Citizens And Experts Call For A Halt To COVID Vaccine Rollout In India

The mass rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in India should be halted immediately. These experimental vaccines pose serious dangers. That is the message contained in a statement from concerned citizens soon to be forwarded to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Citizens And Experts Call For A Halt To COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout In India

The statement’s signatories include medical scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, civil servants, civil society organisations and “deeply concerned mothers, fathers, husbands and wives”.

Concerned citizens of India can sign on to the ‘The Truth of COVID-19 — The India Statement’ prior to its dispatch to the PM in the link provided at the end of this article.

Internationally renowned professionals in the field of medical science have also joined this effort by offering their expertise, including Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Roger Hodkinson, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr Tess Lawrie.

The statement comprises two parts. Part one is a five-page summary of the main points and recommendations. This is supported by part two, a 62-page document which quotes the relevant literature and has dozens of references to back up the assertions made about the vaccines, COVID-19 and the vaccination programme.

Some of the key points and recommendations contained in part one are summarised below.

The statement begins by saying that a coronavirus vaccine has never before been used successfully. One problem has been the development of antibody disease enhancement (ADE). The vaccine produces antibodies, but sometimes this does not prevent disease – it instead makes the disease more serious and ADE can extend into the future (this has been seen before, for example regarding the rollout of a Dengue vaccine in Manila).

All the vaccines use the spike protein and this was thought to be a good idea at first because the virus uses its spike protein to attach to the host cells. But the statement notes this is a blunder and a major catastrophe. The spike protein is the toxic part of the virus that causes major (vascular) disease.

It is now confirmed that the synthetic spike protein of the vaccines is also toxic and is similarly causing the likes of clotting and bleeding disorders.

Many thousands of people taking the vaccine have died. The vaccine leaves the injection site in the arm and, contrary to what was assumed, and unexpectedly, travels into the bloodstream, spreading all over the body including with concentrations in the ovaries, bone marrow and lymph nodes.

Moreover, the mass rollout of the vaccines is putting selection pressure on the virus to evolve into strains that are resistant to the vaccine, like Delta and Omicron. This is well-known science that follows the same pattern as, for example, in anti-biotic resistance.

Dr Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered the AIDs virus, has raised an urgent warning about this phenomenon. The statement notes that this process of new variants will not stop as more and more people get vaccinated.

Data from Israel (where the vast majority are vaccinated) show an increase in hospitalisations and deaths among the vaccinated. This is a repeated pattern occurring in other countries and was predicted by Dr Montagnier and other leading virologists.

The protective effect of the vaccines is also waning and is now below the required regulatory efficacy of at least 50%. The US health agencies are already advising a booster third dose. However, leading vaccine experts and immunologists and the vaccine manufacturers knew this all along. It was hidden though from the public.

It is clear that people who recover from Covid-19 develop natural immunity, which is long-lasting with antibodies that are effective against several viruses or variants. A large percentage of the Indian population, around 70% or more, already have this natural immunity. The statement concludes that vaccines are therefore not required.

As the vaccines can produce antibodies to a protein, syncytin, which, in the future, may cause abortions in women, the assertion is that women of child-bearing age (50 and below) should not be given the vaccines.

The statement notes that children have not had much problem with Covid, but some doctors are suggesting that a third wave will affect them. This is based on speculation, not science. Moreover, the long-term impacts of these vaccines and in particular the toxic spike protein are unknown. It would thus be quite unconscionable to risk the future of children. Given the data, it is clear that the risks of Covid-19 vaccines far outweigh the benefits for children.

India has a major disease burden in terms of communicable diseases, (TB, diarrhoeal, etc) and children are seriously impacted (more than 2,000 children die every day). On the other hand, the incidence and deaths due to COVID-19 are negligible. Children are not impacted by this disease.

In India, levels of serious malnutrition are worrying (and the COVID-related lockdown of the country can only have exacerbated this).

