CTD Advisors – Rebuilding British Empire Of Modern Times With Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor, a serving member of the Indian Parliament lately known for his anti-British position has ironically been recruited by the son of a Pakistani British spy in his firm CTD Advisors, heavily infested with former British intelligence chiefs advocating foreign intervention in Kashmir and with insider information from its highly-placed members aims to rebuild the British Empire of modern times.


Rebuilding British Empire of modern times
CTD  Advisors – Rebuilding British Empire of modern times with Shashi Tharoor

CTD Advisors

Senior Congress Party MP and well-known author Shashi Tharoor has joined the ranks of a UK-based advisory firm CTD Advisors. CTD Advisors said Tharoor will provide strategic advice to its clients operating in opaque and unfamiliar political and regulatory environments and manage their reputational risk. CTD Advisors is full of spies decorated as the Commanders of the British Empire and the clear objective of the firm was however explained by its founder in an interview to London based Asian Voice.

Tharoor in his response in a tweet said that he had been in discussions about a consultancy role with the firm, however they are yet to sign any agreement. Interestingly, the founder of CTD Advisors publicly welcomed Tharoor, with news of his joining being reported by media in India and Britain.

CTD Advisors, British Empire & Shashi Tharoor
CTD Advisors, British Intelligence and Shashi Tharoor, rebuilding British Empire of modern times

Chris Nickols

Chris Nickols, Retd Air Marshal of Royal Air Force, CTD Advisors
Chris Nickols, Retd Air Marshal of Royal Air Force, member of CTD Advisors

CTD Advisors is full of spies decorated as the Commanders of the British Empire. One such is Chris Nickols, a Retd Air Marshal in the Royal Air Force, whose final appointment was Chief of Defence Intelligence. Prior to that he served as Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Operations).

Lord Stuart Polak

Lord Stuart Polak is the last Commander of the British Empire at CTD Advisors. A British Conservative politician and member of the House of Lords, he is the Honorary President of the Conservative Friends of Israel Group and widely known as an Israeli lobbyist.

Lord Stuart Polak, Israeli lobbyist, member of Friends of Israel and CTD Advisors
Lord Stuart Polak, Israeli lobbyist, member of Friends of Israel and CTD Advisors

On 3 November 2017, the BBC’s Diplomatic correspondent James Landale reported that Polak had accompanied Priti Patel, the Secretary of State for International Development when she had held a series of meetings in Israel in August 2017 without telling the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They met Yair Lapid, the leader of Israel’s centrist Yesh Atid party, and visited several organisations where official departmental business was discussed. Those meetings, and others later, led to Patel’s resignation from the Cabinet on 8 November 2017

Priti Patel, an ardent supporter  of Brexit is Britain’s first Indian-origin Home Secretary in the newly-unveiled Boris Johnson Cabinet. Critics have claimed that Patel’s meetings with Israeli politicians and organisations represented a conflict of interest for Polak. This comes after one of the organisations that met Patel during her trip showcased high-tech medical products directly connected to TWC Associates, a consultancy firm chaired by the Conservative peer.

Hailing from Liverpool and described as being an avid fan of the football club, Polak began his career as a United Synagogue youth officer in Edgware. Inspired by a “sense of duty” to help his community, Polak has been the driving force that has helped propel the Conservative Friends of Israel to becoming a highly influential force in British politics today. In this role he helped ensure that 80 percent of Conservative MPs are a member of CFI.

Middle East Eye revealed that Markham Services Limited, a company co-owned and directed by Polak, had funded several trips to the Middle East for Alistair Burt, who became the UK’s Middle East minister. His work in CFI led him to become a close confidant of former UK prime minister David Cameron who later gave him a lordship in 2015.

Theresa May

Theresa May, former British Prime Minister and member of CTD Advisors
Theresa May, former British Prime Minister and member of CTD Advisors

Theresa Mary May the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is perhaps the most high-profile member of CTD Advisors. After graduating in 1977, May worked at the Bank of England and is a member of the Church of England. In 2003 May was appointment to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.

