More Than 10,000 Australians Want $600,000 Compensation For Vaccine Side Effects

The Sydney Morning Herald revealed that Australia’s government could incur a bill of more than A$50 million ($37 million) linked to the Covid-19 vaccine campaign, as thousands of Australians applied for compensation amounting to almost $600,000 for health problems related to their vaccinations.

More Than 10,000 Australians Want $600,000 Compensation For Vaccine Side Effects

According to the article, upwards of 10,000 people have applied for a government scheme to recompense them for missed wages after becoming hospitalised for serious side effects from the vaccine.

Compensation begins at A$5,000, implying that if every claim is granted, the programme would cost approximately A$50 million.

As per its website, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration have obtained over 79,000 reports of harmful side effects from 36.8 million doses of vaccines. A sore arm, headache, fever, and chills are the most commonly reported side effects.

The TGA has recorded 288 reports of heart inflammation associated to the Pfizer vaccine, along with 160 cases of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), a common clotting illness attributed to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

After a setback during first half of the year, Australia increased its vaccine efforts throughout the second period of the year after the delta variant threw the country’s two major cities, Sydney and Melbourne, on lockdown for months.

As immunisation rates have risen, constraints have been progressively loosened in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, after thousands of parents and children refused to comply, the California School District was forced to reverse its vaccine mandate, after a San Diego judge struck down the mandate.

In another reversal, one of the most vaccinated nation Israel may switch to the policy of herd immunity to be achieved through mass infection as the vaccines have failed to curb the rising cases of COVID-19 Omicron variant.

Concerned Indian meanwhile are demanding that the mass rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in India should be halted immediately. These experimental vaccines pose serious dangers.

That is the message contained in a statement from concerned citizens soon to be forwarded to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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  1. 79,000+ Australians Filing Compensation Claims for COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries
    TrialSite Staff December 31, 2021

    Australia now is compensating COVID-19 vaccine patients for serious adverse events. Australian news reports that the COVID-19 vaccines have led to at least 79,000 adverse reactions. Those patients claiming under $20,000 must provide evidence from their physician. For those with more serious conditions leading to claims over $20,000, they require a review by a panel of legal experts. More nations are acknowledging that these vaccines can lead to injury and that those injured should be compensated.
    Australia has embraced a harder, more rigid approach to managing the pandemic, including embracing some of the zero-tolerance COVID-19 approaches originating in China. By the summer, Australia embraced an aggressive mass vaccination scheme as well. This has led to about 77% of the entire population being vaccinated with 42.6 million doses administered as of December 30, 2021. Serious adverse events originating from COVID-19 vaccines are rare, but they do happen, and people need to be compensated for the loss.
    Organized by Australia’s national government, the COVID-19 vaccines contributing to the adverse events include the following:
    Vaxzervia (AstraZeneca)Comirnaty (Pfizer)Spikev…
    The Vaccines are working:

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