Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe

A revelation emerges to contribute to the ongoing news regarding Joe Biden’s alias emails, which has stirred the investigation by the House Oversight Committee. There is a high degree of certainty that this revelation will eventually result in the impeachment of Joe Biden. Moreover, it is anticipated that an inquiry will be initiated into the actions of David Weiss and Alexander Mackler for potential obstruction of justice.

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe

On August 10, 2023, a call was placed to the clerk in Judge Maryellen Norieka’s chambers. During this conversation, it was communicated that the emails from the Biden Laptop, which had been recently reviewed, suggested that Alexander Mackler, the Chief Deputy Attorney General of Delaware, could have been present during a planning session for Burisma kickbacks.

This meeting reportedly occurred on April 12th, 2014, in Wilmington and included Joe, Hunter, and Beau Biden. Additionally, attention was drawn to the fact that Mackler was involved with U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s prosecution team at the outset of the Hunter Biden tax inquiry. The clerk, who exhibited both pleasantness and professionalism, acknowledged the shared information with a thoughtful sound. At this juncture, the point was made that the intention was for the Judge to be informed.

Expressions of gratitude were exchanged before concluding the call.

The subsequent day, August 11, witnessed Attorney General Merrick Garland elevating David Weiss to the status of special counsel.

While it remains uncertain whether the phone call to Judge Norieka’s chambers played a role in this development, its influence cannot be definitively ruled out. Notably, Judge Norieka was a judicial figure who demonstrated resistance against the actions of the Biden Crime Family and their associates. Consequently, the actions she undertook in response to the provided information remain uncertain.

And now, the connection between the phone call and Joe Biden’s utilization of alias emails during his time as Barack Obama’s vice president becomes evident. This timeframe aligns with the period when the individual served as Joe Biden’s stenographer.

Initial reports regarding Joe’s use of aliases came to light in July 2021 through a column by Miranda Devine in The New York Post. After a period of silence, this topic resurfaced in March 2022. At that point, possession of the Biden Laptop had been acquired from Garrett Ziegler and the Marco Polo group. Utilizing this resource, a search was conducted for emails sent to Joe’s alias, specifically [email protected].

Remarkably, a significant discovery was made.

Within the Biden Laptop, an email from Hunter to his father at the aforementioned RobinWare address was identified. This communication was dated April 11th, 2014. Surprisingly, no other journalist had addressed this matter. The email had been categorized as “undelivered,” which likely led to its oversight. Despite this, the email was accessed, revealing evidence that is expected to incriminate Joe Biden as the architect behind the Biden Burisma kickback arrangement.

Furthermore, as conveyed in a letter dispatched to Judge Norieka’s chambers (acknowledged by her clerk), it was noted that this incident occurred in Wilmington, Delaware. Consequently, it fell under the jurisdiction of Judge Norieka and Delaware U.S. Attorney Weiss. This clarifies the rationale for sending the letter. It was expected that Weiss would initiate an investigation, but no response was received, and the individual’s request to testify in front of the now disbanded grand jury went unanswered.

Presented here are three screenshots from the partially undelivered email, sent from [email protected] to Hunter on April 11th, 2014. The initial screenshot indicates an error in the address provided for his sister, Ashley, rendering the email undeliverable.

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe 2

Here is a second screenshot displaying an email excerpt where Hunter forwards information concerning his daughter Maisy’s basketball tournament schedule set for Wilmington on the subsequent day. This communication indicates that individuals such as Joe (using the alias RobinWare456), Jill (jill.tracy2), Beau (261penn), and Hallie Biden (halliebiden) received the complete email. Notably, Hunter also messaged his family, all of whom were in Wilmington, informing them about Maisy’s games at the Wilmington Police Athletic League, which was situated approximately six miles away from Joe’s residence.

