Over 100 Decomposing Dead Bodies Of COVID Victims Seen Floating On Banks Of River Ganga In India

Over 100 dead bodies of COVID-19 victims were seen floating on the banks of river Ganga in the Indian state of Bihar. The administration believes the bodies floated down from the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. The bloated and decomposing dead bodies sparked outrage and shock among the villagers.

Over 100 Decomposing Dead Bodies Of COVID Victims Seen Floating On Banks Of River Ganga In India

Bloated, decomposing bodies washed up this morning on the banks of Ganga at Bihar’s Buxar, as per reports.

Dozens of bodies were seen floating in the river at Chausa town – on Bihar’s border with Uttar Pradesh — and later piling up on the banks, to the horror of residents.

People woke up early this morning to the grotesque sight and raised an alarm. The local administration believes the bodies floated down from Uttar Pradesh and belong to Covid patients whose relatives may have been unable to find space to cremate or bury them.

“Some 40-45 bodies were seen floating,” said Chausa district official Ashok Kumar, standing at the site of the horror, Mahadeva Ghat in Chausa.

He said the bodies seem to have been thrown into the river. By some accounts, there could be closer to 100 bodies.

They are bloated and have been in the water for at least five to seven days. We are disposing of the bodies. We need to investigate where they are from, which town in UP – Bahraich or Varanasi or Allahabad,” said another official, KK Upadhyay.

“The bodies are not from here as we don’t have a tradition of disposing of bodies in the river,” Mr Upadhyay said.

There is panic in the town and others nearby about infection from the bodies and from the river water.

Earlier, in a shocking case more than 100 patients died after taking the first or even the second shot of COVID-19 vaccine in one single hospital in India.

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  1. I´m reminded of the negative british colonial history and their
    east indian companiy caused several famines with churchills
    help. vultures + crows became wellfet. now propably again.

  2. the most people dont die from a flu and never in dry summer time ! so I´m shure the most deads had already their pseudo-
    vaccines in any form and became sick to die . so in my opinion the media presstitutes, jewmasonry infested, are the main
    guilty stearing up this covid scam hysteria worldwide. keep in mind who is to be killed . kill gates, fauci, rothschilds, soros,
    rockefellers and all their 5 milion freemason mafia !

  3. In this day and age of Forensic Science it should not be that hard to find out the cause of death.
    How else could the common people know to protect themselves

  4. During a cruise, a wonderful Indian lady told me that Mumbai and other major cities have established industrial-scale crematoria. Why can similar facilities not be built near the Ganges? I’m sensitive to the feelings of Hindus worldwide. However, that to me is an argument for Brahmic priests to perform the appropriate ceremonies, and for the state to subsidize reduced rates for the poor. Every media outlet in India should imitate GGI’s health concerns!

  5. Verification please. At this point in time, the above “news” is hearsay from one person to another and is “proof” of nothing.

    I would expect that someone with a smart phone, with a camera, would have been there to capture pictures of the above bodies floating along, but that does not seem to be the case.

    Why is that?

    If someone told you to put your hand in a burning, red hot fire and you would not burn your hand, would you believe them – like Duh!! – so I have the same doubts about this above story, in much the same way.


    what i learned of life : THIS WORLD IS HELL ! THERE IS NO OTHER HELL !already Buddha
    did know this. in this world always the most evil + insidious are victoriously + honored :
    your people already had a civilisation 10 thousand years before other civilisations and
    your illuminated RISHIS brought you knowledge about religious philosophy, astronomy. space, atom, quantom physiks, mathematiks, other world dimensions when europeans + africans
    still were roaming in their woods . but your peaceful people were not interested to rob
    the earth or conquering to the contrary india was always conquered and robbed by others :
    MONGOLS; HUNNS; ISLAM; BRITISH. they robbed and exployted your people , killed
    milions and starved in many famines . and adicional there now comes the jewish world-
    bank (rothschild,) + kill gates under the disguise to help your country but have other
    things in mind. as they always infiltrate and exploit other nations . look to the side of
    CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL from Kerala i can only as german recommend. i have many of
    his sides stored but i can not any more get in touch with him due to my very limited
    internet logistic possibility. i tried to warn him about this vaccinations fraud and the
    secret insidious hidden criminal vaccination with this PCR”test”fraud through the nose
    what in reality is a vaccination .

