American Governors Sign Laws To Ban Vaccine Passports & Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

Governors from many American states are now framing a legal structure and are signing laws to ban Vaccine Passports and mandatory COVID-19 vaccination. Governors from Wyoming, South Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas have issued executive orders to prohibit Covid-19 Vaccine Passports, while North Dakota, South Carolina, Arkansas and Utah have passed bills into law to prohibit Vaccine Passport.

American Governors Sign Laws Banning Vaccine Passports

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the bills into law. They are joining other states that do not support Covid-19 Vaccine Passports at the state level.

On May 24, Ivey signed Senate Bill 267 (read below) into law. On May 20, Reynolds signed House File 889 into law.

“Since the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, both Dr. Harris [the state health officer] and I have said that we would not mandate vaccines in the state of Alabama. I am supportive of a voluntary vaccine, and by signing this bill into law, I am only further solidifying that conviction,” Ivey said in a statement.

Reynolds said she “strongly oppose[s] vaccine passports” last month and that she would like to take legislative or executive action.

These two laws are same and prohibit state agencies from issuing identifications to show personal vaccine records. It states that no government entities or businesses should need Vaccine Passport to offer service.

The Iowa version targets Covid-19 Vaccine Passports, while the Alabama version appears to be more than this.

Iowa requires that contracts or grants funded by state revenue should not be renewed or awarded with respect to a governmental entity or business that violates the law. The Alabama version does not offer any such punishment mechanism.

Two paths have been taken by states to counter vaccine passports including either via legislation or executive orders.  

Governors from Wyoming, South Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas have issued executive orders to prohibit Covid-19 Vaccine Passports, while North Dakota, South Carolina, Arkansas and Utah have passed bills into law to prohibit Vaccine Passport.

Most of us have heard about ‘Vaccine Passports’ only after the pandemic, when different governments started emphasizing the requirement of ‘Vaccine Passports’ for travelling to other countries or even for going to public places.

However, the planning for executing the concept of ‘Vaccine Passports’ began 20 months prior to the outbreak of the pandemic.

What these roadmap talk about is not just some document that would restrict your entry or movement to certain places. What they envision is an entire COVID eco-system, a future where each and every aspect of your life is monitored and regulated as per the whims and fancy of these Pharma Overlords.

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  1. You forgot one important State and that is Florida Ron DeSantis who created an Executive Order for a ban on Digital Vaccine Passports. Florida has not much followed the Covid 19 Narrative its why there is a mass influx of new Floridaians.

  2. These are all SANE Republican governors. The Demon-Rats are the ones who want the Lethal Injections and Death Jab Passports. At least we know which members of Congress will die from Messenger RNA spike proteins in the next couple of years, thank God.

  3. Traitors in high places get the Saline shot so they can continue to guide the sheep for there masters

  4. Steven Fishman — You’re assuming everyone gets the same “vaccine”. I suspect certain people (for example high profile individuals like politicians) are getting less toxic injections, and perhaps even saline solution placebos.

  5. Yes, lynnthoma. You are right. There was a picture of Nancy Pelosi getting her “shot” with the cap still on the needle. And I am sure that those in the know are getting a shot of vitamin d or something non-lethal.

  6. It will be the sovereign Ststes that will save the integrity of the Republic against the Federal government insanity of globalism socialists/communist centralized reset.

    Legal citizens need passports to travel between countries but illegals can fly around USA on private jets to the interior of USA without passports or checking for diseases, yet citizens who have been immunized since birth need vaccine passports according to the health ministry and private investors in CDC foundation. Total and complete BS.

    The sovereignty of our States is all we have have our corrupt American installed Biden administration which allows DARPA and other private / universities to work on level 4 bioweapons in other countries to help eradicate humans through experimental vaccines.

    Totally disgusting.

    India has been reporting of citizens running away into the safe waters and also another article of attacking cdc workers trying to talk them into getting the vaccine.

    Something is very wrong when your instinct tells you to fight or flight response to a vaccine. That is pure survival instincts. Bravo to all those Indians who resist….its survival mechanism kicking in on the lowest evolutionary level.
    Fight or flight response..👍

  7. Federal Government vs.States Government.

    With Darpa involved in the the patents and research of corona virus vaccines [ Pirbright institute in UK patent and others] it would seem that these are bioweapons creation for genocide of the world to depopulate. If A military agency is involved in research of level3/4 pathogens then it is no longer a search for countermeasures of terrorism but a weaponized tool for the military.

    The msm and social media has become part of the US propaganda machine [ which in my opinion is dangerous since Eric Schmidt is working for the pentagon and helped China with its military surveillance tools..the government and private business in china are one and the same].