According to the statement, stopping unneeded vaccinations would release the huge sum of Rs 35,000 crores (almost 4.1 billion euros) for a public health system in dire need of resources to deal with killer childhood diseases and for improving the health of the population.

The statement notes that at the very heart of the problem of unsafe vaccines is the endemic conflict of interest that engulfs the institutions of health worldwide, not least in the US (NIA/FDA/CDC) the UK (MHRA) and the WHO.

It is for all the reasons mentioned above that vaccine manufacturers demand to be indemnified from any harm their vaccines may cause. Pfizer and Israel have made an agreement to hide Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions for 10 years. Yet, these adverse effects are key to understanding vaccine science.

The statement also says that routine RT-PCR testing as presently conducted, including on asymptomatic cases, should be discontinued. PCR-driven ‘cases’ mislead the public on Covid infections. Furthermore, it is clear that the vaccines have failed to provide immunity and also fail to stop transmission from those vaccinated. India has acquired ‘herd immunity’ and does not need these vaccines. Medical science therefore does not support their continued rollout.

The statement concludes:

India must stop the vaccines with immediate effect… Preventive measures, early treatment and treatment protocols through all the stages of the diseases with Ivermectin and other off-label drugs are proven… very early on, India took exemplary action with regard to the ICMR [Indian Council of Medical Research] guideline on HDQ (hydroxychloroquine) and UP state with its public health measure of dispensing Ivermectin, which was an acknowledged success. We need to widen these measures across India. Both are ‘repurposed’ drugs, are medically proven and safe solutions, and there are others in our toolkit of medical products, along with vitamins (D, C and zinc).”

The PM will be urged to implement the recommendations set out in the statement and these will be at a fraction of the cost of vaccines. The funds released will allow the government to invest in overall health infrastructure (children’s health in particular), the economy, farmers and agriculture and the environment.

Concerned citizens of India can sign on to the statement here, where links to both parts of the statement are provided.

Colin Todhunter specialises in development, food and agriculture and is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal. This article was originally published on Off-Guardian.

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  1. In France, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products, declared in the upper house of the French Parliament (Senate) on 1/12/2021 an explosion of cases of side effects due to anti-covid vaccines! 25% of French people vaccinated since the start of the pandemic have suffered serious side effects! The video is broadcast on the Senate’s Youtube channel:

  2. “You will own nothing and you will be happy” non human, alien!!

