Naked Selfie of Joe Biden’s Younger Brother Frank Biden Surfaces On Gay Porn Website

Marco Polo, who has been looking into the Biden family for years, revealed that a naked selfie of Joe Biden’s younger brother, Frank Biden, has surfaced on a gay porn website.

Five years ago, a naked selfie of Frank Biden was found on the gay porn website

The website where the image was discovered,, is a gay dating service. The site stands out for its wide selection of naked male selfies. According to the website’s privacy statement,, a homosexual porn blog, is the site’s owner.

When Frank was 64 years old and the photo was uploaded, it was in 2018.

A charity organization called Marco Polo, which has been looking into the Biden family for years and checking them out for political offenses and crimes, revealed the photo.

“The brother of the US president, [Frank Biden], shown below, is such an illustrious & talented businessman that Costa Rica & other sovereign nations seek this guy’s counsel & insights. He’s almost as revered as his nephew (Hunter Biden), whose pre-veneers grill is featured in the photo,” Marco Polo wrote on X.

When challenged by Daily Mail, Frank Biden, who is now 69, acknowledged that he was the person in the picture. He denied actively taking part in the image’s upload, nevertheless.

He insisted on his innocence and conjectured that the security of his phone had been compromised, suggesting that the picture might have been hacked and posted without his permission.

“I’ve absolutely no comment. I could care less. I haven’t even looked at it,” Frank told the media outlet Monday morning.

“They must have hacked my phone,” he claimed.

“Anything that is a revealing picture of some kind is between Mindy and me. “I really don’t want to start my day off this way,” said Frank. “Definitely didn’t post it anywhere.”

More from Daily Mail:

A naked picture of the President’s brother circulating online could raise the prospect of blackmail of the First Family – a potent national security threat. There is no evidence that any person or group has attempted to use the shot against the Biden administration.

Site metadata and a watermark on the photo says it was posted on May 23, 2018 – around the same time Frank’s nephew Hunter Biden was also photographing himself naked at the Chateau Marmont with M&Ms lined up along his penis, pictures from the First Son’s abandoned laptop reveal.

In Frank’s naked selfie, he appears to be wearing only a baseball cap and glasses, as he poses in front of a bathroom mirror. A toilet with the seat up can be seen behind him.

Appreciative comments on the picture include: ‘Daddy take me away!’, ‘a hot dilf’, and ‘Make me your b***h, Daddy!’

Photos are generally submitted to the website by users. Many of the photos are not submitted by the men in the pictures, and it may not have been Frank himself who submitted the revealing selfie.

Who is Francis Biden?

Photo: Berman Law Group

According to Berman Law Group, “Mr. Biden worked in the Clinton Administration as a Director of Legislative and Congressional Affairs and was involved in the election campaigns of his brother, Joe Biden, and nephew, Joseph R. Biden III, as an advisor and unpaid campaign coordinator over many years. For the past several years, Mr. Biden served as the Director of a major philanthropy in Central America providing pediatric AIDS relief, building homes, and providing scholarships for the poorest of the poor. He has been a Member of the Board of Advisors at EXO U Inc since August 2014.”

He moved into a home owned by Mindy Ward’s parents in Atlantis, Florida, with his partner, a former Hooters waitress who is now an American Airlines flight attendant.

Contrary to what the Biden family would have you believe, they are anything but the traditional, hard-working American family.

Hunter Biden, his nephew, was also involved in heinous activities, so it wasn’t only Frank Biden. He videotaped and photographed prostitutes, and publicized and promoted these actions on the porn website PornHub, as exclusively reported by The Gateway Pundit in 2020. This information was later corroborated by the Daily Mail.

10,000 Hunter Biden laptop photos have been leaked and are available on, a website created by former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler.

Because the images and videos on the account are also on the recently discovered Hunter Biden laptop, The Gateway Pundit was able to validate this account with Hunter. On PornHub, there are photos of two ladies standing on top of Hunter, and these same photos were found on his laptop.

TGP connected a different image from his laptop with a different image from his home page. This story is not fabricated. This is according to Hunter:

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