  7. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies performed a study and reported on that study on April 30 of this year. The title of this study is: “The Novel Coronavirus’ Spike Protein Plays Additional Key Role in Illness”. A link to that study is here: https://www.salk.edu/news-release/the-novel-coronavirus-spike-protein-plays-additional-key-role-in-illness/. By now you probably have reviewed this report.

    But, when you click on that link and scroll down to the bottom of the summary, right after the “Publication Information” section, you will see a link to the report itself. A link to that report is here:SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2

    Both links are also on the Institute’s website.

    The last paragraph of that report has a more descriptive summary. In the first sentence it states:”…….our data reveals that S protein (spike protein) alone can damage endothelium…..” Further on it states:”….it seems paradoxical that ACE2 reduction by S protein would decrease the virus infectivity, thereby protecting endothelium.” In other words injecting the spike protein to decrease ACE2 to reduce virus damage seems crazy. The second to last sentence reads: “Collectively, our results suggest that the S protein-exerted EC (endothelium cell) damage overrides the decreased virus infectivity.” In other words, the virus itself is inconsequential compared to the damage done by injecting the spike protein into people. Finally the last sentence suggests that we turn our focus to attacking the spike protein itself thru a different vaccine.

    This report by the famous Salk Institute provides a needed platform we can stand on to further battle this global madness!

  8. To: The Salk Institute for Biological Studies performed a study and reported on that study on April 30 of this year.

    Me: There is one train of thought which thinks that vaccines cure everything and there is my train of thought, which suggests to me they do not, where my simple salt and water cure works 100% for me and others who have done my treatment, as I have suggested for more than the past 26 years – I am never ill.

    On the flip side, anyone who had personal insurance, before Coronavirus and Covid arrived from China probably does not have it (them) any more, once they have their experimental test vaccines, because the risk factors of Covid were not factored in back then, because there was no understanding or word like Coronavirus linked to Covid-19, as there now is and all of your insurance policies, after vaccination, are probably void,.or cancelled and if that is so, why pay insurance premiums, if you won’t ever be able to recoup any of your money?

    I don’t know and I can’t say beyond the occasional gossip I hear that suggests this is fact – but if you have been vaccinated or are thinking of being vaccinated, perhaps you should check out this story with your insurer and find out for yourself, one way or the other.

    I put my full name, because I believe in what I say of my salt water cure – I could have posted a fictitious name like antisemit (sh*t stirrer) and hidden behind that, but in order for you to believe what I am offering, I believe that I must address myself by my name, so that you can see I am real and that I care about each and every one of you, smitten with Coronavirus.

    I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t make it drink.

  9. Why is there not a stronger unified global push to outlaw all “vaccines” that are gene therapy death serums and quarantine all who have been vaccinated and take all politicians plus Gates, Fauci, Wuhan lab chiefs, Soros, Rockefellers, Schwab and all members of the Cabal to jail then trial (Nuremberg II) prior to execution.
    How can 7 billion plus people in the world let about 1,000 satanic child sacrificing criminals spread a global killer disease? Area all our “World Leaders” bought and paid for by the Cabal?
    Urgent immediate action is required!

  10. Yes the world can easily become Hell, as you demon- strated with the names of Luciferians/Jesuit/Freemasonic but really the same mob Banking Pirate Cartels, Male His -tory shows the same companies, now corporations. Humans need to protect their Divine Gifts, Life, Love and Divine Babies…until we get basic principles, Male War Roman Cult, with a narcissistic love of themselves, it is psychopathic, but all the words, we know who, why, what, where, when but what will we do with the answer 42 from Maat Laws that inspired Jesus Movement to Rise,the same pirates in power now, look what they did to Jesus, and have not stopped killing Gods Children since, will we learn….Hermes Lamented to All…But we did and still do not get, we are the Life, we need to Live it seeking Love, Giving Love, with the knowledge we have to fight for it till our end. Like the parables tell you in all ancient words of humans.

