Woke; Yet Not Awake!

The word “WOKE” has an adjective meaning as “alert to injustice in society”, a definition which seems only to go one way. For this new religion is absolute with non-believers deemed resolute or heretics to be dealt with in various repulsive ways.

Woke; Yet Not Awake!

There was once a time when it was acceptable for people to agree to disagree and still go forth respectfully, but no longer as for now to oppose any view makes one a troll and under a bridge you now must go.  Which when cancelled, unfriended and without a job maybe the only remaining choice you’ve got, but why and for what, for uttering wrong think to their group think?

As you must not question or proffer reason at all, against any of their clarion calls, no matter how insane they maybe, you have to agree to any schema put forth be they in some way feasible or bordering on idiocy, for if not you will garner far more than the prescribed two minutes of hate from these people who so love to berate, and impart such vile avowals accusing you of prejudice views, when in truth it’s them prejudging you.

The intimidations come thick and fast for anyone not on their righteous path and with pitchforks no longer used by senseless mobs, keyboards are now enthusiastically applied to drive forth their toxic diatribes.  Anonymously, venting wanton sentiments online that they would never dare say to a person face to face, with threats of rape or even death being made in the hope to destroy those simply holding a different view, for they are so intolerant these ostensibly wakened few!

They do not engage within discussion or debate with anyone to whom they disagree as rationality, data or weight of evidence are all refused to those perceived to hold degenerate views.  No common ground will be considered or conceded to the oppressors, by those who deem themselves oppressed, far better to dwell within their echo chambers amongst their self-congratulatory narrow-minded clique, never being challenged or considering anything new from those holding different opinions, like you.  How are such people supposed to progress when alternative ideas are considered duress?  Much better it seems to have closed minds to halt the advent of potential thought crimes.  The only crime however is not thinking at all, which they seem to desire from us all and in some ways it’s essentially working as more and more we self-censor what we say just to traverse the many minefields of today.  Silence maybe safer, but is it right in a climate where anything at all can be weaponised, as the censors win outright, when we allow censorship to become interiorised.

The innumerable doctrines of wokery are now everywhere, as you cannot look up without seeing them there, with TV ads and much-loved shows and even Hollywood with its movies an stars all having a go.  We have sports personalities interjecting their views and woke corporations weighing in on how we should be, all lecturing us on morality, with nought more than hypocritical respect an signalling their virtue when they clearly hold none.  If these famous icons and brands were not enough the credo has infested so many of our establishments, which holds dire ramifications for us all, when those with power deceitfully enthral.

As our education systems are now anything but, with safe spaces, trigger warnings an little teaching going on.  Critical thinking should be key, not the Marxist dogma we currently see.  Students should be taught how and not what to think, so their minds are opened to experiences new, fully enabled to question and challenge so they can come to their own points of view.  Not indoctrinated into narrow-minded ideologies, beliefs or partisan positions leading to the pluralistic ignorance so distinctive within herd mentalities, making them BAAAAAHH like the sheep that they are!

We follow the science they so arguably say, though not it seems in every way, for apparently gender is no longer a matter of biology, but rather a construct so antisocial and should one disagree, you will be pilloried as a bigot to the nth degree.

The mainstream media no longer reports, with news being buried or when articulated at all it is styled via inequitable positions to accuracy, with spin and bluster widely used as surrogates for facts or truth.  Cities on fire or police officers injured in “Mainly Peaceful” protests recently casing the point, a narrative carried worldwide by so many as veracity when it was actually blatant dishonesty, with CNN and our Biased Broadcasting Corporation proudly leading the way.  This is now a daily occurrence for so many of the reports that people no longer believe a single imparted word and are forced to seek out news in other differing ways.

This too is problematic with big tech being so dogmatic and a small number of oligarchs deciding what you can hear an see.

The Nazi’s on Hitlers order burned books with great glee, but Bezos at Amazon goes one better than he, as this man thwarts literature he doesn’t like from being promoted and sold and burns the ideas of others on the bonfire of his vanity, as on his platform “Mein Kampf” can be bought and yet books promoting free speech and open thought are taken down, limiting what people can buy and read.

