2019 Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Shooting

On 4th December 2019, the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard at Hawaii, United States was targeted by a lone gunman in a mass shooting resulting in the deaths of two Pentagon employess and injuring one.[toc]

The gunman was identified as a US Navy sailor assigned to USS Columbia (SSN 771). As per US Navy official Lydia Robertson, the shooting incident happened at a maintenance area for nuclear submarines. Although not admitted publicly by authorities, the shooting is believed to have targeted the Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium 2019, where the Indian Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria and his team had a close shave.



Pearl Harbor Shooting

Officials at the base — a combined US Air Force and Navy installation — said via Twitter the incident occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. Wednesday local time (0030 Thursday GMT) The lockdown lasted about 2 hours.

Two victims were killed and a third had been hospitalized in a “stable condition,” said Rear Admiral Robert Chadwick at a press briefing. He identified the shooter as “active-duty sailor assigned to the USS Columbia SSN 771″ — a nuclear reactor-powered submarine. The assailant had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Chadwick said.

Gabriel Romero

Officer Gabriel Romero, 22, was named on Thursday by anonymous military officials as the shooter. According to Fox, he opened fire with his M4 service rifle then used his M9 pistol to shoot himself. He killed 32-year-old Vincent Kapoi Jr. and one other civilian employee who is yet to be named before turning the gun on himself in an as-yet unexplained attack at 2.30pm. A third civilian who was shot by Romero was injured but is in the hospital recovering.

It remains unclear what his motive for the attack was. Romero worked on the USS Columbia, a submarine that was in the dock for maintenance.

Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium 2019

Although not admitted publicly by authorities, the Pearl Harbor shooting is believed to have targeted the Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium 2019 being hosted at the same base. Air chiefs and leadership from 18 nations across the Indo-Pacific were to gather for the 2019 Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium at Pacific Air Forces Headquarters from Dec. 3 to 6, jointly hosted by Gen. David Goldfein, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, and Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., PACAF Commander.



Pearl Harbor Shooting 2019
Map of Pearl Harbor Shooting 2019
Map of Pearl Harbor Shooting 2019
LocationDry Docks 2 & 3,
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard,
Southern shore of Oahu,

maintenance area for nuclear submarines
CountryUnited States of America
Date4th Dec 2019
Time2:30 pm (local time)
Attack typeMass shooting
Deaths 2 civilians
1 suspect
PerpetratorGabriel Romero,
US Navy sailor
assigned to USS Columbia (SSN 771)
WeaponM4 service rifle
M9 pistol
Officer in chargeRear Admiral Robert Chadwick,
Commander of Navy Region Hawaii
TargetPossibly the Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium 2019,
Pacific Air Force Chiefs Symposium 2019
Pacific Air Force Chiefs Symposium 2019
VenuePacific Air Force headquarters,
Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam
Dates3rd to 6th December 2019
Hosted byGen. David Goldfein,
U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff

Gen. CQ Brown, Jr.,
PACAF commander
Attendees Air Chiefs and representatives from 21 countries
Close shaveIndian Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria and his team


Close Shave of IAF Air Chief Marshal

Indian Air Force (IAF) Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria and his team were also present at the base when the incident occurred. However, they were at the Air Force base, while the shooting took place at Naval base.

Indian Air Force Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria at Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium 2019
Indian Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria with his team at Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium 2019

A source said that even though the general area is the same, there is was some distance between the shooter and the 21 Air Chiefs, who were there to participate in the Pacific Air Force Chiefs Conference (PACS-2019).

Admiral Chester Nimitz

The Pearl Harbor shooting took place near the south entrance Nimitz Gate of the sprawling base located on the southern shore of Oahu. Nimitz Gate is named after Admiral Chester Nimitz, a fleet admiral of the United States Navy. He played a major role in the naval history of World War II as Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas, commanding Allied air, land, and sea forces during World War II.

Foreign intervention in Kashmir

Admiral Chester Nimitz is an advocate of foreign intervention in Kashmir and when India was being partitioned Nimitz was present on ground in Kashmir directing foreign troops.

Nimitz served as UN-appointed Plebiscite Administrator for Jammu and Kashmir. His proposed role as administrator for plebiscite was accepted by Pakistan but rejected by India. The terms of the plebiscite were that Pakistan would vacate regions of Kashmir under its control, and that India would remove additional military from Kashmir which will be monitored by an Anglo-American base under the trusteeship of United Nations.

Chester Bowles, the former US Ambassador to India in his book An Ambassador Reports, commented on the use of Kashmir as the American forward military outpost in Central Asia:

Admiral Chester Nimitz
Admiral Chester Nimitz

“When I was in Kashmir in the fall of 1952, some two-thirds of the officers on the cease-fire line were Americans, and not all of them handled themselves with discretion. The last negotiator appointed by the United Nations was a distinguished American, Frank Graham, and the Administrator who was selected by the United Nations to take charge of the Plebiscite, if and when it was concluded, was still another American, Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Despite the high caliber of these men, and all the goodwill in the world, the UN efforts to achieve a Kashmir settlement took on the character of an American operation. In a situation where passions ran high, we have not only failed to achieve settlement, but have come in for sharp criticism.”

Excerpt from Kashmir Conflict – An Anglo American Operation

CTD Advisors

The agenda for an Anglo-American Air Base in Kashmir is still being followed vigorously with the latest call having made by the shady British outfit CTD Advisors. Founded by the son of a Pakistani-British spy CTD Advisors is heavily infested with former British intelligence chiefs advocating foreign intervention in Kashmir and with insider information from its highly-placed members aims to rebuild the British Empire of modern times.

Interestingly, the shooting incident took place three days before the 78th anniversary of the 7 December 1941 attack on the naval base that led the US to enter the Second World War by declaring war on Japan. Coincidentally during the war the Allied air, land, and sea forces were commanded by none other than Admiral Chester Nimitz himself.

Taking into consideration the timing, location and the higl-level event going on at the base, analysts believe the gunman wasn’t a lone wolf and the perpetrators behind the Pearl Harbor shooting were making a geopolitical statement.

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