858965

    which sates in patent : with a ballistic transport attributes can fire killer viruses out of nano- canon dust infested or injected into your body [ funded by DARPA, Army and Navy].

    This bioweapon created by Charles Lieber and grant money from Fauci for the military complex to be experimented on humans is against All moral ,ethical codes of scientific method and Faucis wide is on the ethical board…..we will see no progress in correcting this hairball of corruption, deceit and profit sharing Gordon knot.

  4. Fauci wife needs to be looked into as well since set guidelines for NHI ( conflictvof interest).

    “Then again, in 2012, she penned an article reflecting on her time in the field, and predicting what life could look like in the year 2021, painting a picture that eerily mirrors the current calls for health records to be digitized and utilized in the form of vaccine passports: “In 2021, most people in the U.S. have had their whole genome sequenced by their health care provider as a routine part of care and have access to their own sequence data stored in the cloud. Each person can decide whether or not and how she wants to share her sequence data with researchers through a menu of research studies publicly listed on a smart phone application.”

    Grady also predicted the manner in which bioethicists and health ministers could become influential in the years around 2021, responsible for coordinating global health policy: “By 2021, international collaborators from around the globe, who had been committed to working together as partners to design and conduct research of high ethical and scientific quality research, were now collaborating on other issues of importance to global health and global justice. Bioethicists serve as clinical and research consultants, members of oversight committees and policy bodies.”

    Another paper alluded to radical experiments on fetal therapy trials, under a “new ethical framework.” Considering only “biomedical benefits” in fetal therapy was not enough, co-wrote Grady. Under the new framework for such a medical field, “Studies that meet this overall proportionality criterion but have mildly unfavorable risk–benefit ratios for pregnant women and/or fetuses may be acceptable.”

  5. Dr. Grady has had a strong international voice in human subjects protections, and under her leadership, the Department of Bioethics will continue its important, world-class work,” said Clinical Center Director John I. Gallin, M.D.

    **** subject protection?????
    failing in ethics and moral codes …but husband highest paid snake oil sales man and compulsive liar,…..

  6. Reply to Tonya, If all the people of the world will pray and put their Emotions “Energy in Motion” to take down this Evil we will see these Monsters locked up very very soon.

  7. US government activity is completely illegal. This is an unelected illegitmate entity acting against its people. Their illicit activities have been exposed and they are crimes against humanity. Big pharma and big Healthcare are complicit in the killings and mass sterilization. Big media is driving the lies, disinformation, and censorship. These groups, all involved, need to be wiped from the planet. There will be violence as these people will not stop what they are doing. The legal system is corrupt and the laws are meaningless without enforcement.
    That means these entities will continue to operate uninhibited. When have you had enough and what are we going to do about? We need a plan of action. Any ideas?

  8. No doubt these clowns are guilty of crimes against humanity. That said – the ICC is most likely filled with Globalists that will throw out the case. We will NEVER get justice in this world if we do NOTHING!

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  10. Tonya Maxwell That is because greatgameindia doesn’t like to share any information that can actually be used. They also refuse to link to actual sources, but instead only link to “Other” greatgameindia articles. It really blows.

    If you scroll down slightly you will see this line:

    “The news of the legal complaint has come at a good time for many (source).”

    Click on the word “source” and the pdf will pop up immediatley to be downloaded. cheers !!

  11. These people are trying to kill YOU and the majority of the worlds population and you want to see them tried in court and put in jail?.. That’ll stop them!!. Maybe you can make a cardboard sign and protest in front of their homes. Mussolini was a great guy too, just a little misunderstood… He should have only gotten probation.. Unreal…

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  13. Oxidado Blanco Ok, how about convicted in an international tribunal, then gutted like pigs so the peasants can play in their entrails ? That primitive enough for you ? lol. I’d settle for somewhere in between that involved painful agonizing death though.

  14. Justice Wins You DO realize that the ICC has no teeth, yes ??? They can determine whatever they want, but it seems that IF the perp isn’t African, nothing comes of it

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  16. According to the Nuremberg Code, the death penalty usually follows when one is found guilty of crimes against humanity. I wonder if the ICC will ensure death penalties for Tony Fauci and Bill Gates. Though these people are real monsters, they maimed and killed millions upon millions of people.

  17. What did you try to open it with? Do not use a Microsoft based web browser or any other Cabal owned browser like Chrome. Bets to use open source programs these days or you are not getting the factual information. I advise everyone to get rid of Windows operating system and use a Linux Operating systems only at this point in time, Everything corporate owned is controlled. is a good Linux system for new users and it’s got a similar menu system as windows does so it’s easy to navigate.

  18. English is not their first and native language. GreatGameIndia “India”
    For much of the world English is not their first language.
    That’s a pretty lame excuse to not share a news article to be honest.

  19. lol go back to the Pedo run CNN and the MSM that have lied to you for decades. Why are you even here if that is your feeling?

  20. Why are you wasting your time depending on your monthly salary when you can work staying at home just with your PC and mobile phone you can earn up to $4000 within 3 days
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  21. Who are you talking to?
    If it is Jacqueline Geritz (myself) I am in the UK.
    I do not watch the Clinton News Network nor the state controlled corporate owned muck media.
    I have ALREADY SHARED this information from other sources.
    The facts are being dismissed as merely far fetched “claims” by far too many people already.
    I have politely asked the admin to change the negative terminology.
    “They ascertain” would be far more more effectual and TRUTHFUL.
    There is nothing lame about that.

  22. I went to the ICC website and did not see anything of the sorts filed. I believe justice will come, but I just didn’t see anything filed at the moment, and a lot of websites are saying this is illegitimate. I wonder how often the ICC updates their site for cases??? I do believe all the people named though are guilty of these crimes.

  23. I’m curious, what are your sources? I’m not seeing the case on ICC website filed under cases, preliminary examinations, or investigations. The names don’t even come up when searching under defendants. Maybe the site hasn’t updated their cases yet, but if this was filed Dec. 6th, it’s been almost a month. I ask because when I share something, I want solid evidence not just some articles on a webpage. Thx so much!!

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