Apple’s Tim Cook deserves a very close look, least not for the forced or child labour used to make his over hyped stuff.  But also for his high-priced devices with all their hooks.  Agree to his terms of service an sell your soul, as acolytes of the cult of Apple see blue bubbles everywhere across their devices within the hallowed walled garden.  But you must not look over those palisades to see what’s available outside this milieu where you can get far more for much less, no you have to remain faithful to the church of Cook as all your connected tech won’t work if you don’t, as they simply won’t pair if you go elsewhere.  Like most cults there are many ways in but few ways out as Apple tie your life to their mean-minded brand as when their junk breaks down you have no “right to repair” for you have to go to Apple to fix any flaws as he’s legally blocked independent specialists from repairing anything at all.  This is when he gets his self-styled “Geniuses” to charge you and arm and a leg to fix minor faults or more likely propose that an upgrade might be cheaper for you, hooking you once more to purchase something new.  He’s even been caught slowing down old tech ensuring customers will have to buy new, further exploiting his indoctrinated few.  Want an app on his platform to make your business all swish an he will extort you a 30% vigorish just to exist.  “Think Different” Apple say, but it should be asked if Cook wants you to think at all and certainly don’t question how his company wields its power, because if you do he will most certainly sue.

Where do we start with pasty faced Zuck the man who outwardly heads up Facebook?  As Mark Zuckerberg’s odious actions are undeniably immense from freely giving over your information to those within intelligence in exchange for vast amounts of funding from their governments, to undertaking secret phycological tests upon users without gaining consent.  If you hold no interest in Facebook or Zuckerberg’s authoritarian ways then it doesn’t really matter, as most likely he already has a shadow profile created for you.  As he has collected your data without any formal permission or request and kindly set up an account for you just in case you should one day relent.  But think seriously before you do as he manipulates so much upon his platform, an that includes you.  As he creates filter bubbles of what is shown upon every individual newsfeed, causing you to see what he wants you to see, but not everything that your friends post to view, using your past history to target ads at you via personal means or to influence how you think and act in subtle degrees.  You get hits of dopamine in reward for every “like” given an received as his deliberately designed feedback loop is more addictive than heroin or crack-cocaine, which sadly is not hyperbole but what expert international studies have to say.  He isn’t a publisher he always decries and yet he moderates content all of the time, as posting personal views too often which are not of his lockstep will cause him to act as a true martinet, employing biased “fact checkers”  inspecting the opinions people share, as it appears that you are too dumb to do this yourself.  How can a partisan organisation be in any way just, when they frequently mark accurate information as false?  An it appears they only check people who reflect a certain way an give a free pass to all those they approve, even when they spout relentless untruths.  Just who checks these fact checkers and how are they bona fide and why can’t we riposte the verdicts they make, as in court everyone is allowed to proffer a defence, but not with Zuckerberg who is now an inept moral arbiter to all, but who in hell gave him such authority over the world?

Pichai at Google is one of the worst as his company actually has a creepy line, which he crosses all of the time.  As he attempts to mould our realities into versions compatible with his corporation’s world view, using AI censorship weapons to modify search algorithms and thereby promoting the agendas that he wants to encourage and dispelling information that he’d rather not see flourish.  The power he gains from using his artificial “DeepMind” is boundless, as it’s many things, least not the world’s biggest spying machine.  As every phone is now a wiretap and all computers are now connected to his control programme.  There is no net neutrality with Pichai who has a six-part plan for complete data ascendancy and thereby exhibiting as a false deity to all, fully controlling what can be seen by black listing websites at a rate of ten thousand a day and secretly filtering page ranking scores to manipulate in every imaginable way.  His company is connected to many governments and their defence programmes, in fact most all administrative departments are in some way enveloped so who knows where that might develop, regime change perhaps or the subversion of democracies, time will yet tell but one single company holding such power, it cannot end well.  It is certain for sure that “Eric Arthur Blair” or more precisely his sobriquet, would be so proud that his envisaged future has not only come to pass, but in reality has authentically been surpassed by the “big brother” of Google, Alphabet Inc.  So come on Pichai follow your own slogan and “Don’t Be Evil” or more accurately and before it’s too late, cease being so!