  11. The problem is that the super rich control everything, politicians, media, etc through their wealth and power and they are above “The Law”.
    This is not about God or any religion, this is about the reduction of the human race and if you will survive it or not and if you do, whether you survive the final “mopping up” .
    Nobody can convince me that Jesus actually lived or did the things he was supposed to have done, because apart from the Bible, there is no evidence to suggest it is anything more than a cleverly crafted story, said to have originated from the Greeks 600 years after “Jesus” was supposed to have lived.
    All of this religious stuff was supposed to have happened while the Romans were in power and they catalogued and reported on everything, but they did not report on Jesus and they were supposed to have put him on the Cross and taken him down before he drained out of blood (caused by the Roman’s spear), so he could arise again, until the blood loss and infection killed him.
    It does seem rather pointless to quote about a man who lived 2,000 years ago, (if he did) like that has anything to do with today and the technical innovations which rule “our World”.
    This is about a deadly form of flu called Coronavirus (which was a really clever marketing tool) and Covid which you get afterwards, if left untreated in the head – see my simple free salt water cure – and I personally think the two should be separated, because religion has nothing to do with Coronavirus, which does not care what you believe in, it will infect everyone and everything, that it can, because it wants to survive, just the same as each of us want to, although for different reasons.
    When you are above the Law and can wreak whatever havoc you wish on humanity – experimental test vaccines which probably don’t work as “we” expect – for example, the only thing left is to get as many vaccinated as you can, for whatever reason and we will find out what that reason is, in the fullness of time.


    why ? because worldwide the ruling jewmafia has worldwide their 5 milion freemason slaves
    under their order and the only which could liberate humanity from this mafia are military +
    police. they have arms. they could imprison + kill all the traitors. but they dont do it. WHY ?

  13. To antisemit: Yawn. Put another record on, this one about Jews is worn out.
    If you have so much hate for the Jews, what is your religion and nationality, so we have an idea where you are coming from to spew so much hate?
    What have the Jews ever done to you?
    I gather Freemasons are nothing to do with Jews, they are a closed secret society with their own Laws and procedures – I don’t belong to any secret societies and frankly, I don’t see the point of it all.


  14. As above: You want wars, you express hate against the Jews. Do you know they have nuclear weapons which they are very capable of using and then they have the Mossad who hunt people like you down and kill you, because you draw the wrong sort of attention to them – you put your heads in the mouth of a Tiger, expect to have them bitten off.
    Perhaps you need an example made of you – is that what you are trying to achieve – “we” have Coronavirus and Covid and test vaccines killing off lots of people and the only thing that interests you is waging a paper war on the Jews – get a life, or better yet, find somewhere else to preach your hate, because this is not the place.
    You are so warped in your thinking, that I would be surprised if you could walk in a straight line.
    The thing about your hate is that you have lost track of humanity, or being human and caring for those around you and to help and survive Covid.
    Remember, all it takes is a push from behind, when you are standing on a busy railway platform, or alongside a busy road and splat, or even a knife in the side, in a busy crowd – seriously is that what it would take to shut you up?
    I am not Jewish, I don’t follow any religion and there is nothing you can say to bother me, but you are vermin, to put your hate above Covid and the need for everyone to work together against it, to the exclusion of all else.


  15. @richard noakes
    thanks . i just only put the finger on the source and that is
    that they have the chosen right to rule and suck us out for the
    most stupid still dont know like i did not know before the
    internet aera and that they incited all wars since at least
    250 years . and luckyly people are learning ! ! !

  16. The Jews were exterminated by the Germans in WW2 – 1939 – 1945, millions were executed (gassed) in the buildings they had for that purpose.

    Those Jews who survived WW2 decided to recover on the land which they originated from and took back large parts of the desert, unused by anyone, to establish their own Israel and have since prospered there – the Arabs have tried to get rid of them on 2 occasions and failed miserably each time.

    There are not that many Jews left in the world against all other major religions and the troubles we have now are caused by the super rich, who are not Jews, but other religions and they don’t care about God, or what happens to themselves when they die, they are enjoying their wealth and power that wealth gives them to change the world to their calling and there is nothing much the rest of us can do about it, because they have total control of everything and everyone who is important, because of the money they can spend to do that – and we can’t.