    Covid-19 Patent Horrors
    By Dr. Ariyana Love
    In my latest interview with Stew Peter’s, we discussed how the “Covid-19 vaccine” ingredients listed in the patents, reveal that all these poisonous death shots are deleting genes and genetically modifying Humans for patentability.
    The Hydrogel patent US8415325B2 is listed in the Moderna patent, here. Hydrogels are also mentioned in a second Moderna patent, here. Hydrogel is listed in the Johnson & Johnson patent, here. Hydrogels are made from Graphene Oxide. Nobody can deny the evidence that Graphene Oxide is in the shots.
    All the Covid-19 “vaccine” patents mention gene deletion. All the patents except one, mention “complimentary DNA” (cDNA). cDNA is a chimeric mRNA cocktail that’s being coded into Human cells using artificial genetic sequences in cross-species genomics.
    According to the US Supreme Court ruling in 2013, altering Humans with cDNA makes them patent eligible. The court documents show that cDNA is made using modified bacterium and Supreme Court judges ruled it patent eligible. This means that a plant, animal or Human, could be patented and owned if first genetically modified with cDNA.
    Mark Steele summarized it perfectly by stating:
    In the US, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human. Through a modified DNA or RNA vaccination, the mRNA vaccination, the person ceases to be human and becomes the OWNER of the holder of the modified GEN vaccination patent, because they have their own genome and are no longer “human” (without natural people), but “trans-human”, so a category that does not exist in Human Rights. The quality of a natural person and all related rights are lost. This applies worldwide and patents are subject to US law.
    Since 2013, all people vaccinated with GM-modified mRNAs are legally trans-human and legally identified as trans-human and do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state, and this applies worldwide, because GEN-POINT technology patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.”
    The court document says scientists added 4 plasmids to a bacterium. I already documented in my article entitled, “EPIGENETICS: Vaccines Are deleting Human Genes & Transfecting Cells With Ebola/Marburg,” that E. coli is the base for all these chimeric bioweapons, not viruses.
    I found E. coli listed in most of the patents. Mind you, these are genetically enhanced, antibiotic resistant bacterium, made to be them more lethal. They are then transfected into GMO parasites and Hydras. These parasites are more difficult to kill but they can be killed using specific natural protocols.
    You can eliminate the entire species with CRISPR-Cas-9 technology or completely remove genetic traits in the Human race. 
    I previously wrote about the Fauci-funded chimeric bioweapon called the Lentivirus mRNA vector in my article entitled, ” Transgenic Hydras & Parasites A Biological Weapons System For Rapid Human Cloning.” The Lentivirus bioweapon was developed in Wuhan and contains the HIV 1-3, SARS, MERS and the AIDS inducing SRV-1. It can be found in the Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, AstraZeneca and Oxford patents.
    The HIV-1 Bioweapon, which contained within the Lentivirus vector, is patented and owned by Anthony Fauci. He is a mass murdering war criminal responsible for this “Vaccine” Holocaust.
    The Pfizer patent mentions gene 69-70 deletion and mutation.
    Thermo Fischer produced a study revealing that gene deletion mutations is the cause of “vaccine” induced variants. This company is not only profiting from this “Vaccine” Holocaust but Thermo Fischer has a scientific report clearly stating that gene deletion is responsible for the Lambda, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants.
    SV-40 vector is a chimeric Bioweapon found in the J&J patent. It’s known to cause rapid cancer growth. The SV-40 vector is provided to J&J by Thermo Fischer. SV-40 contains Human cells, Bovine Growth Hormone (Mad Cow Disease), E. coli, and Herpes. This would explain the Herpes outbreaks after “vaccination”.
    The Pfizer patent also mentions gene 144 deletion which causes rapid cancer growth.
    I also found a patent for a “Combo kit PCR” that mentions gene deletion! So the PCR is not a test at all but implants the mRNA technology without Informed Consent, into your brain.
    The Pfizer patent mentions X / Y Chromosome inversions. Inversion of sex genes cause sterility. Since this is a depopulation/extermination and cloning agenda, the transgender Psyop begins to make sense. They want to sterilize our kids and cross-sex hormones will achieve that.
    The Moderna patent mentions folding protein and mutations (thus variants) that result in rapid aging and genetic diseases. The patent literally says this is a “Loss-of-Function” and thus, a gene deleting Bioweapon. 
    Moderna’s patents are listed on their website, here. 
    The Moderna patent says it’s using the Bovine Growth Hormone which comes from a cow disease known as Mad Cow Disease. Moderna is cloning Humans with a cow disease that becomes deadly when coded into Human cells. This is an animal disease that does NOT even affect Humans so why is Big Pharma transfecting Human cells with Bovine Growth Hormone when it’s known to induce neurological degeneration, dementia and death?
    Here’s a PCR kit patent that “tests” Humans for Mad Cow Disease. Or, does it actually transfect Humans with Mad Cow Disease using the Hydrogels?
    The Moderna patents makes “add and delete” references to RNA using cDNA templates. It also has starts codons or Open Reading Frame (ORF. These are no stop codons which means there’s no stop to the gene mutations. The variants will continue on indefinitely, passing through the Human race just as Geert Vanden Bosche said would happen.
    Without stop codons, an organism is unable to produce specific proteins. The new polypeptide (protein) chain will just grow and grow until the cell bursts or there are no more available amino acids to add to it.
    Moderna’s patent also mentions “induce triple helix formation”. This is the third strand that’s being synthetically added to Human DNA. This study shows more about how scientists are creating the triple helix formation in Humans. Here’s another study revealing the artificial triple helix.
    The Moderna “Protocol” says one in two of their shots is a Saline. So that’s a 50-50% Russian Roulette chance with your life and your health. The patent also states that Moderna is “encoding HIV-1“. Once again, that’s Fauci’s bioweapon.
    The AstraZeneca patent states an E1, E3, E4 gene deletion. As I documented earlier, these gene deletions induce AIDS, unless you get the Saline. Later the pharmaceutical cartel will be removing all Saline shots.
    The Novovax patent mentions gene deletion.
    The GlaxoSmithKline patent mentions gene deletion and says it uses H1N1, which is the same chimeric bacteria that was used to kill 500 million people in the 1918 Democide, dubbed the “Spanish Flu”, as this study reveals.
    “The trimerization domain (foldon) of T4 phage fibritin, a trimeric beta hairpin propeller, was first used in crystallization studies of the 1918 H1N1.”
    Bill Gates said to expect a Smallpox Bioweapon terror attack. Smallpox is made from the N1H1 chimeric bacterium proteins. I documented that previously.
    The patents back up what Dr. Pablo Campra’s said in his Stew Peter’s interview, that these death jabs contain Nano-biosensors. I’ll be revealing more about this from the patents very soon!
    This is not a weapons system of one country against another. This is a weapons system of the NWO against the entire Human population. The only way this ends is when we stand together as one.
    Here’s the World Freedom Alliance Notice of Liability. Any regular citizen can serve anyone with a notice of war crimes, if they are mandating or coercing you to take this poisonous shot which is in violation of your basic Human Rights and Nuremberg Codes. Since this is an international case, the Notice of Liability is served in English, country-wide. 
    See original interview with Stew Peters and Dr. Ariyana Love on Rumble, here.
    PLEASE SEE: Dr. Ariyana Love: Graphene Covid Kill Shots, Let The Evidence Speak For Itself
    Follow Red Voice Media, here.
    Follow Stew Peters Show, here.
    December 8, 2021 by Dr. Ariyana Love
    Link Here: HUMANS