Dorsey at Twitter does all that he can to hinder the circulation of stories he doesn’t want you to see, siting dubious reasonings concerning legitimacy, he takes down accounts by the thousands for having opinions with which he doesn’t agree, banning world leaders and regular people equally.  He then declares that if you do not like his dire censorship that you can go elsewhere, but when people do so in vast numbers he does despair.  As no competition is allowed in this clicky billionaires club, where all narratives must be controlled for the greater good, so with his stock price taking a tumble old bearded Jack enlisted his Silicon Valley cronies mentioned above, to shut down a genuine competitor on grounds that they themselves are all fully guilty of, further ensuring that speech is no longer free and demonstrating that Dorsey is not an anodyne hipster, but rather an autocrat in a daft floppy hat.

YouTube’s Wojcicki or Ms Demonetisation will make you pay if you don’t stay within the bounds of her main fray, for viewers she bombards you with endless irritating ads and doesn’t allow you to see films that she thinks of as fads.  Russian collision well that’s ok, but prospective election fraud or questions on Covid, oh no those videos can’t stay.  For content creators it’s even baser as its three strikes an out, stay within the ever-shrinking Overton Window and you may be ok, but push a controversial opinion that was conventional two minutes ago and she’ll take your business away.

Well big tech, we do not require any of you to tell us what we can think, say or do!  As it’s obvious from your hegemony that the public square is now available to but a few and because of your unlaudable actions that the internet is no longer open, so shame on you.

These are private companies many do say, so they can do as they please, a fact that should fill us all with total unease.  Because these six woke capitalists have control of so much, more so than many governments, without being elected as such.  There are no checks and balances on what they can do, no regulation or market forces to help protect you.  Their biases are clear for all to perceive and they are the gatekeepers of information which is vital to see.  These monopolies are not working for the benefit of you and should be broken up or at a minimum modernised into utilities with full and equal access to all and if that is not possible, then these despotic empires must fall.

We all have to rouse from our slumbered states, we have to push back and hard, before it’s too late as this draconian ideology cannot become mainstream, for its hard to believe that anyone would relish living within the wokerati’s wet dream.

So band together with others who feel as you do and cease excepting falsehoods as truth, as there is strength in numbers when likeminded people form accords, so organise an armed with informed and erudite validations employ your collective influence to stand your ground, refuse to be cancelled and do not take the knee, for its submission they desire and not unity.  Do not apologise if you have done nothing wrong or feel guilt for anything that occurred before you were born.  It’s frightening I know calling out tyranny with all you can lose, your job which you need to keep you and yours fed, your reputation which could end up frayed or in tatters just for something you’ve said.  But the price for not acting will mean that you will lose so much more as your sense of self and who you are, walks right out the door.  So find your voices again and be silent no more.  But be respectful and polite even when they are full on irate as it drives them nuts an will showcase their hate.  Stand up for others who are unjustly accused and en masse demand better from the institutions which we all fund to use.  Be critical of theories designed to derive division upon whom we all are, for we are better subsisting together and are all far greater than just the sum of our parts.

To the woke corporations who sanctimoniously preach, vote with your wallets and your feet, use their competitors striking at their bottom lines in the hope that such proscribes will provoke the woke to go broke!  As for big business and tech overwhelm your lawmakers with demands to protect the democracies of which we all so respect, an in doing so protecting you, the many from the actions of the unscrupulous few.

An if they still refuse to listen and if all else fails, crowdfund the fees and take matters to law to assure that they heed your resounding clamours.  These collective deeds should be enacted if only to ensure that the coveted woke utopia will never endure.  Because it’s not improvement they wish, which can always be found, but to destroy what has been built up over years of struggle, to tear everything down.

The engagement of these ideologues has now become a must if we are to preserve the wonderous things within society with which we all hold in trust, as make no mistake it’s our cultures they want to cancel and our hard-won liberties and nothing less which are on the line, an to do nothing against this woke madness is no longer an option that we can contemplate as we wait for some illusive manumitter to appear to set things straight.  As the cavalry is not coming to head them off at the pass and therefore it falls to individuals like you to get up off your arse and fight for the freedoms which we all hold so dear, as not to do so would be simply catastrophic as they reinvent the world to become unjust and monochromatic.  Because in the end it comes down into a simple truth that binds, that when markets, ideas, expression and speech are no longer free, then I am afraid ladies and gentlemen that neither are we!

Alexander MacNeil for GreatGameIndia

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