The Biden-Du Pont Nexus: From A Prestigious Golf Club To A Controversial Child Rape Plea Deal

The Biden and Du Pont families have a nexus that started with Biden having a membership at the Prestigious Golf Club, which shows a close relationship and might have helped during the controversial child rape plea deal.

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A fascinating article in the Washington Post on Thursday explored a little-known relationship between the Bidens and the du Pont family, which is related to a 2001 case in which then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) was elected as a notable new member of a prestigious golf club in Wilmington, Delaware, which was founded by a du Pont heiress. This comes as the media turns its attention to President Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

In that year, Biden—well-known for his “Middle-Class Joe” persona and humble means—became a member of the prestigious Fieldstone Golf Club, a symbol of authority and grandeur. With this maneuver, a contrasting image was presented—that of a working-class politician mingling with the wealthiest family in the state, known for their chemical manufacturing empire.

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At the time, Biden walked a delicate line. On one hand, he campaigned as an Amtrak-riding “Middle-Class Joe” striving to make ends meet, and accurately described himself as “one of the poorest members of Congress” — reporting $221,000 in combined income with his wife that year and $360 in charitable contributions. -WaPo

Biden’s relationship with the du Ponts went beyond social exchanges. His own real estate holdings, political alliances, and hiring decisions all demonstrated a close bond with this powerful family. This connection is further shown by his purchase of a home constructed by a member of the du Pont family.

However, in 2007, Biden’s admission to the Fieldstone Golf Club sparked curiosity and resulted in a brief FBI probe. The question was how Biden got into the club, particularly since it used an “unused” ticket from a business that belonged to the club’s founder and eschewed paying a sizable partnership fee. After taking pictures of Biden’s personal locker at the club, the FBI’s investigation came to an end without any accusations of misconduct. It’s unclear if Biden was ever made aware of the FBI probe.

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The entrance to Fieldstone Golf Club in Greenville, Del. (Rachel Wisniewski for The Washington Post)

“These bizarre suggestions from more than 20 years ago are confusing given the fact that the Post is reporting that President Biden was fully responsible for membership dues at the golf club and all out-of-pocket costs associated with it,” the White House responded to a query from the Post. To be honest, it appears from the Post’s own reporting that this purported issue was resolved 15 years ago without any misconduct being discovered. We may have some ideas if you’d like to delve further into the question of who finances a president’s golfing hobbies.”

Marco Polo, who has been looking into the Biden family for years, revealed that a naked selfie of Joe Biden’s younger brother, Frank Biden, has surfaced on a gay porn website.

However, this account illustrates the fine line Biden walked between his private dealings with Delaware’s upper class and his public persona as a sympathetic politician. Biden attempted to be included in the state’s upper echelons while preserving his reputation as a champion of middle-class issues; his affiliation with the du Ponts and his membership at Fieldstone serve as prime examples of this.

For someone raised in Delaware with Biden’s blue-collar background, “it would be quite an accomplishment” to rise into the same social circles as the du Ponts, said Joseph Hurley, a Wilmington attorney who grew up with Biden and represented Moseley.

It’s like, ‘I’ve really arrived,’ because the du Ponts were the family, the king’s-family type thing,” he said. -WaPo

In his memoir, Biden mentioned the du Pont family’s lengthy history in Delaware, stating that his father relocated the family from Scranton, Pennsylvania to a suburb of Wilmington. This move helped to stabilize the family’s finances because of the large number of well-paid DuPont workers.

“DuPont meant security for today and better times for the future,” Biden wrote.

Years later, Biden recalled that his mother urged him to value his heritage with as much pride as the state’s best-known family. “Like I’m a du Pont or something,” Biden recalled. “You’re a Biden. Nobody is better than you, and everybody’s equal to you,” his mother told him.

Still, he envied the position and power of those who founded the DuPont company.

Elected to the Senate in 1972, he served in Congress alongside Rep. Pierre “Pete” du Pont IV, who later became Delaware’s governor and ran for president. Biden’s close adviser and Senate chief of staff, Ted Kaufman, had worked for DuPont as a plastics engineer.

In 1974, Biden spent $185,000 to buy what he called a “gorgeous … enormous” mansion built six decades earlier by a du Pont family member in Greenville, Del. The home, which he named “the Station,” served as a base for Biden’s unsuccessful 1988 presidential campaign; he sold it for $1.2 million in 1996 and then bought a four-acre lakefront property in Greenville. -WaPo

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The former du Pont mansion previously owned by the Bidens

This membership, which strengthens the Biden-du Pont relationship, raises concerns about possible impacts and reciprocal favors among these privileged circles.

Specifically, it would be fitting to reexamine a contentious 2009 plea agreement made by then-Attorney General Beau Biden to a du Pont heir who was charged with raping his own infant daughter. Richards was first accused of two counts of second-degree rape, each of which was punishable by at least 20 years in prison. Rather, he entered a guilty plea to fourth-degree rape in 2008, a charge that does not require a minimum sentence.

Robert H. Richards IV, the heir to the du Pont family, who had admitted to raping his 3-year-old daughter in the fourth degree, was presented with the offer. His decision to avoid jail time caused a stir in the public and drew attention from observers. In 2014, Beau Biden defended the ruling by pointing out the case’s flaws and the likelihood of losing at trial. However, because of the du Pont family’s past, these arguments were viewed with suspicion.

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Convicted rapist and du Pont heir Robert H. Richards IV (L), Beau Biden

The plea agreement’s indulgence of a member of a powerful and affluent family stands in stark contrast to the usual severity of punishments imposed on less fortunate offenders. This discrepancy suggests that the legal system may be biased as a result of social class and personal relationships.

The connection between the Bidens and the du Ponts—created years prior by Joe Biden’s participation in a golf club—indicates a story of reciprocal advantages and tacit agreements among Delaware’s upper class. The timing and setting of these ties suggest that strong families have common places and intersecting interests, even though there is no proof of a connection.

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