    Blaming the Jews for things which happen in the world today, makes no sense, because they are not the cause of this problem, or the makers of test vaccines for Covid, or anything to do with Covid, they are in the same place as the rest of us.

    Nobody incites wars against anybody else, except the Dictators who want more land than they currently have and go to war to get that result.

    Individual people have no political muscle, despots like these Dictators provoke wars which they think they can win by the force of numbers, the political clout they can pull to their cause and the machinery of war, to make that happen.

    There is a time and place for hate of one race over another, but this is neither the time or the place.

    Mankind, you and me and everyone else who is “human” are in the fight for our survival as a race and if Covid does not wipe us out, then those who survive it will be few and far between, not helped by test vaccines, who efficiency has yet to be demonstrated…..

    I think our survival as a race which many of us won’t survive , is far more important than provoking wars between religions at this point in time, don’t you?


  17. @ RICH NOAK
    as an asslicker of the jews you shurely are protected by your real name .

  18. New Delhi: The Congress hit out at the Centre over the resignation of noted virologist Shahid Jameel from a national panel on genome sequencing of coronavirus, alleging that there is no place for professionals in this government.
    The opposition party alleged that the Prime Minister “Modi government’s aversion for evidence-based policy-making has pushed India into the current crisis.”

    “The resignation of Dr Shahid Jameel, one of India’s best virologists, is really sad. Modi Sarkar has no place for professionals who can speak their mind freely without fear or favour,” senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh tweeted.

    This type of behaviour is also a virus which has spread through the medical community. Every country has a code of silence when it comes to speaking the truth about SARS-cov2 origin, its genetic make up, it’s possible cures.

    In america during the height of the pandemic there were accounts of motorcycle accidents tabulated into covid deaths if the at some point had a positive covid test. The problem with those false positives is that the test pcr was never intended for covid testing.

    Kary Mullis, who won a 1993 Nobel Prize for inventing the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing process later used to diagnose Coronavirus cases, said that Dr. Anthony Fauci lacks knowledge of medicine and is willing to lie on television. Mullis also admitted in another set of videotaped remarks that a PCR test “doesn’t tell you that you’re sick.”

    These bodies dumped into the river could be a ploy to increase fear and to contaminate the waters which people use for bathing, drinking ect.

    With american CDC foundation [ government/ private company partnership with investments in vaccines and patents] coming to India, I personally would not count out sabotaging valid science based evidence of a 5 virus chimera [ according to Peter Dezek from eco health which Dr Fauci contracted research for him and Peter Dezk worked with Dr Ralph who in turn worked with Dr Shi [more commonly known as ” bat woman”].

    This interlocked/ interwoven partnership of medical experimenters with Bil and Melinda Gates funded money through Dr Fauci NIH breeds greed and carelessness of humankind’s survival rate by infecting the world with deadly viruses meant to [ biolevel3/4] to kill us off.

    India needs to step lightly when dealing with modern wealthy countries unless they like the yolk of another east india company painted in medical tyranny.

    Note to ” anti semite and Richard.
    1- not all Jews were killed in Germany . There were plenty of German Jews that were assimilated and helped fight the ideology of the SS and Hitler but they didn’t get the credit they deserved.

    2- the Jews of Israel today aren’t semites so when railing against jews by your name ” anti semite , you really are rattling against the Palestinians who are semites. Ironic isn’t it?

    Have a good one and keep up the good fight against medical tyranny.

  19. Right out of the David Rockerfeller scenarios for the future of technology and international development. Lockstep begins pg 18 and India has A ROLE AND NARRATIVE TO PLAY.

    Ironically India has a ” role” in David Rockefeller scenarios for the future of technology and INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT May 2010 report by Judith Rodin President of Rockefeller 2010 report.

