Audiotape Containing Evidence Of Joe Biden’s Corruption Will Be Released In Coming Weeks

Greg Kelly shook things up on his popular Newsmax show last night. He revealed that a recorded conversation will soon be released with undeniable proof of Joe Biden’s corruption. According to Kelly, this evidence is so strong that Biden might have to quit the 2024 race.

Audiotape Containing Evidence Of Joe Biden’s Corruption Will Be Released In Coming Weeks

This is bound to be intriguing.

Greg Kelly stated that insiders, not necessarily from the government, hinted about an audio tape. He couldn’t share many details, but this tape undeniably exposes Joe Biden’s corruption. The release won’t be immediate. It won’t come before Labor Day, but it’s set to be disclosed between Labor Day and Halloween.

The tape will become public eventually. It’s uncertain who will unveil it, but once people hear it, Joe Biden will have limited choices. Option one: He can’t go on as a candidate for the upcoming presidency. That chapter will be closed. The only slim chance he might have, although it’s doubtful, is to continue as president.

The word is that this tape holds highly incriminating content. The White House is grappling with the situation. They’re aware of it, and acknowledge its existence. There might even be multiple tapes. It all adds up logically.

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A revelation emerges to contribute to the ongoing news regarding Joe Biden’s alias emails, which has stirred the investigation by the House Oversight Committee.

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