Why Is Corporate America Destroying Itself?

Corporate America is destroying itself by continuing to support economic opportunities and advancements for LGBTQ+ Americans and business owners across the country.

For those following the Bud Light fiasco, one would expect a quick and dramatic turnaround to save the brand and the whole company from oblivion. It has faced a consumer backlash for the ages, one that has even driven the company to buy back its own product.

Retailers stuck with surpluses are nearly giving it away for free. And yet, in most places in the country, you can see the stuff stacked high on the shelves plastered with on-sale tags.

But such turnarounds aren’t so easy. In the midst of a real calamity, the beer announced for Pride Month a new partnership and $200,000 grant to “the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), the exclusive certifying body for LGBT-owned businesses … to continue supporting economic opportunities and advancements for LGBTQ+ Americans and business owners across the country.”

And then offered a big logo to reinforce this:

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What the heck are they thinking? It’s beyond bizarre. It’s not just a lack of cultural fit with their main consumers. It’s worse than that. The whole country is right now in the midst of a real reckoning with the fundamental biological reality of two sexes. And people have also discovered that in recent years, particularly during pandemic lockdown times, a portion of the medical community, in cooperation with major swaths of the public health sector, has assisted and encouraged gender dysphoria in young people and facilitated bodily mutilation.

This cause has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights as we once regarded them. It’s not about equality or equal freedom. It’s about the imposition of myths and lies over basic bourgeois sensibilities and science. For many people, this is where the line is drawn. It deals with core principles that can never be given away lest civilization itself slips into nothingness.

And yet we have major parts of corporate America pretending as if this were nothing but an extension of the emancipationist campaigns of the past. It’s preposterous. So why are they doing this, even in the face of devastating sales losses, consumer boycotts, and mainstream outrage that poses an existential threat to the market share of companies like Anheuser-Busch, Target, Sports Illustrated, Glamour, North Face, and Kohl’s? Maybe they figured that all of this would blow over. But it hasn’t. And it won’t.

There’s a major reckoning taking place. Consumers are in charge and asserting their rights under the system of capitalism to be the ones ultimately in charge of what companies and products live or die.

Bud Light said in a press release on May 30 that they will be giving the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce $200,000 in donation support of the organization’s ‘Communities of Color Initiative’ (CoCi).

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