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe 3

The third segment of the email, shown in the following screenshot, includes a notice from a representative of the basketball team, presenting the complete schedule for the weekend. Extensive coverage has been provided in previous Substacks about this specific email and the efforts made to reach out to Maisy’s coach to verify whether the team indeed traveled to Wilmington on April 12th, 2014. Additionally, attempts were made to confirm Hunter and Maisy’s whereabouts on that date by contacting the Secret Service. Their response was “no comment.”

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe 4

As of now, it remains unverified whether Hunter accompanied Joe in Wilmington at any point on April 12–13. However, despite inquiries, no one has definitively stated his absence. This aspect is crucial, and it could have been easily confirmed by Weiss’s grand jury through examination of the testimony they never heard, including mine.

Last month, when Judge Norieka declined Hunter Biden’s plea deal, she provided a directive for those with matters pertaining to the case to contact her chambers. Her order reads:

“THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that, going forward, any issues or inquiries in the above-captioned cases shall be brought to my attention and not to the Clerk’s Office. Any such issues and inquiries shall be submitted in writing and placed on the docket. To the extent that a rare instance arises in which a written communication is not practicable, a phone call may be made to my Chambers by an attorney who represents one of the parties in these cases or an interested third party.”

Based on the assessment, as an unexamined witness, the individual is an interested third party. This circumstance prompted the individual to reach out to Judge Norieka on or around July 31st with the conveyed letter.

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe 5

This account was drafted a few days ahead of Devon Archer’s sworn interview with House Oversight investigators. The contentions presented to the Judge concerning Joe and Hunter’s endeavors to advance their kickback plan have proven to be accurate.

Subsequently, the transcript of Archer’s interview has validated that Hunter was present during the meeting Archer held with Joe Biden in his West Wing office on April 16th, 2014 (four days following the Wilmington strategy session). Additionally, Archer attested that Hunter assumed his position on the Burisma board shortly thereafter, although he was not precise about the exact timing. Archer also confirmed that he received his initial board payment of $83,000 on April 15th. Moreover, his testimony indicated that Hunter Biden was initially hired by Burisma as legal counsel in March 2014 and subsequently transitioned to the board seat.

In light of Chairman Comer’s Oversight Committee producing credible evidence that Joe and Hunter were not solely operating a Burisma kickback scheme but also engaging in a conspiracy to conceal it (which persists to the present), it remains perplexing why David Weiss has not conducted an interview with the individual to serve as a witness in his grand jury.

This is where Alexander Mackler enters the picture. Presented below is a screenshot of an email he forwarded to Hunter and Beau on the very day of their Wilmington meeting. The provided evidence suggests his connection with the inception of the Biden Burisma kickback conspiracy.

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe 6

According to information from the individual’s Marco Polo associates, who have thoroughly decoded the time stamps on Hunter’s Laptop, Mackler sent the email at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, Wilmington time. This timing is mere hours after the conclusion of Maisy’s first basketball game at the PAL. The notation of UTC 3:00 (4:30 p.m.) at the bottom of the email represents the actual time of transmission.

Considering Mackler’s role as a family friend residing in Wilmington, it is plausible that he joined the Bidens in supporting Maisy while simultaneously engaging in discussions about business matters.

However, he held a more intricate role than merely being a family friend. He was a Biden operative based in Wilmington, boasting strong connections with Joe, Beau, and Hunter. In fact, five months after sending the email, Mackler would serve as Joe’s deputy counsel in the White House. Despite overlapping in service to Joe, there is no recollection of any interaction with him.

The timing of Mackler’s email holds significance for other reasons as well. According to Laptop emails, he dispatched it several hours AFTER Hunter agreed to meet Devon Archer for “a pop-up book DC visit.” This meeting corresponded with their session with Joe in his West Wing office on April 16th, 2014.

Essentially, Hunter and Devon, around noontime on April 12th, seemingly realized the urgency of meeting with Joe in D.C., fabricating a cover story involving a book report by Luke. The catalyst for this urgency remains a question. However, it can be speculated that they might have learned of Joe’s imminent travel to Ukraine.

