WTO Panel Just Ruled That India Has Violated Global Trade Agreements

In 2019, the European Union took India to the WTO, alleging that India had imposed tariffs on certain products that exceeded what had been agreed to at the international level. Recently, a WTO panel ruled that India has violated global trade agreements.

The dispute panel of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Monday ruled that India has violated global trade agreements by imposing duties on certain communications and information technology products, and called for India to rectify the situation.

The dispute arose because, back in 2019, the European Union took India to the WTO alleging that it had imposed duties on these products in excess of what had been agreed to at an international level. Taiwan and Japan also soon joined the case against India.

The judgment by the WTO’s panel is 146 pages long and contains significant amounts of technical jargon, but the crux of the matter seems to be a disagreement over what items are included in an international agreement signed in 1996 and to which India became party in 1997.

“The European Union challenges the duties applied by India to imports of certain information communication technology (ICT) products, on the ground that such duties are in excess of the relevant tariff bindings set forth in India’s WTO Schedule,” the WTO’s order said. 

ThePrint reached the Ministry of Commerce for a comment on the order and on whether India will appeal it. This report will be updated if and when a response is received. 

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