You Can Try To Build AI Like ChatGPT, But You Will Fail –  OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Tells Indians

During an event organized by the Economic Times, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman told Indians, “You can try to build AI like ChatGPT, but you will fail.”

India can be a difficult place for tech bigwigs, particularly if they are prone to speaking their minds without caring if they are wrong or right. On that note, we don’t know if Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO and the man behind ChatGPT, is right or wrong in asserting that Indians cannot build something like ChatGPT. But his comments are buzzing on social media, a day after he said that even if companies or people in India tried to build something like ChatGPT, it would be “totally hopeless.”

Altman made his comments on Thursday, the day when he was in India as part of his whirlwind tour of Asia. At an event organised by the Economic Times, Altman was asked for his guidance and input on how one could start to create something like OpenAI and ChatGPT in India. The question was asked by Rajan Anandan, former Google India head and currently a venture capitalist.

Altman was blunt in his reply. The OpenAI CEO said, “The way this works isâ€æ we’re going to tell you, it’s totally hopeless to compete with us on training foundation modelâ€æ you shouldn’t try, and it’s your job to like try anyway. And I believe both of those things. I think it is pretty hopeless.”

To be specific, here is what Anandan asked: “Sam, we have got a very vibrant ecosystem in Indiaâ€æ but specifically focussing on AI, are there spaces where you see a startup from India building foundational (AI) modelsâ€æ how should we think about that, where is it that a team from India (should start) to actually build something truly substantial?”

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So, what did really happen here? Well, to simplify: Anandan asked how someone should in India go about building something like ChatGPT. And Altman simply said that it was not possible. His words essentially mean: you can try, but you will fail.

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