Healthcare Workers In India Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Jabs Concerned With Side Effects

Numerous healthcare workers in India have been reported to fake taking the COVID-19 vaccine shots due to concerns of side-effects and pressure from the administration to take it.

Healthcare Workers In India Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Jabs Concerned With Side Effects

Healthcare workers across Bengaluru are faking getting the Covid-19 vaccine, officials in Bengaluru admitted.

A senior BBMP health officer told the Times of India they have come across at least 20 instances where workers have not taken the vaccine, although they claimed to have.

This is because many healthcare workers have doubts about the safety and efficacy of the jab and are hesitant to take it.

“One medical officer said he did not trust the vaccine and did not want it, so he instructed the nurse to hold a small ball of cotton to his arm to make it look like he took the jab,” said the source.

Kamala (name changed), a nurse at a PHC in Shivajinagar, said a health worker who was afraid of getting the jab, faked the act by getting her colleague to simulate injecting the vaccine.

“Many are unhappy over being asked to take the vaccine as they do not trust it yet. The two deaths that were reported have added to fears,” Kamala said.

“We don’t want the vaccine but there is pressure to take it. Our bosses are all taking the vaccine to set an example for us. In such a scenario, it’s hard for us to opt out since we could draw their displeasure.”

However, Manjunatha Prasad, commissioner, BBMP, insisted there is no pressure on anyone.

“Everyone who is registered on the CoWIN portal is eligible to be inoculated,” Prasad said. “They can take the vaccine if they want to. It is not mandatory. There is no compulsion.”

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