However, her original family name is Brasier and details about her family is mired in controversy. A controversial piece by Johnny Vedmore, sheds more details about May’s past and questions her reluctance to speak about ner Brasier family.

Theresa May’s grandfather was Tom Brasier who served as a sergeant in the King’s Royal Rifles deployed in Uttaranchal, India in 1911. May’s father Hubert Brasier was a priest of the Anglican-Catholic Church joining the priests at the Community of the Resurrection Seminary School in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

In years to come the Community of the Resurrection would become known for the systematic sexual abuse of children at the seminary by the Italian Verona brothers, who were rampant sex offenders in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1953, Hubert became the Chaplain All Saints at Eastbourne Hospital in Sussex. Over the next 6 years he would work alongside the famous serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams.

Funding terrorism via FICN

Theresa May has been suspected to be behind the re-emergence of a blacklisted British Crown Agent firm Delarue, banned for being involved in the Fake Indian Currency Network (FICN) who was contracted for supplying notes by both India and Pakistan. Delarue is the same company which was the platinum sponsor of summit between Indian Prime Minister and British Prime Minister Teresa May, held in New Delhi from November 7 and 9, 2016 – a time around which the War on Cash or demonetization drive was launched. The Indian government has not answered yet who lifted the ban on DeLaRue and why.

DeLaRue is also involved in the hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814, one of whose passengers was Roberto Giori, the owner of DeLaRue at the time. It is believed that a ransom was paid by the Indian Government for the safe release of Roberto Giori; the negotiation of which was carried out by a team headed by current National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

India’s most wanted terrorist Masood Azhar was released as part of the negotiations and just a year after his release, Masood Azhar founded Jaish-e-Muhammad. A year later carried out an attack on Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly as well as the Indian parliament itself. He is also believed to be the mastermind of Pathankot attack and Uri attack; and most recently the Pulwama attack.

Sir Mark Lyall Grant

Sir Mark Lyall Grant, former UK National Security Adviser, former UK High Commissioner to Pakistan, member of CTD Advisors
Sir Mark Lyall Grant, former UK National Security Adviser, former UK High Commissioner to Pakistan advocating foreign intervention in Kashmir and member of CTD Advisors

Another Commander of British  Empire at CTD Advisors is Sir Mark Lyall Grant awarded the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George before being promoted to Knight Commander (KCMG).

He was the former senior British diplomat who was previously the United Kingdom’s National Security Adviser and Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations. From 1982–85 he served as the Second Secretary, Islamabad and from 2003–06 as the High Commissioner to Pakistan. Britain’s former ambassador to United Nations, Mark Lyall Grant is an advocate of foreign intervention in Kashmir.

Foreign Intervention in Kashmir

In an event, ‘The Cost to Britain of the Kashmir Crisis: Is There a Solution?’, CTD Advisors debated foreign intervention in Kashmir. Writing about it The Forbes Mark Lyall Grant said “the time has come for a serious effort to resolve the half-forgotten Kashmir crisis. The international community, led by the US and UK, needs to play a role in this effort.”

He further stated, “After the military stand-off in 2001/02, the British government estimated that a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan could cost the UK up to £20 billion as a result of the threat to British nationals in the region.” More widely, Grant commented that the Kashmir crisis was a national security threat to Britain and a “threat to the authority of the UN and the rules-based international system”.

Abdurrehman Chinoy of Chinoy Group, a London-based entrepreneur at the same event, commented: “The South Asian community in the U.K. is very dynamic and generally tolerant towards each other. It can also influence policy and ideas back home in India and Pakistan.”

“The U.K. has a particular responsibility–when the British partitioned India in 1947, in their haste to leave the subcontinent, they failed to tackle the well-known differences over Kashmir.”

