World’s Largest Cylindrical Aquarium Explodes (Video)

The world’s largest cylindrical aquarium exploded. A hundred firefighters were dispatched to the area, and the cause is now being looked into.

World’s Largest Cylindrical Aquarium Explodes Video

On Friday, a massive aquarium in Berlin, Germany, which held 1,500 exotic species and a million gallons of water, ruptured.

The Radisson Blu hotel’s lobby’s AquaDom was regarded as the world’s biggest free-standing cylindrical aquarium.

The building of the fish tank, which is 14 meters tall (46 feet), cost €12.8 million (about $13.6 million). It was renovated two years after it first debuted in 2003.

The aquarium apparently ruptured early in the morning, making a loud noise, flooding the hotel lobby, and littering the streets with debris. Glass shards injured two people, who were then brought to the hospital.

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The aquarium housed about 100 species of tropical fish, which the tragedy also caused “incredible maritime damage,” according to the authorities.

Although guests were asked to leave the hotel, one was able to record the extensive damage the rapid burst of water caused to the building.

A hundred firefighters were dispatched to the area, and the cause is now being looked into.

The AquaDom operator, SeaLife, which owns aquariums all over the world, stated on its website that the Berlin attraction is “unfortunately temporarily closed”. Visitors who had already purchased tickets were asked to reschedule.

Watch the video below:

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