Zelensky Wants To Change The Name Of Russia

Ukrainians would like to rename Russia — and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is interested in the idea.

A petition has been circulated urging the Ukrainian government to officially change Russia’s name to “Muscovy,” a term which originated in the 13th century and referred to large swaths of modern-day northwestern Russia.

The move is part of a Ukrainian push to diminish what the Russians claim as their historic origin story. Senior Russian officials have already slammed the plan and criticized it as being a provocation.

The recent row has its roots in a historical dispute over whether Russia or Ukraine can claim to be the legitimate successor of Kyivan Rus — the first state of the Eastern Slavs, which converted to Christianity.

Zelenskyy responded to the petition by saying the issue needs careful historical and cultural consideration with regard to possible international legal consequences — but didn’t rule it out.

“Taking into account the above, I appealed to the prime minister of Ukraine a request for its comprehensive processing, in particular with involvement [of] scientific institutions, and informing me and the author of the petition about the results,” Zelenskyy said.

Congress is prepared to push through an additional $12 billion just one day after Zelensky complained. Now, Zelensky has revealed how much US taxpayers give to Ukraine monthly.

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