Are these views coming from deep within the British intelligence community also espoused by Shashi Tharoor? If not, the learned minister should remind the sleuths about the Anglo-American military operation in Kashmir and the ensuing policies for an Air-base in Kashmir under the trusteeship of the United Nations because of which Kashmir is a burning issue.

Or better Shashi Tharoor should gift these British spy chiefs (ofcourse, after reading it first) the book by Chester Bowles, the former US Ambassador to India – An Ambassador Reports in which he commented on the use of Kashmir as the American forward military outpost in Central Asia:

“When I was in Kashmir in the fall of 1952, some two-thirds of the officers on the cease-fire line were Americans, and not all of them handled themselves with discretion. The last negotiator appointed by the United Nations was a distinguished American, Frank Graham, and the Administrator who was selected by the United Nations to take charge of the Plebiscite, if and when it was concluded, was still another American, Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Despite the high caliber of these men, and all the goodwill in the world, the UN efforts to achieve a Kashmir settlement took on the character of an American operation. In a situation where passions ran high, we have not only failed to achieve settlement, but have come in for sharp criticism.”

Shoaib Bajwa

CTD Advisors is founded by Shoaib Bajwa, the son of a Pakistani born British spy. In his obituary, Salim Nasir Bajwa, the father of Shoaib is said to have served in British security services for almost 10 years in 1950s and was engaged in multiple entrepreneurial activities in Pakistan and abroad during his life.

Shoaib Bajwa, son of Pakistani British spy and founder of CTD Advisors
Shoaib Bajwa, son of Pakistani British spy and founder of CTD Advisors

In an interview to the London based Asian Voice, Shoaib explains the reason for founding CTD Advisors. He says, “Since the time of the Second World War, Britain has gradually lost influence in commonwealth states and the emerging markets. It has constricted itself by the EU and kept itself tied to that region.”

He says, “western businesses severely lack insider knowledge” and through his company, he “wants to help construct new economic corridors, from within places such as Nigeria to countries and continents that are as far flung as India and Asia. Essentially, rebuilding a “Global Britain” in modern times.”

Shashi Tharoor

London born Shashi Tharoor is a serving Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, since 2009 and in the words of the founder Shoaib Bajwa, recruited to provide “insider knowledge” making its way to British Intelligence via CTD Advisors to construct “new economic corridors” for “rebuilding a Global Britain in modern times” since it “lost influence in Commonwealth States after WWII.”

Shashi Tharoor, member of Parliament as well as CTD Advisors founded by British intelligence
Shashi Tharoor, member of Parliament as well as CTD Advisors founded by British intelligence

Isn’t providing insider knowledge for cracking business deals to former intelligence chiefs of a foreign country by a serving member of Indian Parliament a conflict of interest, if not an economic offense and an act of espionage?

Office of Profit

As per Indian Constitution a member of the Indian Parliament is explicitly barred from holding an office that would give its occupant the opportunity to gain a financial advantage or benefit. Many parliamentarians have resigned or were disqualified for holding an unlawful office if profit.

  1. In 2006, Indian National Congress President and a Member of Parliament Sonia Gandhi resigned several posts under pressure from the political opposition who asserted that the posts were ‘offices of profit’ and thus unlawful.
  2. Jaya Bachchan was disqualified from the Rajya Sabha, while she was also chairperson of the Uttar Pradesh Film Development Federation.
  3. Two Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly members, Bajrang Bahadur Singh and Uma Shankar Singh, were disqualified in January 2015 due to holding government contracts.
  4. January 19, 2018: President Ram Nath Kovind accepted the Election Commission’s recommendation to disqualify 20 MLAs of Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party for holding offices of profit.

As per than IPL commissioner, Lalit Modi it was Shashi Tharoor who helped organize a consortium that made a successful $333.33 million bid for the Kochi franchise and also disclosed that one person in the investment group was Sunanda Pushkar who had been given equity stakes worth more than $15 million without any investment. The same day Sunanda Pushkar gave up her stake in the Kochi franchise Shashi Tharoor submitted his resignation to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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