    “Investigative journalist James O’Keefe from Project Veritas on Monday released a bombshell video of two Facebook insiders blowing the whistle on the tech giant’s effort to secretly censor — on a global scale — COVID vaccine questions and concerns.

    The Facebook whistleblowers alleged the company is pushing an initiative to censor vaccine hesitancy on its platform.

    According to new leaked documents, the social media giant uses algorithms to target users who disseminate messaging that runs counter to the company’s political ideology and vaccine narrative — even if the comments are factually accurate.-  source: children’s health defense news

    In November, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM signed a contract with the CIA worth tens of billions of dollars to provide the agency with tech solutions and intelligence support, instantly making the firms among the largest military contractors in the world.

    Silicon Valley is well aware of this, and is even leading the charge to turn social media into a weapon for the West. “What Lockheed Martin was to the twentieth century, technology and cyber-security companies [like Google] will be to the twenty-first,” boasted Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. All of this results in a situation where it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between big tech and big government…..

    recent investigation from independent news outlet Middle East Eye (9/30/19) uncovered that a senior Twitter executive is, in fact, an officer in the British Army’s 77th Brigade, a unit dedicated to psychological operations (psyops), propaganda and online warfare. Gordon MacMillan, who joined the social media company in 2013, is its head of editorial for the Middle East and North Africa. While both Twitter and the British Army attempted to distance themselves from the implications of the report, it is unclear why MacMillan would have this role if not to manipulate and propagandize the public. (The British Ministry of Defense describes psyops as a way of getting “the enemy, or other target audience, to think and act in a way which will be to our advantage”—BBC, 6/20/08.)-sourse:  mint press news

    Our sovereign States are the only thing between tyranny and CONSTITUTIONAL Democracy…..we are at war.

  8. Facebook was a darpa project first. It is hard to undo a mistake with Mrna or nicleoside modified mrna. Encephalomyopathy mitochodrial diseases, mitochondrial myopathy seem to have a similiar profile of side effects as covid vaxx reactions.
    China has shares in biontech….. Gates donated to pfizer , ties with moderna……Same people who bring you virus bring you vaxx.

  9. This is absolutely incorrect and sloppy reporting! You include states whose governors have ordered bans on vaccine passports by government with those who have ordered or passed laws against them by government AND private businesses. Very different things. In doing this you have given a very false impression that just doesn’t match reality. You also say South Carolina has passed bills into law to ban vaccine passports. This is simply NOT TRUE. Governor McMaster issued and order banning vaccine passports by state government only, not private sector, and bills that would and could be signed into law are still, inexplicably, in committee and HAVE NOT been signed into law. I appreciate the effort that is happening in some states, and the fact you’d want to spread that important information, but what you have reported here is misleading and flat out wrong. Please take the time to find the facts, so that people in these states and others are informed and can pressure their “leaders” to do what is right.

  10. questionit, Florida lead they way, and still does, in this fight against what is very clearly a deep evil that is currently waging war on humanity. And Florida banned these “passports” in public AND private sectors, meaning businesses can’t require them. That was first an order from Governor DeSantis, and then signed into law after bills passed state house and senate. This article is wrong by mixing states which have banned “vaccine passports” by government with those who have banned them in government AND private business. The author needs to learn and report the facts.

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  12. The congress members in question won’t die of these injections as they have been injected with placebo.

    Do you think all the millionaires, celebrities and other rotten politicians get the real stuff when they are jabbed on TV?

    It’s for the show, the poison is for us peasants…

  13. Hey James L. Maclean, this isn’t CNN here, so your covid propaganda bullshit and job scam, leave it for braindead idiots who believe in the covid hoax.

  14. True. Florida is with South Dakota at the forefront of the fight against the covid global coup.

    They never had lockdown, or forced face diaper and muzzles on people and now Ron Desantis has passed various laws making sure the yellow badges (they call it vax passports but what they are is yellow badges) won’t happen.

    But be careful because the criminals behind the covid scam already killed two heads of state in Burindi and Tanzania (poisoned appearing to be heart attacks) because they refused to submit to covid scam orders.

    They tried to take belarus president out and failed…

    I would be these governors I would take double security measures to make sure this doesn’t happen to me.

    Finally, bill gates has managed to have genetically modified mosquitoes realesed in the Florida keys. these mosquitoes most likely carry something like this mRNA shit in them….

    Why has Desantis authorized that?

  15. They get saline solution placebos. Some have had pictures taken with the cap still covering the needle. They all know!

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