Will the gaming sector be a booming job industry for Generation Z in India?

Two years have already passed after the global population experienced confinements and economic uncertainty due to the covid-19 pandemic, the effects generated by such events are beginning to be evaluated.

Although there are positive and negative consequences, it has turned out to be more beneficial than expected for India. Today, the country is considered one of the leaders in the online gaming market, thanks to its exponential growth over the past two years.

In fact, what was once considered taboo is now beginning to be accepted. Such is the case of the situation of the online casinos sector in India that has been fighting for its regularization for decades and that, only recently, began to take steps towards this goal. We refer to the Karnataka High Court partially repealed the law that penalized online games throughout its territory.

Now, having taken this small step towards the regularization of the gaming sector, it puts in perspective a future in which a large number of jobs will be opened for the replacement generation. We refer to Generation Z. Let’s see what professional opportunities this sector of the population has in the coming years.

How is the gaming industry influencing our new generation?

Generation Z, unlike Millennials, has been born into a world that plays between reality and the virtual world. In fact, many parents are against the number of hours their children spend playing in front of the screen. The truth is video games encourage specific skills, such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, creative puzzle-solving, and hand-eye coordination, to name just a few.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more young people consider the gaming industry as a stage in which they could develop professionally.

What type of positions can they get within the gaming industry?

We have mentioned that the gaming industry is constantly growing. For instance, digital players are expected to increase by 1.1% in the coming months. This data means that the demand for labour will increase considerably.

Some of the most in-demand positions today are:

  • Games Designer 
  • Software Developer and Game Programer 
  • Audio Engineer 
  • Games Artist 
  • Games Animator 
  • Interpreters and Translators 
  • Game Play Tester 
  • Professional Gamer 

These professions are complex careers in which skills such as creativity, analysis and strategic thinking must be complemented in each of the profiles to perform each of these positions. With the necessary skills and commitment, the possibilities are endless within the industry.

While we have only named eight careers within the gaming sector, the opportunities will only increase as the industry grows. This sector is a highly creative field where even writers can find a space to be valued like never before.

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