Subsequently, at approximately 6:00 p.m., the White House made an official announcement through a press release that then-Vice President Joe Biden would travel to Ukraine on April 21st and 22nd to discuss energy security and offer support for Ukraine’s upcoming presidential election. Here is a screenshot of the press release, along with a link to a Politico article published at 6:17 p.m., accompanied by similar announcements from other news outlets during the same timeframe.

Documents leaked to Politico reveal that Hunter Biden played a role in Trump’s impeachment concerning Ukraine.

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe 7

To recap the sequence of events: Mackler sent an email to Hunter, Beau, and Eric Schwerin containing a link to a YouTube video showcasing a presentation by Ted Kaufman, which took place a day earlier in Ukraine. This presentation centered on the upcoming Ukrainian election, preceding any public knowledge outside of the White House regarding Joe Biden’s impending trip to Ukraine to support a “free and fair election.”

Here is a screenshot of Ted Kaufman’s presentation, which has amassed just over a thousand views. His discourse, which can be listened to directly, pertains to ensuring the security of the forthcoming Ukrainian presidential election.

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe 8

This development presents an intriguing alignment. The highlighted segment of the 6:00 p.m. White House press release directly corresponds with the subject matter of Alexander Mackler’s 4:30 p.m. emailed link—a “free and fair presidential election on May 25th.” This alignment raises the question of whether Alexander Mackler, a Wilmington lawyer and Biden operative, possessed inside information regarding Joe Biden’s commitment to promoting election security in Ukraine, even before the global audience was informed of his travel plans. The possibility arises that Mackler might have acquired this information during a basketball game attended by Joe, Hunter, and Beau, where discussions might have taken place.

Although this speculation is acknowledged, it’s important to highlight that placing Alexander Mackler before the House Oversight Committee under oath would provide substantial evidence.

Expanding on this speculation, the timeline suggests that Alexander Mackler could have been assigned by the Bidens to source and circulate information beneficial to their Burisma kickback scheme. This role positions him squarely within the very conspiracy that, years later, he should have been compelled to investigate.

However, in reality, he did not undertake this investigation. Nor did his former supervisor, David Weiss, or his colleagues within Weiss’s office. These individuals have actually faced accusations from IRS whistleblowers of obstructing and impeding the progress of the investigation.

How might such a hindrance have been feasible? It could have been facilitated if the Bidens had a source within the upper echelons of Wilmington’s attorney general’s office. For those curious about the identity of such a source, a screenshot of Alexander Mackler, sourced from the Biden Laptop Report by Marco Polo, is provided.

Secret Biden Mole In David Weiss Probe 9

However, the necessity to await Mackler’s testimony is unnecessary.

Eric Schwerin, who was also a recipient of Mackler’s email, is scheduled for a sworn interview with the Oversight Committee investigators in the near future. Potential queries for Schwerin include: Eric, are you acquainted with discussions among Hunter, Joe, and Beau concerning Burisma strategy in Wilmington on April 12th, 2014, coinciding with Maisy’s basketball tournament? Furthermore, do you possess information about Alexander Mackler, a close associate of the Bidens and an advisor to Beau’s campaign, being privy to Hunter, Beau, and Joe’s deliberations regarding Burisma? Lastly, are you aware that Alexander Mackler, who transmitted a seemingly suspicious email to you at an unusual time and date, may have impeded the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business engagements, overseen by his former supervisor, U.S. Attorney David Weiss?

In the event that Schwerin responds affirmatively to these three inquiries, it could potentially have significant repercussions for the Biden presidency, the Biden Department of Justice, and the Delaware Attorney General’s Office.

A single individual affirming all three questions could have a cascading effect that impacts the Bidens comprehensively.

Even if Schwerin avoids answering the questions directly, there are alternate witnesses and documentary records available that could shed light on the whereabouts of Hunter and Joe on April 12th, 2014.

The accumulation of Joe Biden’s past legal issues appears to be catching up with him. His impeachment seems increasingly inevitable and is likely only a matter of time.

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