    Lock step starts page 18

    Scenario: life in lockstep

    “Life in lockstep

    Manisha gazed out on the Ganges River, mesmerized by what she saw. Back in
    2010, when she was 12 years old, her parents had brought her to this river so that she
    could bathe in its holy waters. But standing at the edge, Manisha had been afraid. It
    wasn’t the depth of the river or its currents that had scared her, but the water itself:
    it was murky and brown and smelled pungently of trash and dead things. Manisha
    had balked, but her mother had pushed her forward, shouting that this river flowed
    from the lotus feet of Vishnu and she should be honored to enter it. Along with
    millions of Hindus, her mother believed the Ganges’s water could cleanse a person’s
    soul of all sins and even cure the sick. So Manisha had grudgingly dunked herself
    in the river, accidentally swallowing water in the process and receiving a bad case
    of giardia, and months of diarrhea, as a result.
    Remembering that experience is what made today so remarkable. It was now 2025.
    Manisha was 27 years old and a manager for the Indian government’s Ganges
    Purification Initiative (GPI). Until recently, the Ganges was still one of the most
    polluted rivers in the world, its coliform bacteria levels astronomical due to the
    frequent disposal of human and animal corpses and of sewage (back in 2010, 89
    million liters per day) directly into the river. Dozens of organized attempts to clean
    the Ganges over the years had failed. In 2009, the World Bank even loaned India
    $1 billion to support the government’s multi-billion dollar cleanup initiative. But
    then the pandemic hit, and that funding dried up. But what didn’t dry up was the
    government’s commitment to cleaning the Ganges—now not just an issue of public
    health but increasingly one of national pride.
    Manisha had joined the GPI in 2020, in part because she was so impressed by
    the government’s strong stance on restoring the ecological health of India’s most
    treasured resource. Many lives in her home city of Jaipur had been saved by the
    government’s quarantines during the pandemic, and that experience, thought
    Manisha, had given the government the confidence to be so strict about river usage

    now: how else could they get millions of Indian citizens to completely shift their
    cultural practices in relationship to a holy site? Discarding ritually burned bodies
    in the Ganges was now illegal, punishable by years of jail time. Companies found
    to be dumping waste of any kind in the river were immediately shut down by the
    government. There were also severe restrictions on where people could bathe and
    where they could wash clothing. Every 20 meters along the river was marked by
    a sign outlining the repercussions of “disrespecting India’s most treasured natural
    resource.” Of course, not everyone liked it; protests flared every so often. But no
    one could deny that the Ganges was looking more beautiful and healthier than ever.
    Manisha watched as an engineering team began unloading equipment on the banks.
    Many top Indian scientists and engineers had been recruited by the government to
    develop tools and strategies for cleaning the Ganges in more high-tech ways. Her
    favorite were the submersible bots that continuously “swam” the river to detect,
    through sensors, the presence of chemical pathogens. New riverside filtration
    systems that sucked in dirty river water and spit out far cleaner water were also
    impressive—especially because on the outside they were designed to look like
    mini-temples. In fact, that’s why Manisha was at the river today, to oversee the
    installation of a filtration system located not even 100 feet from where she first
    stepped into the Ganges as a girl. The water looked so much cleaner now, and recent
    tests suggested that it might even meet drinkability standards by 2035. Manisha
    was tempted to kick off her shoe and dip her toe in, but this was a restricted area
    now—and she, of all people, would never break that law.”

    Interestingly enough recently dead bodies were floating in Indias river said to be related to covid. People [ they dont know which people] just dumped the bodies in the life river of india….coincidence? There are no coincidences

    Also Peter Daszak mentioned ” SPILL OVER” of diseases in India in his interview..

    Spill over happens. And it is associated with disease. Because I ” expect” just like Nipah [ primarily in Bangladesh and India] dozens of spill overs going on the planet at anyone time, which we just never SEE.”

    India has a ROLE in this lock step synergistic strategic plan.

    Letter from Judith Rodin report in lock step.

    “. We take a synergistic, strategic approach…”


    When something is synergistic, it means various parts are working together to produce an enhanced result…You’ve probably heard the phrase “more than the sum of its parts.”

     The prefix syn- means “together with” or “united.” 

    When synergistic parts work together, they accomplish more than they could alone. 

    Synergetic is often used to describe the effect of drugs working together — where one drug increases the other’s effectiveness. Synergistic can also describe the cooperative efforts of several people working together — like a team of superheroes fighting crime.

    Strategy, in warfare, the science or art of employing all the military, economic, political, and other resources of a country to achieve the objects of war.

    This is a war on our life running through our veins called blood.

    What ROLE would India like to take besides the one laid out for them…

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