WITNESS AFFIDAVIT: How Smartmatic Voting Machines Were Designed To Steal US Elections

According to the witness affidavit of a high ranking military officer the Smartmatic Voting machines were specifically designed in a way that the system could change the vote of each voter without being detected in order to steal US Elections.

WITNESS AFFIDAVIT How Smartmatic Voting Machines Were Designed To Steal US Elections
WITNESS AFFIDAVIT How Smartmatic Voting Machines Were Designed To Steal US Elections

The explosive witness affidavit of the high-ranking military officer in possession of former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell is part of the evidence her legal team is gathering against foreign interference in 2020 US Elections.

She read out part of the affidavit in a Fox News interview with Lou Dobbs. Below is the transcript from the said interview.

SIDNEY POWELL: I’ve just got some stunning evidence from a witness, a high-ranking military officer who was present when SmartMatic was designed. And I’m gonna just read you some of these statements, if you don’t mind, so I get them exactly right:

From the Affidavit: Designed in a way that the system could change the vote of each voter without being detected. He wanted the software itself to function in such a manner that if the voter were to place their thumbprint or fingerprint on a scanner, then the thumbprint would be tied to a record of the voter’s name and identity as having voted, but that voter would not be tracked to the changed vote.

He made it clear that the system would have to be set up but not leave any evidence of the changed vote for the specific voter, and that there would be no evidence to show, and nothing to contradict that the name and the fingerprint or thumbprint was going with a changed vote. SmartMatic agreed to create such a system and produced the software and the hardware that accomplished the result for President [Hugo] Chavez.

After the SmartMatic electoral system was put into place, he closely observed several elections where the results were manipulated using the SmartMatic software. Once such election was in 2006, when Chavez was running against Rosales. Chavez won with a landslide over Rosales, a margin of nearly 6 million votes for Chavez, vs. 3.7 million for Rosales.

In 2013, he witnessed another Venezuelan national election where the SmartMatic system was used to manipulate and change the results. In a control room where multiple digital display screens were shown for results and voting, the actual voting results were fed into that room and onto the displays over an Internet feed, which was connected to a sophisticated computer system created by SmartMatic.

People in that room were able to see in real time whether the votes that came through the electronic voting system was in their favor or against them. If one looked at any particular screen, they could determine that the vote from any specific area or as a national total was going to be against either candidate. Persons controlling the vote tabulating computer had the ability to change the reporting of votes by moving votes from one candidate to another by using the SmartMatic software.

WATCH VIDEO: Sidney Powell reading the explosive witness affidavit of the high-ranking military officer claiming how the Smartmatic machines were designed to steal US Elections

Later in the interview, Powell goes onto allege that the same SmartMatic/Dominion system has been used to change the outcomes of elections all over the world, and alleges that the CIA would have to know about it if this was indeed happening.

GreatGameIndia has already documented how these Voting Machines manufacturers rigged elections in various nations. One of the vendors, a Denver-based Canadian Crown Agent company Dominion Voting Systems has a long history of allegation of election rigging and interference in elections of various nations, including census data theft in India and interference in US Elections of 2020.

The votes cast by Americans were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scytl in Spain. Like Dominion Voting Systems, Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various nations including injecting backdoors in its election software.

GreatGameIndia is also in possession of official documents which reveal that Dominion Voting Systems submitted a bid to The City of Philadelphia to be considered for use in elections. However, Philadelphia rejected Dominion for fear of foreign interference in US Elections. Based on our massive exposé on the vote switching scandal in US Elections by Dominion Voting Systems and the bankrupted company Scytl, a legal battle has been launched to overturn election results in multiple US states.

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  1. Ah, watch out, you might get what you’re after
    Cool babies, strange, but not a stranger
    I’m an ordinary guy
    Burning down the house..clear the swamp

  2. What absolute ridiculous nonsense! If these voting machines were built to rig elections then the company building them would already be in bankruptcy and its management in prison. The use of these machines is not voter fraud as the voters had nothing to do with the operation of the machines. No such use would amount to election fraud and the two major political Parties would be responsible. So why doesn’t the DOJ charge the major Parties with election fraud?

  3. The leaders of our country from Daddy Bush through Obama were not working for the American people- they were all corrupt regardless of party affiliation. That is why Trump been under attack this entire time. They (the elite of the world like Soros and Rothschilds) don’t own him! He is working for us. And the Mainstream media only exists in four separately owned outlets worldwide. Guess who owns them?! Yep, families of the elite. I don’t doubt the dems cheated. This same group sold all our American ports to foreign entities years ago. Yet, no one was in a uproar about that… bc mainstream media didn’t report on it.

  4. Smartmatic voting was used to cheat Princess Kiram who lost in his own Muslim voters. The next one who was cheated was the son of former president Marcos. The recount was showing all the discrepancy on the election results because Smartmatic machines are being run by the Oligarch. The election results are sent by a program known as betwixt who grabs all the results and break it apart and the results sent to a final count making it 2/3 to 1/3 tally. So, after sending the results the betwixt are deleted. The only way to solve this problem is to arrest the owner of Smartmatic cheating machine.

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