  3. very important and interesting information Richard, India is awakening, my heart fills with joy, India being the heart of the world can not be poisoned with these injections, if India falls the whole world falls. May passion to stand for whats right and the light of concealed truth guide the Holy Indian subcontinent to lead the world wide great awakening.

  4. Be The Last Man or Woman Standing for Freedom and Life
    Only thing to do now… it’s us or them
    Right now We are their Prey unless Leaders hear read and do something to their agenda NWO
    called The Great Reset using Covid 19 for a global crisis they planned.
    Everyday we can connect their dots. Their secret agenda . This started after the second Great War . WWII . Controlling leaders with money to compromise them called the UN / Framework .This will be hard. Pray for whistle-blowers and their protection from our appeal to heaven.
    We are all together to save each other from death and global Tyranny that will come. No one will be free only censored and tracked by cell phones.
    Make each day comfort you that we know their plan and will warn others quickly. True leaders don’t lie and will die for their people.

  5. Glad to see that common sense prevails in India. All vaccines have some exceptions, ie they are not suitable for people with certain conditions. This alone should be sufficient reason to not make vaccines mandatory. It seems in the case of Covid, the authorities are talking about 100℅ vaccinations, which should not be the case. We cannot afford to lose our doctors, engineers, leaders, sportsmen, journalists, other professionals and citizens by taking unnecessary risks with the vaccines. Our Prime Minister withstood great pressure to impose nationwide lockdowns again. Let us hope and pray that he will do the right thing for the sake of the citizens of our country.

  6. I specify that the 25% who suffered side effects are the vaccinated people who declared these symptoms, that is to say more than 110,000 people who were sick out of more than 50 million vaccinated.

  7. Problem is the vaccine companies will hold these countries to ransom. If they stop with the vaccine they won’t supply medicines that actually work.

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